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Robert Maesmor of Maesmor, 1679

Anne, d. of Thomas Price of Giler and Bwlch y Beudy in the parish of Cerrig y Drudion, ab Robert ab Thomas ab Rhys Wynn of Giler, second son of Cadwaladr ab Maurice of Foelas, descended from Marchweithian, lord of Is Aled. Gules, a lion rampant argent, holding in its paws a rose of the second, leaves and stem ppr.

Catherine, heiress Peter Maurice of Hafod y Maidd in the parish of Cerrig of Maesmor y Drudion. He became Dean of Bangor in 1727


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MSS. 2299, 9865.


Owain Fychan of Ar Ddwyfaen,
ab Owain Bên ab Gruffydd ab
Owain ab Bleddyn ab Owain
Brogyntyn. See p. 113

Gwenllian, d. of Tudor ab Ithel Fychan,
lord of Mostyn, ab Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel
Gam ab Maredydd ab Uchdryd, lord of
Cyfeiliog, ab Edwin ab Goronwy, Prince
of Tegeingl. Azure, a lion statant, guard-
ant, azure

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Mali, ux. Richard ab Ithel, Baron of Llanbedr in Dyffryn Clwyd, by whom she had a son, David Lloyd

1 Elen, ux. Ieuan ab

Tudor ab Iorwerth Sais of Llanynys. Or, three greyhounds courant sable

Reignallt of

Margaret, ux. Harri Gervys ab Maurice

of Tref Rhuddin

Catherine, heiress of Ar Ddwyfaen. She married Thomas Lloyd Gethin, eldest son of Howel Lloyd ab David ab Maredydd of Bala, ab Howel ab Tudor ab Goronwy ab Gruffydd ab Madog ab Iorwerth ab Madog ab Rhirid Flaidd, lord of Penllyn.


Collwyn ab Moreiddig ab Rhys ab Gwrystan ab Llywarch ab Rhiwallawn ab Aradri ab Mor ab Tegerin ab

1 Howel ab Madog ab Cynwrig of Llanynys, ab Howel ab Madog ab Maredydd ab Llewelyn ab Madog ab Einion ab Maredydd ab Uchdryd ab Edwin ab Goronwy.

Aylan ab Greddyf ab Cwnnws Dhû ab Cyllin Ynad ab Peredur Teirnoedd ab Meilir Eryr Gwyr y Gorsedd ab Ticho Tyvode ab Gwilfyw ab Marchudd ab Bran ab Pill ab Cervyr ab Melifron ab Gwron ab Cunedda Wledig, who is said to have been King of Gwynedd in A.D. 330, that is during the time that the province of Britannia Secunda, of which Gwynedd or Venedocia was a portion, formed a part of the Roman Empire; but it was not till after the departure of the Roman legions from Britain in A.D. 448 that any part of this province fell under the government of the Britons. Collwyn had issue a son,

Gwrgeneu, lord of Penllyn. He married Generis, daughter and coheiress of Cynfyn Hirdref, lord of Nevyn,' in the comot of Dinlleyn and cantref of Lleyn, and Haer his wife, daughter and heiress of Cynillon ab Y Blaidd Rhudd, lord of Gêst, in the comot of Eivionydd and cantref of Dinodig, who bore azure, a wolf passant argent, his head and neck gules. Haer married secondly Bleddyn ab Cynfyn, Prince of Powys from 1062 to 1072. Gwrgeneu obtained the lordship and lands of Penllyn from his wife's half-brother, Maredydd ab Bleddyn, Prince of Powys. By his wife Generis he had issue a son and heir,

Rhirid Flaidd, lord of Penllyn, Pennant Melangell, in the lordship of Mechain Is y Coed, Glyn, and the eleven towns in the cantref of Trefryd, in Powys land, and of Gest, in Eivionydd, in Gwynedd. He bore vert, a chevron inter three wolves heads erased argent, and he resided at a place called Neuaddau Gleision, in the township of Rhiwaedog, in the time of Madog ab Maredydd, who reigned over Powys Fadog from 1133 to 1159. Rhirid Flaidd married Gwenllian, daughter of



Nevyn is a small town situate on the Irish Sea. Here Edward I, in 1284, held his triumph on the conquest of Wales; and, perhaps to conciliate the affections of his new subjects, in imitation of the hero Arthur, held a Round Table, and celebrated it with dance and tournament. The concourse was prodigious, for not only the chief nobility of England, but numbers from foreign parts, graced the festival with their presence. 4TH SER., VOL. VIII.


