Sallust, tr. by W. Rose with improvements and notes

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Pagina 147 - So, where our wide Numidian wastes extend, Sudden, th' impetuous hurricanes descend, Wheel through the air, in circling eddies play, Tear up the sands, and sweep whole plains away. The helpless traveller, with wild surprise Sees the dry desart all around him rise, And, smother'd in the dusty whirlwind, dies.
Pagina 57 - Each legion was divided into ten cohorts, each cohort into three maniples, and each maniple into two centuries.
Pagina 56 - Caesar was celebrated for his great bounty and generosity ; Cato for his unsullied integrity : the former became renowned by his humanity and compassion ; an austere severity heightened the dignity of the latter. Caesar acquired glory by a liberal, compassionate, and forgiving temper ; as did Cato, by never bestowing any thing.
Pagina 167 - Metella sickened and died. As the priests forbade him to approach her, and to have his house defiled with mourning, he sent her a bill of diTOTCC, and ordered her to be carried to another house while the breath was in her body.
Pagina 17 - In so great and corrupted a city, Catiline had always about him, what was no difficult matter to find in Rome, bands of profligate and flagitious wretches, like guards to his person. For all those who were abandoned to gluttony and voluptuousness, and had exhausted their fortunes by gaming, feasting, and licentiousness : all who were overwhelmed with debts, contracted to purchase pardon for their crimes : add to this, parricides and sacrilegious persons from all quarters ; such as were convicted...
Pagina 49 - Who will find fault with any punishment decreed against traitors to the State ? '( I answer, time may, so may sudden conjectures ; and fortune, too, that governs the world at pleasure. Whatever punishment is inflicted on these parricides will be justly inflicted. But take care, Conscript Fathers, how your present decrees may affect posterity. All bad precedents spring from good beginnings, but when the administration is in the...
Pagina 18 - As for the youth whom he had corrupted in the manner above related, they were trained up to wickedness by various methods : he taught them to be false witnesses, to forge deeds, to throw off all regard to truth, to squander their fortunes, and slight dangers : and after he had stripped them of all reputation and shame, he pushed them on to crimes still more heinous ; and, even when no provocation was given, it was their practice to ensnare and murder those who had never injured them, as. well as...
Pagina 9 - When the glorious achievements of brave and worthy men are related, every reader will be easily inclined to believe what he thinks he could have performed himself, but will treat what exceeds that measure as false and fabulous.
Pagina 124 - Metellus continued four days in the same camp ; administered relief to the wounded ; conferred the usual military rewards on such as had distinguished themselves in the late engagements ; commended the whole army, which he assembled with that view ; returned them his public thanks ; and exhorted them ' to act with equal courage in what farther remained, which was but little. They had already fought sufficiently for victory ; their future labors would be only to enrich themselves by the spoils of...
Pagina 29 - Metellus Celer, were sent, the one to Capua, the other to Picenum ; and power was given them to raise forces, according to the exigency of the times and the degree of danger. Besides, the senate decreed, that if any one would muke any discovery concerning the conspiracy against...

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