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Then dry your tears, and tune your songs,

The Saviour lives again! 4 With cheerful hope may every saint

The vale of death survey ; Then rise with his ascending Lord

To realms of endless day.

HYMN 188. L. M. [# or b ]

Where Jesus bled. 1 From tribulation's gloomy vale,

Where Jesus bowed, where Jesus bled, The suffering, conquering Lamb of God

Shall lift on high his glorious head. 2 For rebel man the Saviour died ;

For man he burst the rocky tomb, And oped by death a door of hope,

That enters on the world to come. 3 The bow, the sword, the sting of death,

Christ Jesus' death has turned away; And Achor's vale, this vale of tears,

Now beams with everlasting day.

HYMN 189. C. M. [6]

Fountain opened.
1 THERE is a fountain filled with blood

Drawn from Immanuel's veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood

Lose all their guilty stains.
2 The dying thief rejoiced to see

That fountain in his day :

O may I there, though vile as he,
Wash all


3 Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood

Shall never lose its power, Till all the ransomed of our God

Be saved, to sin no more. 4 E’er since by faith I saw the stream,

Thy flowing wounds supply, Redeeming love has been my theme,

And shall be till I die. 5 But when this lisping, stammering tongue

Lies silent in the grave,
Then, in a nobler, sweeter song,

I'll sing thy power to save.

HYMN 190. C. M. [b or #]

Riches of the Cross. 1 With strange surprise the cross I view,

Where Jesus for me died,
And ask myself, If this be true,

What can I want beside ?
2 Give me the victories of that cross,

My soul shall ask no more ;
I count all other things but dross,

And this my heavenly store.
3 Riches on earth take wings and fly,

And earthly honours fade :
I have my treasures placed on high ;

The cross my honour made.

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4 O had I Gabriel's tongue, to sing

The honours of my Lord,
To tell the victories of my King,

And all his love record !

HYMN 191. L. M. [#]

It is finished. 1 'Tis finished ! so the Saviour cried,

And meekly bowed his head, and died. 'Tis finished !


the race is run,
The battle fought, the victory won.
2 'Tis finished ! all that heaven decreed,

And all the ancient prophets said,
Is now fulfilled, as was designed,

In Christ, the Saviour of mankind. 3 'Tis finished ! Aaron now no more

Must stain his robes with purple gore :
The sacred veil is rent in twain,

And Jewish rites no more remain. 4 'Tis finished ! let the joyful sound

Be heard through all the nations round :
'Tis finished ! let the echo fly
Through heaven, and earth, and sea, and sky.


HYMN 192. 7s. M. [#]

Christ's Resurrection.
1 ANGELS, roll the rock away;

Death, yield up the mighty prey;
See, the Saviour leaves the tomb,

Glowing with immortal bloom.
2 Shout, ye seraphs ; Gabriel, raise

Fame's eternal trump of praise ;
Let the earth's remotest bound

Echo to the blissful sound.
3 Heaven unfolds her portals wide;

Glorious Hero, through them ride;
King of glory, mount thy throne :

Boundless empire is thine own. 4 Praise him, ye celestial choirs,

Praise, and sweep your golden lyres ;
Praise him in the noblest songs,
From ten thousand thousand tongues.

HYMN 193. P. M. [#]

Resurrection and Glory of Christ. 1 Behold, the bright morning appears, And Jesus revives from the

grave e ! His rising removes all our fears,

And proves him almighty to save.

How strong were his tears and his cries !

The worth of his blood how divine !
How perfect his great sacrifice,

Who rose, though he suffered for sin ! 2 The Head that was covered with thorns,

The Man who on Calvary died,
The Man who bore scourging and scorn,

Whom sinners agreed to deride,
Now happy forever is made,

And life has rewarded his pain;
Now glory has covered his head :

This is the true Lamb that was slain. 3 Believing we share in his joy,

By faith we partake of his rest ;
With him we can cheerfully die,

For with him we hope to be blest.
'Tis Jesus, the First and the Last,

Whose spirit shall guide us safe home; We'll praise him for all that is past,

And trust him for all that's to come.

HYMN 194. C. M. [#]

Sabbath Reflections.
1 This day be grateful homage paid,

And loud hosannas sung ;
Let gladness dwell in every heart,

And praise on every tongue.
2 Jesus, the Friend of human kind,

With strong compassion moved,
Descended from his Father, God,

To save the souls he loved.

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