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Ednyfed, lord of Brochdyn or Broughton, in the manor of Y Glewysegl, in the lordship of Maelor Gymraeg, second son of Cynwrig ab Rhiwallon, lord of Maelor Gymraeg, who was slain in 1073. Ermine a lion passant gardant gules for Ednyfed ab Cynwrig, by whom he had issue-1, Madog, of whom presently ; 2, Einion, who was slain by an arrow at the siege of the castle of Din-serth or Diserth, in Tegeingl, at a place since called Bryn Einion, in 1261. The cross which was erected on the spot where he fell has been removed from its original site to the churchyard at Diserth. It has the same sort of interlaced ornamentation as Maen Achwynfan, which is not far from this place. According to Gruffydd Hiraddug it once bore the following inscription :

“Oc si petatur, lapis yste kausa notatur

Einion oxi' Ririd Flaidd filius hoc memoratur." His son Einion Greulon was lord of Crugaeth, in the lordship of Croes Oswald or Oswestry. (Archæologia Cambrensis, Oct. 1873, p. 307.) Rhirid Flaidd had also among others a daughter named Gwenllian, who married Gruffydd of Henglawdd, son of Ednyfed Fychan, lord of Bryn Ffanigl, by whom she was mother of Sir Howel y Pedolau,' who was knighted by Edward II, to whom he was foster brother, and was noted for his great strength. His monumental effigy in the church of Caermarthen represented him recumbent in armour, breaking a horseshoe with his hands; and this monument remained till it was broken by some plasterers. He was the ancestor of Gruffydd Lloyd of Cinmael, whose daughter and heiress Alice was the second wife of Richard ab Ieuan ab David ab Ithel Fychan of Llaneurgain, in Tegeing), whose daughter and heiress Catherine married Pyers Holland ab John Holland, ancestor of the Hollands of Cinmael. This Englyn was composed in honour of Rhirid Flaidd by Cynddelw.

1 Lewis Dwnn, vol. ii, p. 16, note.

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“Mae im flaidd a'm Car, o'm caffael wrthaw

Yn wrthel, gerth, Afaes,
Nid blaidd Coed, williaidd allael

Ond Blaidd Maes, moesawg a hael."
And the following he composed on the death of Rhirid
Flaidd -

“Rhirid rwyf gwryd a garaf hefyd

Mi a gefeis olaf
Duw a'i

dug oddiarnaf

Fe ddwg pawb a fo pennaf.”
Rhirid Flaidd was succeeded by his eldest son,

Madog ab Rhirid of Rhiwaedog. He married Arddun, daughter of Philip ab Uchdryd lord of Cyfeiliog, ab Edwin ab Goronwy, Prince of Tegeing?," by whom he had issue-1, Gwrgeneu Llwyd of Rhiwaedog, father of Gwrgeneu Fychan of Rhiwaedog, father of Ithel of Rhiwaedog, whose son Einion ab Ithel was esquire of the body to John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and High Sheriff for co. Meirionydd for life. At his death in 1401, he left issue two daughters coheirs, Margaret, the eldest, had Rhiwaedog, and married Maredydd ab Ieuan ab Maredydd ab Howel of Ystym Cegid ab David, lord of Rhiw Lwyd, descended from Owain Gwynedd, Prince of Gwynedd, by whom she was ancestor of the Lloyds of Rhiwaedog ; 2, Iorwerth of Penllyn, and 3, Rhirid Fychan, ancestor of the Myddletons of Gwaunynog, Garthgynan, Chirk Castle, &c.

Iorwerth of Penllyn married Gwerfyl, daughter of Cynwrig ab Pasgen ab Gwyn ab Gruffydd, lord of Cegidfa and Deuddwr, sable three horses' heads erased argent, by whom he had issue four sons—1, Madog, of whom presently ; 2, Gruffydd ; 3, Iorwerth Fychan ; and 4, Ynyr, and of the daughters, Gwenllian married Llewelyn ab Ithel of Aelhaiarn, in Glyndyfrdwy, and


1 Lewis Dwnn, vol. ii, p. 229.

2 Mont. Coll., vol. ix. 3 Ynyr was the ancestor of William ab Robert ab Richard ab William of Bedd Gelert, ab Robert ab Howel ab Rhys ab David ab Cynddelw ab Iorwerth ab Ynyr ab Iorwerth ab Madog ab Rhirid Fiaidd

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