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HYMN 481. L. M. [#]
Ardent Homage.

1 JEHOVAH, God, our heavenly King,
This temple to thy name we raise;
In strains as pure as angels sing,

O may its walls resound thy praise.

2 Here may thy truth in radiance shine, And grateful hearts its influence feel; And at its pure and holy shrine,

In ardent homage may we kneel. 3 May virtue's bright and living flame,

From souls renewed by heavenly love, Waft its sweet incense to thy name,—

A sacrifice thou wilt approve.

4 When, in thine earthly dwelling-place,
We meet to mingle praise and prayer,
May we in love the world embrace,
And all to thy remembrance bear:

5 And when thy love our souls shall raise, When every knee to thee shall bend, O, then, we'll give thee deathless praise, Eternal Father, changeless Friend.

HYMN 482. L. M. [#]
Temple of Praise.

1 PRAISE ye the Lord, around whose throne All heaven in ceaseless worship waits; Whose glory fills the worlds unknown;

Praise ye the Lord, from Zion's gates.

2 With mingling souls and voices join, To him the swelling anthem raise; Repeat his name with joy divine,

And fill the temple with his praise. 3 All-gracious God, to thee we owe

Each joy and blessing time affords ;
Light, life and health, and all below,

Spring from thy presence, Lord of lords.
4 Thine be the praise, for thine the love,
That freely all our sins forgave,
Pointed our dying eyes above,

And showed us life beyond the grave.

5 Immortal life! this thought disarms
The terrors of our mortal shore;
It brings to view eternal charms,
When other comforts are no more.

HYMN 483. C. M. [#]

House of Prayer dedicated to God.

1 SUPREME in power, O God of grace,
Thy throne is fixed on high;
Yet to thy wanting, suppliant race,
Art thou forever nigh.

2 Before thy mercy-seat we bend,
Implore thy smiles divine,
Where justice, truth and mercy blend,
And in full splendour shine.

3 Wilt thou, our Father and our Friend,
Accept this house of prayer?
And may thy potent arm defend
This temple of thy care.

4 To thee we dedicate this house,
And our best offerings bring;
Here pay to thee our solemn vows,
And hymns of triumph sing.

5 Long may these temple walls resound
With thy most worthy praise;
And may each heart, O God, be found
A temple of thy grace.

HYMN 484. L. M. [#]
Christian Ministry.

1 FATHER of mercies, in thy house
Smile on our homage and our vows;
While, with a grateful heart, we share
These pledges of our Master's care.
2 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose,
In splendid triumph o'er his foes,
Bestowed his gifts on men below,
And wide his royal bounties flow.

3 So shall a bright succession run,

Till the last courses of the sun;
While unborn churches, by their care,
Shall rise and flourish, large and fair.

4 Jesus, our Lord, their hearts shall know,The Spring whence all these blessings flow; Pastors and people shout his praise, Through the long round of endless days.

HYMN 485. L. M. [#]

Settlement or Ordination of a Minister.

1 GREAT Lord of angels, we adore

The grace that builds thy courts below; And, mid ten thousand sons of light,

Stoops to regard what mortals do.

2 Amid the wastes of time and death

Successive pastors thou dost raise,
Thy kingdom and thy truth to spread,
And form a people for thy praise.
3 At length, dismissed from labours here,

Thy servants join the heavenly band;
With them through distant worlds they fly,
With them before thy presence stand.

4 O blest employment! glorious hope!
Sweet lenitive of grief and care!
When shall we reach those radiant courts,
And all their joys and honours share?

5 Yet, while these labours we pursue,

Though distant from thy heavenly throne, Give us a zeal and love like theirs,

And half their heaven shall here be known.

HYMN 486. C. M. [#]
Apostolic Commission.

1 Go preach the gospel, Jesus cries;
To you this power is given;
Declare salvation's glorious prize
To all beneath the heaven.

2 Commissioned thus, through every age,
His heralds, in his name,
In this delightful work engage,
And peace and hope proclaim.

3 To him, whom we to thee ordain,
Thy gifts, O God, impart ;
May he those sacred truths maintain,
Which heal the wounded heart.

4 May all, by his instruction blest,
The path to heaven pursue;
And converts to thy temple press,
Numerous as drops of dew.

HYMN 487. C. M. [#]

Installation or Ordination.

1 ETERNAL Father, God of peace,
We bow before thy throne,
And sing that wondrous love and grace,
Which call us all thine own.

2 Within these walls, O may thy voice
Of pardoning love be heard;
Here may the broken heart rejoice,
The contrite soul be cheered.

3 And may thy servant, who, this day,
Is set apart for thee,
Enjoy the gospel's heavenly ray,
And all thy glory see.

4 Teach him to show that peace on earth Which true religion gives;

And point the eye of hope and faith
To realms where Jesus lives.

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