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Early in life's young days
Eat, drink, in memory of your Friend
Eternal Father, God of peace
Eternal God, our humbled souls
Eternal God, we bless thy name
E ernal God, how trail is man
Eternal life, how sweet the sound
Eernal Power, almighty God
Eternal Source of every joy.
Eternal Source of joys divine
Eternal Source of late and light.
Eternal Source of life and thought
Eternal Spirit, Scarce of light
Exaked Price of life, we own

Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss
Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone
Far from these scenes of night
Far from mortal cares retreating
Far from the world, O Lord, I fee.
Father Divine, thy piercing eye
Father, how wide thy glory shines.
Father, in heaven, thy sacied name
Father, is not thy promise sure
Father, I thank thee; may no thought
Father of all, omniscient mind
Father of all, whose cares extend
Father of ght, conduct my feet
Father of mercies, in thy word
Father of mercies, send thy grace
Father of mercies, in thy house
Father of men, thy care we bless
Father of our feeble race
For thee, O God, our constant praise
Friend'ship, 'tis the gift of heaven
From all that dwell below the skies
From Jesse's Rcot a Branch did rise
From stern oppression's haughty land
From tribulation's gloomy vale.
From thee, O God, my joys shall rise
From the table now retiring.


Give to the Lord immortal praise
Give to the Lord in cheerful songs.
Glory be to God on high
Glory to God on high be given.
Glory to God who reigns above
Glory to God on high

Glory to God on high
Glory to God that walks the sky
Go, preach the gospel, Jesus cries
Go, worship at Immanuel's feet

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God, from whom all things proceed
God in his earthly temple lays
God in the gospel of his Son.
God is a spirit, just and wise
God is my strong Salvation
God is our Refuge and Defence
God is our Refuge in distress
God moves in a mysterious way
God of eternity, from thee
God of mercy, God of love
God of mercy and of wisdom
God of our mercy and our praise
God reigns; events in order flow
Good is the heavenly King
Grace, 'tis a charming sound
Gracious Source of every blessing.
Grant us a visit, dearest Lord
Great Framer of unnumbered worlds
Great God, at whose all-powerful call
Great God, attend, while Zion sings.
Great God, before thy throne we bow
Great God, how infinite art thou
Great God, indulge my humble claim
Great God, let all our tuneful powers.
Great God of grace, arise and shine
Great God, the heaven's well-ordered frame
Great God, the nations of the earth
Great God, to thee my grateful tongue
Great God, to thee we pray.
Great God, this sacred day of thine
Great God, whose all-pervading eye
Great God, whose universal sway.
Great is the Lord, our God
Greatest of beings, Source of good
Great King of kings, eternal God.
Great Lord of angels, we adore

Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews
Hail, everlasting spring

Hail, great Creator, wise and good
Hail, love divine, joys ever new

Hail, thou blest morn, when the great Mediator

Hail, the God of our salvation
Hail to the Lord's anointed

Happy the man whose wishes climb
Happy the meek, whose gentle breast
Hark, the song of jubilee

Hark, 'tis the Saviour of mankind.
Hark, the glad sound, the Saviour comes

Hark, what celestial notes

Have mercy on me,

O my God.

He dies! the Friend of sinners dies


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Beddome 234
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Montgomery 307
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Mrs. Steele
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Hear me, O Lord, in my distress
Hear what a Saviour's voice
Here, in thy temple, Lord, we meet
H ga on the mountain's towering head
Higa o'er the heaven of heavens I saw
Holy, holy, holy Lord
Homage pay to God above
Hosanna, with a cheerful sound
How are thy servants blest, O Lord
How beauteous are their feet
How beautiful the sight
How blest is man, O God
How blest the sacred tie that binds
How blest thy creature is, O God
How choice the Pook divine.

How dees my heart rejoice
How gracious is our God
How great is our Creator God
How large the promise, how divine
How many millions draw their breath
How oft, alas, this wretched heart.
How pleasant, how divinely fair
How pleasing is the scene, how sweet
How precious, Lord, thy holy word
How rich are thy provisions, Lord.
How rich thy favours, God of grace
How rich thy gifts, almighty King
How rich thy bounty, King of kings
How transient and how vain

How wide the torrent rolls

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Mrs. Steele

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Richards 141

Jesus his empire shall extend
Jesus, I love thy charming name
Jesus is gone above the sky
Jesus, Lover of my soul
Jesus, my Lord, how rich thy grace
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun.
Jesus, the Lord, transporting name
Jesus, thou eternal Saviour
Jesus, thou Sun of love divine
Join all the glorious names
Join every heart and every tongue
Joy to the world below
Joy to the world, the Lord is come

Kind Lord, before thy face

Laden with guilt, and full of fears
Lauded be thy name forever.
Let all created things
Let children learn the deeds
Let earth and heaven agree
Let every mortal ear attend
Let everlasting glories crown
Let others boast how strong they be
Let party names no more.
Let pure devotion rise
songs of praise from all below.
Let the whole race of creatures lie
Life is a span, a fleeting hour
Lift your glad voices in triumph on high
Lo, faith beholds the scattered shades.
Lo, Israel's gentle Shepherd stands
Lo, what a glorious sight appears
Lo, what enraptured songs of praise
Lo, what a precious Corner-stone
Lo, what a speaking lustre shines
Long as the darkening clouds abode
Long have we heard the sound
Look through creation and behold
Lord, could I learn those hallowed strains
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
Lord, from thy holy hill descend
Lord, in thy service I would spend
Lord of the skies, look down.
Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows
Lord of the worlds above.
Lord, send thy word, and let it fly.
Lord, thou art good; all nature shows
Lord, thou hast searched and seen me through

Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand
Lord, we adore thy bounteous hand
Lord, we would make thy word our joy.

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H. Ballou 207
Doddridge 227
Watts 475
Cowper 157
Doddridge 339
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R. Streeter* 178

Proud 162
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Hogg 515
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Lord, what our ears have heard
Lord, what a heaven of saving grace
Lord, when I call, make haste to hear
Lord, when my raptured thought surveys
Lord, when my thoughts delighted rove
Love divine, all love excelling
Love is the strongest tie

Mark how the swift-winged minutes fly
May all our powers of mind.
Mediator, Son of God.

Mere human powers shall fast decay
Mighty God, while angels bless thee
Mistaken souls, that dream of heaven.
Mortals, awake, exult in God
Must friends and kindred droop and die
My Father, I adore.

My God, in whom are all the springs.
My God, my King, thy various praise
My God, permit my tongue.
My God, the Spring of all my joys
My God, the visits of thy face
My God, thy boundless love I praise
My God, what silken cords are thine
My gracious Redeemer I'll love
My heavenly Father calls

My Maker and my King
My never-ceasing songs shall show
My Saviour, when my thoughts recall
My soul, praise the Lord

My soul shall bless thee, O my God
My Sovereign, to thy throne.
My spirit longs its rest to find

Not to the terrors of the Lord
No war nor battle's sound
Now begin the heavenly theme
Now let our voices join
Now may fervent prayer arise
Now may the Lord of earth and skies
Now multitudes assembled are
Now to our God let praises rise
Now to the God, to whom all might
Now to the Lord a noble song
Now to the Lord who built the skies
Now to the power of God supreme

O bless the Lord, our souls
O charity, thou heavenly grace
O Christ, what gracious words
O could I soar to worlds above.
O for a closer walk with God

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