Charles Dickens's works. Charles Dickens ed. [18 vols. of a 21 vol. set. Wanting A child's history of England; Christmas stories; The mystery of Edwin Drood].


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Pāgina 134 - flowed she would not have obliterated the recollection of it, either from 1 mind or from his, for the wealth of the whole wide world. CHAPTER XLVII. IN the exhaustless catalogue of Heaven's mercies to mankind, the power \ of finding some germs of comfort in the hardest trials must ever occupy
Pāgina 166 - reported that he had seen the old man fall), and to have been afterwards burnt in the flames. The besiegers being now in complete possession of the house, spread themselves over it from garret to cellar, and plied their demon labours fiercely. While some small parties kindled bonfires underneath the windows, others broke up the
Pāgina 126 - so merry and good-humoured, that it suggested the idea of some one working blithely, and made quite pleasant music. No man who hammered on at a dull monotonous duty, could have brought such cheerful notes from steel and iron; none
Pāgina 79 - —Well, when you have," said the locksmith, "never faint, my darling. More domestic unhappiness has come of easy fainting, Doll, than from all the greater passions put together. Remember that, my dear, if you would be really happy, which you never can be, if your husband isn't. And a word in your ear,
Pāgina 24 - panes of glass, like a cocked hat on the head of an elderly gentleman with one eye. It was not built of brick or lofty stone, but of wood and plaster ; it was not planned with a dull and wearisome regard to regularity, for no one
Pāgina 11 - That," returned the landlord, a little brought down from his dignity by the stranger's surliness, "isa Maypole story, and has been any time these four-andtwenty years. That story is Solomon Daisy's story. It belongs to the house; and nobody but Solomon Daisy has ever told it under this roof, or ever shall— that's more.
Pāgina 250 - the man I slew, and all the living world! " In a paroxysm of wrath, and terror, and the fear of death, he broke from her, and rushed into the darkness of his cell, where he cast himself jangling down upon the stone floor, and smote it with his iron hands. The man returned to lock
Pāgina 270 - as they rolled sluggishly away, cast many a backward look towards the jail. And now, the sun's first beams came glancing into the street; and the night's work, which, in its various stages and in the varied fancies of the lookers-on had taken a hundred shapes, wore its own proper form—a scaffold, and a gibbet.
Pāgina 41 - THERE was a brief pause in the state-room of the Maypole, as Mr. Haredale tried the lock to satisfy himself that he had shut the door securely, and, striding up the dark chamber to where the screen inclosed a little patch of light and warmth, presented himself, abruptly and in silence, before the smiling guest.
Pāgina 62 - every turn some obscure and dangerous spot whither a thief might fly for shelter and few would care to follow; and the city being belted round by fields, green lanes, waste grounds, and lonely roads, dividing it at that time from the suburbs that have joined it since, escape, even where the pursuit was hot, was

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