The Journal of Science: 1864, Volume 1

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John Churchill and Sons, 1864

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Pagina 207 - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Pagina 581 - Annual Report and Transactions of the Plymouth Institution, and Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society, vol.
Pagina 685 - This seems to have been the origin of some of the round grains met with in meteorites ; for they occasionally still contain a considerable amount of glass, and the crystals which have been formed in it are arranged in groups, radiating from one or more points on the external surface, in such a manner as to indicate that they were developed after the fragments had acquired their present spheroidal shape (Aussun, &c.).
Pagina 235 - Notwithstanding the wind and tide, which were adverse to its approach, they saw with astonishment that it was rapidly coming towards them ; and when it came so near that the noise of the machinery and paddles was heard, the crews — if what was said in the newspapers of the time be true — in some instances shrunk beneath their decks from the...
Pagina 136 - Assuming 4,000 feet as the greatest depth at which it will ever be possible to carry on mining operations, and rejecting all seams of less than two feet in thickness, the entire quantity of available coal existing in these islands has -been calculated to amount to about...
Pagina 731 - ... and dimensions from the earliest times to which we can trace back their existence? Yet although their foundations are tens of thousands of years old, they were laid at an era when the Mediterranean was already inhabited by the same species of marine shells as those with which it is now peopled ; so that these volcanos must be regarded as things of yesterday in the geological calendar.
Pagina 479 - Moorfields, some time surgeon to King's College Hospital and Professor of Physiology and General and Morbid Anatomy at King's College, London, is a son of the late John Eddowes Bowman, FLS, FGS, and was born at Nantwich , July 20, 1816.
Pagina 292 - Journal,' devoted to the progress of Microscopical Science. In continuation of his reports on this and kindred subjects, Dr. Beale communicated a very valuable paper on the Germinal Matter of the Blood, with remarks upon the formation of Fibrin.
Pagina 732 - ... lead, and many others ; a slight trace of copper in the Bath waters being exceptional. Nevertheless, there is a strong presumption that there exists some relationship between the action of thermal waters and the filling of rents with metallic ores.
Pagina 487 - ... into contact with the incandescent iron to be reduced to its elements and yield oxygen, which will chemically combine with the carbon of the iron as well as with the sulphur or other oxidizable substances of the iron with...

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