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Who fearless takes his lonely way,
With God his Guard and Guide ;—

3 The sailor, on the swelling sea,
When storms impending lower,
Or tempests rage, who trusts in thee,
And owns thy mighty power;—

4 The wretched, pressed by countless woes,
That no cessation see,
Still bids his steadfast hope repose,
Almighty Lord, on thee :

5 All, all shall join to bless thy name,
Whose heavenly aid they prove;
As all have felt, let all proclaim
Thy boundless power and love.

HYMN 536. C. M. [b].
Death of Kindred improved.

1 MUST friends and kindred droop and die?
Must helpers be withdrawn,
While sorrow, with a weeping eye,
Recounts our comforts gone?

2 Be thou our Comfort, mighty God,
Our Helper and our Friend;
Nor leave us in this dangerous road,
Till all our trials end.

3 O may our feet pursue the way
Our pious fathers led;

With love and holy zeal obey
The counsels of the dead.

HYMN 537. L. M. [#]

Solemnization of Marriage.

1 WITH cheerful voices rise and sing
The praises of our God and King;
For he alone can minds unite,
And bless with conjugal delight.

2 This youthful pair, O Lord, inspire
With heavenly love, that sacred fire:
From this blest moment may they prove
The bliss divine of mutual love.
3 O may they both unceasing find

Substantial pleasures of the mind;
Prospered and happy may they be,
And both united, Lord, to thee.

4 So may they live as truly one;

And, when their work on earth is done,
Rise, hand in hand, to heaven, and share
The joys of love forever there.

HYMN 538. C. M.
C. M. [#]

Matrimonial Occasions.

1 THOUGH made by God's almighty hand, And in his image formed,

Yet Adam knew no happiness

Till love his bosom warmed.

2 Eden, with all its beauteous groves, And fruits of richest taste,

To one for social bliss designed
Was but a lonely waste.

3 What wise provision hast thou made, Great Parent of mankind,

That all thine offspring may enjoy
The bliss for them designed.

4 Then will we join our hearts and hands
In bonds of virtuous love,
And, whilst we live in peace below,
Prepare for bliss above.

HYMN 539. C. M. [#]
Progressive Virtue.

1 MERE human powers shall fast decay,
And youthful vigour cease;

But those who wait upon the Lord
In strength shall still increase.

2 They, with unwearied feet, shall tread
The path of life divine;

With growing ardour onward move,
With growing brightness shine.

3 On eagles' wings they mount, they soar,-
The wings of faith and love,-
Till, past the cloudy regions here,
They rise to heaven above.

HYMN 540. L. M. [#]

Triumph of Light and Truth. 1 O GOD of truth, arise, and shine, In thy celestial light and love, On this benighted world of thine, And raise our hopes to realms above.

2 O send thy gracious beams abroad, Through sin and death's extended night, And cheer the nations with thy word, Which brings immortal truth to light.

3 No more let persecution's hand
Sway o'er the world its iron rod,
While, falsely claiming God's command,
It riots in a martyr's blood.

4 Let senseless idols share no more The glories of thy sacred name, But every land, from shore to shore,

The wonders of thy love proclaim.

HYMN 541. C. M. [#]

God's Magnificence.

1 THE Lord descended from above,
And bowed the heavens most high,
And underneath his feet he cast
The darkness of the sky.

2 On cherubim and seraphim Full royally he rode;

And on the wings of mighty winds
Came flying all abroad.

3 He sat serene upon the floods,
Their fury to restrain ;

And he, as sovereign Lord and King,
For evermore shall reign.

HYMN 542. P. M. [#]

Miriam's Song.

1 SOUND the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's dark sea; Jehovah has triumphed; his people are free. Sing, for the pride of the tyrant is broken, His chariots, his horsemen, all splendid and brave;

How vain was their boasting! the Lord hath but spoken,

And chariots and horsemen are sunk in the


Sound the loud timbrel, &c.

2 Praise to the Conqueror, praise to the Lord; His word was our arrow, his breath was our sword.

Who shall return to tell Egypt the story

Of those she sent forth in the hour of her pride? For the Lord hath looked out from his pillar of


And all her brave thousands are dashed in the


Sound the loud timbrel, &c.

HYMN 543. 61. L. M. [#]·

The preeminent Glory of God.

1 THY glory, Lord, the heavens declare;
The firmament displays thy skill;
The changing clouds, the viewless air,
Tempest and calm, thy word fulfil :
Day unto day doth utter speech,
And night to night thy knowledge teach.

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