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HYMN 151. L. M. [#]

Beauties of the Saviour.
1 WHEN strangers stand and hear me tell

What beauties in my Saviour dwell,
Where he is gone they fain would know,

That they might seek and love him too. 2 My blest Redeemer keeps his throne

On hills of light in worlds unknown;
But he descends, and shows his face

In the young gardens of his grace.
3 He has engrossed my warmest love;

No earthly charms my soul can move :
I have a mansion in his heart,

Nor life nor death can make us part. 4 0, may my spirit daily rise

On wings of faith above the skies;
Till death shall make my
To dwell forever with Love.

last remove,


HYMN 152. L. M. [#]

Christ and his Church.
1 The King of saints, how fair his face,

Adorned with majesty and grace !
He comes with blessings from above,
And wins the nations to his love.

2 At his right hand our eyes

behold The queen arrayed in purest gold; The world admires her heavenly dress,

Her robe of joy and righteousness. : O happy hour, when thou shalt rise

To his fair palace in the skies,
And all thy sons (a numerous train)

Each like a prince in glory reign!
4 Let endless honours crown his head;

Let every age his praises spread ;
While we, with cheerful songs, approve
The condescensions of his love,

HYMN 153. L. M. [#]

Christ the Beloved. 1 The wondering world inquires to know

Why I should love my Jesus so:
What are his charms, say they, above

The objects of a mortal love? 2 Yes, my Beloved, to my sight,

Displays a mixture red and white;
All human beauties, all divine,

my Redeemer meet and shine.
3 White is his soul, from blemish free

Red with the blood he shed for me ;
The fairest of ten thousand fairs,

A sun amongst ten thousand stars. 4 All over glorious is my Lord;

He must be loved, and yet adored;
His worth if all the nations knew,
Sure the whole earth would love him too.


HYMN 154.

L. M. [#]

1 Lo, what a precious Corner-Stone

The Jewish builders did refuse !
But God hath built his church thereon,

And blessed the Gentiles with the Jews. 2 Great God, the work is all divine,

The joy and wonder of our eyes ! This is the day that proves it thine,

The day that saw our Saviour rise. 3 Sinners, rejoice, and, saints, be glad ;

Hosanna, let his name be blest;
A thousand honours on his head,

With peace, and light and glory rest ! 4 In God's own name he comes to bring

Salvation to our sinful race;
Let all on earth address their King,

With hearts of joy and songs of praise.

HYMN 155. S. M. [#]

Stone laid in Zion.
1 BEHOLD the Corner-Stone,

Which God in Zion lays,
To build our heavenly hopes upon,

And his eternal praise.
2 The work, O Lord, is thine,

* And wondrous in our eyes ;
This day declares it all divine ;

This day did Jesus rise.

3 How glorious is the day

By our Redeemer made !
Let us rejoice, and sing, and pray;

Let all the world be glad.
4 Hósanna to the King,

Of David's royal blood :
Bless him, our souls; he comes to bring

Salvation from our God.

HYMN 156. H. M. [#]

Saviour and Prophet.
1 Join all the glorious names

Of wisdom, love, and power,
That mortals ever knew,

Or angels ever bore:
All are too mean to speak his worth,
Too mean to set the Saviour forth.
2 Lo, what endearing words,

What condescending ways,
Doth our Redeemer use

To teach his heavenly grace!
My soul, with joy and wonder see
What forms of love Christ bears for thee.
3 Great Prophet of our God,

Our souls would bless thy name :
By thee the joyful news

Of our salvation came ;-
The joyful news of sin forgiven,
Of death subdued, and peace with heaven.

HYMN 157. 7's. M. [6]

Christ our Refuge.
1 Jesus, Lover of my soul,

Let me to thy bosom fly,
While the billows near me roll,

While the tempest still is nigh : 2 Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,

Till the storm of life is passed, Safely to the haven guide;

O receive my soul at last.
3 Other refuge have I none;

Hangs my helpless soul on thee :
Leave, O leave me not alone;

and comfort me.
4 All my trust on thee is stayed,

All my help from thee I bring; Cover my defenceless head

With the shadow of thy wing.

HYMN 158. 6 1. L. M. [+]

1 The Lord my pasture shall prepare,

And feed me with a shepherd's care ;
His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye ;
My noon-day walks he shall attend,

And all my midnight hours defend. 2 When in the sultry glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty mountains pant,

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