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which his descendants hold by privilege of their nobility (ym mraint Uchelwyr) by this charter; and for these thirteen parcels of land they pay thirteen pairs of gloves, as an acknowledgment. (See Llysan, at a future page.)

Howel ab Gruffydd of Maesmor, the eldest son, succeeded his father as lord of Rug, in Edeyrnion. He was summoned about 1351, 24th Edward III, with his brother Madog, to appear before Richard de Stafford, justiciary of Edward the last prince, at Aberconwy, to answer by what right they have free court in all their lands in Edeyrnion, to be held by Seneschal, when they pleaded that from time immemorial they were seized of the liberties. Fined xd. Their pledges were Madog, the second son of Elissau, lord of Llangar, and Llewelyn ab David Bach, lord of Cymmer, in Edeyrnion. Howel ab Gruffydd married Angharad, daughter and coheiress of Cynwrig Sais of Llaneurgain in Tegeingl, who bore quarterly, argent and sable, four lions rampant, countercharged. Cynwrig Sais was one of the sons of Ithel Fychan of Llaneurgain, lord of Mostyn, in Tegeing), who bore azure, a lion statant argent, armed and langued gules, the son of Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam, lord of Mostyn, son of Maredydd ab Uchdryd, lord of Cyfeiliog ab Edwin ab Goronwy, Prince of Tegeingl. By this lady Howel ab Gruffydd had a son and heir,

David ub Howel of Maesmor, lord of Rug. This baron married first, Angharad, daughter of Rhys ab Rotpert of Cinmael? ab Gruffydd ab Sir Howel, Knight, son of Gruffydd of Henglawdd, youngest son of Ednyfed Fychan, Baron of Bryn Ffanigl, who dwelt at Tref Garnedd, in Mon. The Cinmael family appear to have

· Record of Caernarvon.

2 According to the sound, should not this place be spelled Cunmael ?

3 Besides Sir Howel, Gruffydd of Henglawdd had another son, Sir Rhys ab Gruffydd, the father of Sir Gruffydd Lloyd, who received the honour of knighthood from Edward I on bringing him intelligence of the birth of his son, Edward of Caernarvon. See Arch. Camb., July 1876, p. 178, note.

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changed their armorial bearings very frequently, for Rhys bore sable, a chev. inter three molets argent, and his father Rotpert bore gules, a chev. inter three molets or. Ednyfed Fychan bore gules, a chev, ermine, inter three Englishmen's heads in profile, couped ppr.; and their ancestor Marchudd of Bryn Ffanigl, lord of Uwch Dulas, bore gules, a Saracen's head erased, gardant evined, and bearded ppr., wreathed about the temples, argent and azure. David ab Howel ab Gruffydd married secondly, Catherine, daughter of Richard ab Sir Roger Pulestone of Emeral, Knight, by whom he had three daughters-viz., Gwladys, ux. Gruffydd ab Ednyfed, Lleucu, ux. Rhys ab Llewelyn ab David ab leuan Wyddel," and Gwen, ux. Twna ab Ieuan ab David Fychan ab Iorwerth ab David ab Iorwerth ab Cowryd ab Cadvan, ancestor of the Lloyds of Llanbedr. (See Lewys Dwn, vol. ii, p. 284.) By his first wife Angharad, David had issue a son and heir,

Rhys ab David of Maesmor, lord of Rug. He married Gwerfyl Hael of Blodwel, daughter and coheiress of Madog ab Maredydd ab Llewelyn Ddu of Abertanad and Blodwel in Mechain Is y Coed, by whom he had two sons, Howel and Gruffydd. By an inquisition taken after the death of Rhys ab David ab Howel at Cerrigafel, in the county of Meirionydd, for his manor of Rug, on the 20th Nov., 1479, 19 Edward IV, it was found that his coheirs were Howel ab Rhys and Gruffydd ab Rhys.

Gruffydd ab Rhys, the second son, had Maesmor. He married Margaret, daughter of Robin ab Gruffydd Goch of Llys Bryn Eurin, in the parish of Llandrillo Uwch Dulas, lord of Rhos and Rhufoniog, who bore argent, a griffon statant gules, by whom he had a son, Robert ab Gruffydd of Maesmor, who was the ancestor

1 Ieuan Wyddel of Mossoglen in the parish of Llangeinwen in Cwmwd Menai, ab Ieuan ab Meredydd Dhu ab Goronwy ah Meredydd ab Iorwerth ab Llywarch ab Bran, lord of Cwmwd Menai.

2 See Arch. Camb., Oct. 1876, p. 261. 8 Ibid., July 1873, p. 249.

of the Maesmors of Maesmor and the Wynns of Plas Isaf in Edeyrnion.

Howel ab Rhys, the eldest son, succeeded to the manor of Rug. He married Margaret, daughter of John Eyton Hen of Trefwy, or Eyton Isaf in Maelor Gymraeg, and seneschal of the lordship of Bromfield or Maelor Gymraeg in 1477, ermine a lion rampant, azure, by whom he had a son and heir,

Ieuan ab Howel, lord of Rug, who married Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Elissau ab Gruffydd ab Einion of Allt Llwyn Dragon, now called Plas yn Ial, ermine, a saltier gules, a crescent or, for difference, by whom he had an only daughter and heiress,

Margaret Wen, lady of Rug, who married Pyers Salusbury of Bachymbyd, fourth son of Thomas Salusbury of Llyweni, Esq. (See Edeyrnion.)

J. Y. W. LLOYD, M.A. (To be continued.)

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Reprinted, by permission, from The BUILDER. THE “ Castellaria Aluridi Ewias,” of Domesday, was a tract, the particulars of which are not known, but which no doubt lay among those lines of hill and valley which converge like the fingers of a hand upon the Worm and the Monnow, between the Golden Valley and the Black Mountain, and form the south-western portion of the county of Hereford. The actual castle,“Castellum Ewias”, stands about six miles within the border of the county, and about three miles outside or west of the presumed line of Offa's Dyke at this point. The country is hilly, but fertile, well worth the defence, for which it affords many natural advantages. The immediate position is chosen with great skill, though it required an immense application of human labour to make it an almost impregnable fortress against the fierce and active hordes of Welshmen, whose alienated patrimony it was

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