Queensland, Australia: A Highly Eligible Field for Emigration, and the Future Cotton-field of Great Britain: with a Disquisition on the Origin, Manners, and Customs of the Aborigines

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E. Stanford, 1861 - 445 pagine
Revised edition of Cooksland in north-eastern Australia..., 1847; Chap.12; on the Aborigines; General account of theory of origin; Quotes Leichhardt, Mitchell on physical appearance, basketry, weapons, canoes, types of food, beecatching, fishing; Tribal territories, government; Property ownership, marriage, medicine and treatment of illness, initiation, shelters, cooking, beliefs, cannibalism, disposal of the dead; Corroborees; Language; Includes 2 papers by W. Ridley and one by G.D. Lang; Summary of missionary work; Appendix H gives approximately 100 words of Moreton Bay dialect, 40 words of Frazer Is. dialect; Appendix I is Journal of Missionary tour by W. Ridley.

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