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Pagina 366 - It will have blood, they say ; blood will have blood : Stones have been known to move, and trees to speak ; Augurs, and understood relations, have By magot-pies, and choughs, and rooks, brought forth The secret'st man of blood.
Pagina 273 - The fourth skull belonged to the pig, and had a round hole in the frontals rather larger than a crown piece, which had the appearance of being made by human hands. The presence of the lower jaws with the skulls indicates that they were deposited in the cavern while the ligaments still bound them together. They were all more or less covered with decaying stalagmite. The outer chamber was remarkable for the absence of earth of any kind, except underneath the hole in the roof, where there was a very...
Pagina 3 - Palaeolithic" period. II. The later or polished Stone Age; a period characterized by beautiful weapons and instruments made of flint and other kinds of stone; in which, however, we find no trace of the knowledge of any metal, excepting gold, which seems to have been sometimes used for ornaments. This we may call the "Neolithic
Pagina 376 - The mound or barrow was about thirty yards in diameter. After removing part of the superincumbent earth and stones, they (some labourers in search of stone for building) came upon a vault or cist of rough masonry, forming an oblong four-sided cavity, consisting of three vertical stones on each of the longer sides, of one stone at each end, a large flat one below, and a large flat covering stone above. Within the vault, and about...
Pagina 278 - ... are still living in our island. The cave bear, cave lion, and cave hyaena had vanished away, along with a whole group of pachyderms, and of all the extinct animals but one, the Irish elk, still survived.
Pagina 386 - Its diminutive size approximates it to the "incense-cup" type ; and that it was a mortuary vessel appears from the circumstance that it contained bones, which are described as being those "of an infant or very young child. It was embedded in a much larger and ruder urn, filled with fragments of adult human bones : possibly they may have been the remains of mother and child."!
Pagina 235 - The numerous patches of laterite occurring further northward, in the Nellore district, which are remnants of the once continuous fringing deposit, have yielded a fair number of implements of similar types ; but I had not the good fortune to find any imbedded in situ. IV. Limitation of Distribution of the Quartzite — its probable Influence on the Tribes. In a paper which I had the honour to lay before the Geological Society in June last, I have shown that the distribution of quartzite implements...
Pagina 3 - Assuming then that the use of stone has in all cases preceded the use of metals, it is quite certain that the same Age which was an Age of Stone in one part of the world was an Age of Metal in another. As regards the Eskimo and the South-Sea Islanders we are now, or were very recently, living in a St&ne Age.
Pagina 44 - Smith," over which are irregularly scattered several of the large stones called Sarsden stones, found in that neighbourhood, three of the largest having a fourth laid on them, in the manner of the British cromlechs. It is most probable that this tumulus is British.
Pagina 367 - The barrows of this period were placed, wherever it was possible, on heights which commanded an extensive prospect over the surrounding country, and from which in particular the sea could be distinguished. The principal object of this appears to have been to bestow on the mighty dead a tomb so remarkable that it might constantly recall his memory to those living near, while probably the fondness for reposing after death in high and open places, may have been founded more deeply in the character of...

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