A Guide to France, Explaining Every Form and Expense from London to Paris

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J. Onwhyn, 1830 - 70 pagine

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Pagina 26 - The restaurateurs in the Palais Royal are by far the most famous and most frequented; their larders are the choicest, their bills of fare the longest, and their dining-rooms the most elegant in Paris ; you have in them the choice of more than a hundred dishes, above twenty sorts of
Pagina 12 - be traced, though in different proportions, through every rank. This, however, does not form a more remarkable and distinguishing feature in the French national character, than the vivacity, impetuosity, and
Pagina 15 - apartment either by the day, week, or month. Persons who intend to continue any length of time in Paris, or who may choose to domesticate themselves, will meet with ready furnished apartments at all prices in private houses, mostly let by the month ;—there are also many
Pagina 45 - sentinels, more numerous than at the English theatres, guard all the avenues, and preserve order in the interior; the visitors, who await the opening of the doors, are arranged in files of
Pagina 29 - advantage ; it is a Gothic edifice, built in the form of a cross, and remarkable for the lightness of its structure ; but its two large
Pagina 25 - it would be no difficult matter to pass one's whole life in the Palais Royal, without feeling the necessity of going one step beyond its walls ; there is no want
Pagina 4 - Consul, 17, Token House Yard, near the Bank, between eleven and four daily, a passport may be obtained by paying a fee of ten shillings. Members of Parliament, and other privileged persons may obtain a passport on their first application. Passports may also be obtained from the French
Pagina 11 - The lower class of people behave to each other with a surprising degree of civility. The unhappy females who roam the streets at
Pagina 10 - from hence to the right and left, as far as the eye can reach, you

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