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HYMN 395. L. M. [#]

The Christian Warfare.
ARISE, my soul, shake off thy fears,

And gird the gospel-armour on;
March to the gates of endless joy,

Where thy great Leader, Christ, has gone. 2 Sin and the world resist thy course;

But these, my soul, are vanquished foes; For Jesus nailed them to the cross,

And sang the triumph when he rose. 3 Then let my soul march boldly on,

Press forward to the heavenly gate; There peace and joy eternal reign,

And glittering robes for conquerors wait. 4 There shall I wear a victor's crown,

And triumph in Jehovah's grace : There all the just, in chorus joined,

Unite to celebrate his praise.

HYMN 396. C. M. [# or b ]

1 FATHER of light, conduct my feet

Through life's dark, dangerous road;
Let each advancing step still bring
Me nearer to my

2 Let heaven-eyed prudence be my guide,

And, when I go astray,
Recall my feet from folly's path,

To wisdom's better way.

3 Teach me in every various scene

To keep my end in sight ;
And, whilst I tread life's mazy track,

Let wisdom guide me right.
4 That heavenly wisdom from above

Abundantly impart,
And let it guard, and guide, and warm,

And penetrate my heart.

HYMN 397. L. M. [#]

Resistance of Temptations.
1 AWAKE, my soul. lift up thine eyes,

See how thy foes against thee rise
In long array, a numerous host

; Awake, my soul, or thou art lost. 2 See how rebellious passions rage,

And fierce desires and lusts engage;
See pleasure's silken banners spread,

And willing souls are captive led. 3 I tread upon enchanted ground;

Perils and snares beset me round;
O let me, then, guard every part,

But most the traitor in my heart.
4 O teach thy servant how to wield,

Blest Saviour, thy immortal shield ;
Put on thy armour, from above,
Of heavenly truth and heavenly love.

HYMN 398. L. M. [#]

Prudent Use of Time. 1 God of eternity, from thee

Did infant time his being draw : Moments, and days, and months, and years,

Revolve by thine unvaried law.
2 The thoughtless tribes of mortal men

Along the mighty stream are borne
On to their everlasting home,

That country whence there's no return. 3 Great Source of wisdom, teach our hearts

To know the worth of every hour, That time


bear us on to joys Beyond its measure and its


HYMN 399. L. M. [#]

Gratitude and holy Resolutions.
1 How many millions draw their breath

In lands of ignorance and death,
While God allots my share of time

Within his gospel's favoured clime!
2 My soul, I charge thee to excel

In thinking right and acting well ;
Deep let thy searching powers engage,

Unbiased, in the sacred page.
3 Heighten the force of good desire;

To deeds of shining worth aspire ;
More firm in fortitude, despise
The world's seducing vanities.

4 Strong and more strong tly passions rule,

Advancing still in virtue's school;
Contending still, with noble strife,
To imitate thy Saviour's life.


HYMN 400. C. M. [#]

Holy Exultations. 1 GLORY to God that walks the sky,

And sends his blessings through, That tells his saints of joys on high,

And gives a taste below. 2 Cheerful I feast on heavenly fruit,

And drink the pleasures down,Pleasures that flow around the foot

Of God's eternal throne.
3 When shall the time, dear Jesus, when

The shining day appear,
That I shall leave those clouds of sin,

And guilt, and darkness, here? 4 Up to the fields above the skies

My hasty feet would go ;
There everlasting flowers arise,
And joys, unwithering, grow.


HYMN 401. S. M. [#]

Heavenly Glory on Earth. 1 COME, ye who love the Lord,

And let your joys be known;
Join in a song, with sweet accord,

While ye surround the throne. 2 The sorrows of the mind

Be banished from this place;
Religion never was designed

To make our pleasures less. 3 The men of


have found
Glory begun below;
And heavenly fruits, on earthly ground,

From faith and hope will grow. 4 The hill of Zion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heavenly fields,

Or walk the golden streets. 5 Then let our songs abound, And

every tear be dry ; We're marching through Immanuel's ground

To fairer worlds on high.

HYMN 402. L. M. [#]

Triumphant Anticipations.
1 LORD, what a heaven of saving grace

Shines through the beauties of thy face,
And lights our passions to a flame !
Lord, how we love thy charming name!

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