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2 All nature owns his guardian care ;

In him we live, in him we move ;
But nobler benefits declare

His wonders in redeeming love. 3 From heaven he sent his holy Son

To save a world from death and sin; Tis here he makes his goodness known,

And proves it boundless and divine. 4 To this sure refuge, Lord, we come ;

On this alone our hope relies ;
A safe defence, a peaceful home,

Where storms of trouble never rise.



HYMN 375. L. M. [b]

Humility. 1 WHEREFORE should man, frail child of clay,

Who, from the cradle to the shroud,
Lives but the insect of a day,-

O, why should mortal man be proud ? 2 His brightest visions just appear,

Then vanish, and no more are found ;
The stateliest pile his pride can rear,

A breath may level with the ground. 3 Follies and crimes, a countless sum,

Are crowded in life's little

span :

How ill, alas, does pride become

That erring, guilty creature, man! 4 God of our lives, Father divine,

Give us a meek and lowly mind;
In modest worth, O may we shine,

in humble virtue find.

HYMN 376. C. M. [6]

1 ATTEND, my soul, with filial awe,

The dictates of thy God; ;
Silent and trembling, hear the voice

Of his appointed rod.
2 Now let me search and try my ways,

And, prostrate, seek his face;
Conscious of guilt, before his throne,

In dust my soul abase. 3 Teach me, my God, what's yet unknown,

And all my crimes forgive ;
Those crimes I would no more repeat,

But to thine honour live.
4 My withered joys too plainly show

That all on earth is vain :
In God my wounded heart confides,

True rest and bliss to gain.
5 Father, I wait thy gracious call

To leave this mournful land,
And bathe in rivers of delight

That flow at thy right hand.

HYMN 377. C. M. [6]

Thirsting after God.
1 WHEN, fainting in the sultry waste,

And parched with thirst extreme,
The weary pilgrim longs to taste

The cool, refreshing stream,2 So longs the weary, fainting mind,

Oppressed with sins and woes,
Some soul-reviving spring to find,

Whence heavenly comfort flows. 3 Thus sweet the consolations are,

The promises impart;
Here flowing streams of life appear,

To ease the panting heart.
4 0, when I thirst for thee, my God,

With ardent, strong desire,
And still, through all this desert road,

To taste thy grace aspire,–
5 Then let my prayer to thee ascend,

A grateful sacrifice;
My plaintive voice thou wilt attend,

And grant me full supplies.

HYMN 378. L. M. [b or#]

1 PATIENCE ! O what a grace divine,

Sent from the God of peace and love,
That leans upon its Father's hand,
As through the wilds of life we rove!

2 By patience we serenely bear

The troubles of our mortal state,
And wait, contented, our discharge,

Nor think our glory comes too late. 3 Thongh we in full sensation feel

The weight, the wounds, our God ordains, We smile amidst our deepest woes,

And triumph in our sharpest pains. 4 O for this grace to aid us on,

And arm with fortitude the breast,
Till, life's vain dreams and tumults o'er,

We reach the realms of endless rest,

HYMN 379. C. M. [6]

Submission to God under Affliction.
1 PEACE, my complaining, doubting heart;

Ye busy cares, be still ;
Adore the just, the sovereign Lord,

Nor murmur at his will.
2 Unerring wisdom guides his hand;

Nor dares my guilty fear,
Amid the sharpest pains I feel,

Pronounce his band severe. 3 To soften every painful stroke,

Indulgent Mercy bends,
And, unrepining, when I plead,

His gracious ear attends.
4 Yes, Lord, I own thy sovereign hand,

Thou just, and wise, and kind :
Be every anxious thought suppressed,

And all my soul resigned.

HYMN 380. L. M. [6]

Meekness. 1 HAPPY the meek, whose gentle breast,

Clear as the summer's evening ray, Calm as the regions of the blest,

Enjoys on earth celestial day. 2 His heart no broken friendships sting ;

No storms his peaceful tent invade ; He rests beneath Jehovah's wing,

Hostile to none, of none afraid. 3 Spirit of grace, all meek and mild,

Inspire our hearts, our souls possess; Repel each passion, rude and wild,

And bless us, as we aim to bless.

HYMN 381. C. M. [6]

1 O RESIGNATION, heavenly power,

Our warmest thoughts engage;
Thou art the safest guide of youth,

The sure support of age.
2 Teach us the hand of Love divine

In evils to discern ;
'Tis the first lesson which we need,

The latest which we learn.
3 Resign, and all the pain of life

That moment we remove ; The heavy load of grief and care

Devolves on One above.

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