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3 "Tis done! to Christ the power is given;
His death has rent the veil away,
Our great Forerunner entered heaven,
And oped the gate of endless day.

4 Nor shall those mists, that brood o'er time,
Forever blind the mental eye;
They backward roll, and light sublime
Beams glory from our God on high.

5 Adoring nations hail the dawn,

All kingdoms bless the noontide beam,
And light, unfolding life's full morn,
Is vast creation's deathless theme.

HYMN 227. C. M. [#]

Christ Precious.

1 JESUS, I love thy charming name;
"Tis music to my ear:

My tongue would sing thy praise so loud
That earth and heaven might hear.

2 All my capacious powers can wish
In thee doth richly meet;
Nor to my eyes is light so dear,
Nor friendship half so sweet.

3 Thy grace shall dwell upon my heart,
And shed its fragrance there,—
The noblest balm of all its wounds,
The cordial of its care.

4 I'll speak the honours of thy name
With my expiring breath,

And, dying, clasp thee in my arms,-
The antidote of death.

HYMN 228. C. M. [#]

Christ and Aaron.

1 IN Christ, the Lord, our eyes behold
A thousand glories more
Than all the gems and polished gold
The sons of Aaron wore.

2 Once in the circuit of a year,

With blood-but not his ownAaron within the veil appeared, Before the golden throne.

3 But Jesus, by his precious blood,
The Father's love displayed,
And, in the presence of our God,
Himself an offering made.

4 The King of glory, now, he reigns,
On Zion's heavenly hill;

Looks like the Lamb that once was slain,
But wears his priesthood still.

5 Our Intercessor's lofty praise
Our hearts would now proclaim,
And, through the remnant of our days,
Obey, and laud his name.

HYMN 229. S. M. [#]

Grace and Love of Christ.

1 0 THE transcendent love
A sinless Saviour shows!
For enemies his bowels move,
His heart with pity glows.

2 Jesus invited near

The vilest of our race:
He bids the greatest sinner hear
The gospel of his grace.

3 Let Pharisees exclaim, And all this grace despise, But we will love the Saviour's name; "Tis wondrous in our eyes.

4 Yes, to life's utmost end,

Thy sovereign grace we'll show, And own thee for the sinner's Friend, And sin's eternal Foe.

HYMN 230. H. M. [#]

The Fountain.

1 Hail, everlasting Spring!
Celestial Fountain, hail!
Thy streams salvation bring,
The waters never fail;

Still they endure,
And still they flow,
For all our wo
A sovereign cure.

2 Blest be his wounded side,
And blest his bleeding heart,
Who once in anguish died
Such favours to impart.
His precious word
Shall make us clean
From every sin,

And fit for God.

3 To that dear Source of love
Our souls this day would come;
And thither, from above,
Lord, call the nations home:
That Jew and Greek,
With joyful songs
On all their tongues,
Thy praise may speak.

HYMN 231. 6 & 4s. M. [#]

Worthy the Lamb.

1 GLORY to God on high!
Let earth and skies reply,

Praise ye his name:
His love and grace adore,
Who all our sorrows bore;
Sing aloud evermore,
Worthy the Lamb.

2 Join, all ye ransomed race,
Our holy Lord to bless ;
Praise ye his name:
In him we will rejoice,
And make a joyful noise,
Shouting with heart and voice,
Worthy the Lamb.

3 What though we change our place,
Yet we shall never cease
Praising his name:

To him our songs we bring,
Hail him our gracious King,
And without ceasing sing,
Worthy the Lamb.

HYMN 232.

S. M. [#]

Joy and Peace in Christ.

1 O CHRIST, what gracious words,
Are ever, ever thine;
Thy voice is music to the soul,
And life and peace divine.

2 Good, everlasting good,
Glad-tidings, full of joy,
Flow from thy lips, the lips of truth,
And flow without alloy.

3 The broken heart, the poor,

The bruised, the deaf, the blind,
The dumb, the dead, the captive wretch,
In thee compassion find.

4 Lord Jesus, speed the day,
The promised day of grace,
To all the poor, the dumb, the deaf,
The dead, of Adam's race.

5 One song shall then employ

The blest, the blessing whole;
And human nature shout thy name,
The life of every soul.

HYMN 233. L. M. [#]
Star of Hope.

1 BRIGHT Star of Hope, thy rise we hail;
Our hearts drink in thy glad'ning rays;
To Him who lit thy brilliant fires,
Father of lights, we bring our praise.

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