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of Derwen Ynial, son of Heilin ab Eunydd, 'lord of Dyffryn Clwyd, and Maud married Goronwy ab Tudor ab Goronwy ab Ednyfed Fychan.

Madog ab Iorwerth of Penllyn. In the petitions presented to the English Prince of Wales at Kensington, 33 Edward I, A.D. 1305, the name of Madog appears as petitioning that he might quietly enjoy certain lands and the bailiwick “Unius Cantr’ in Penllyn and Ardudewey," which the king had given him for his service. He married Eva, daughter of Gruffydd ab Einion ab Gruffydd of Cors y Gedol, ermine, a saltier gules, a crescent or, for difference, by whom he had issue two sons and three daughters—1, Gruffydd, of whom presently; 2, Goronwy, who married Eva, daughter of Llewelyn ab Einion ab Celynin of Llwydiarth, sable, a he goat, argent, attired and unguled or, and two daughters—1, Gwerfyl, ux Iorwerth ab Hwfa of Dudlyston, ab Iorwerth ab Howel ab Owain ab Bleddyn ab Owain Brogyntyn ; 2, Margaret, and 3, Gwenllian.

Gruffydd ab Madog of Llan Uwch Llyn Tegid married, according to the Harl. MS. 2,288, Alice, daughter of Bleddyn Fychan ab Bleddyn of Hafod Unos, who is there stated to have been the mother of all his children. According to other accounts, he married Janet, daughter of Cynfelyn ab Dolphyn, lord of Manavon, azure, a lion passant argent, who was the mother of Ieuan, and that afterwards he married Gwenllian, daughter of Ieuan ab Howel ab Maredydd ab Howel ab Madog ab Cadwgan ab Elystan Glodrudd, Prince of Fferlis. By one or other of these three ladies Gruffydd had issue-1, Ieuan of Llan Uwch Llyn and Čefn Trevlaith, in the parish of Llanstumdwy, in Eivionydd. He" lived in great credit and esteeme in the days of King Edward III, who allowed him an annual stipend for guarding and conducting of ye justice of North Wales with a companie of archers, whilst he should soeiourne and stay in ye countie of Merionydd.

1 Lewis Dwnn, vol. ii, Cefn Treflaith, p. 95. 2 Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt.


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He died in 1370, and was buried at Llanuwch Llyn, where his tomb still remains, on which he is represented recumbent in armour, with a shield charged with the arms of his house, and this inscription, IOANNES AB GRIFFIT AB MADOG AB IERWERTH, CVIVS ANIMÆ PROPITIETUR DEVS. AMEN ANO. DNI. MCCCLxx." He was the ancestor of the Vaughans of Glan Llyn Tegid, Rowlands of Myllteyrn, and Pryses of Tref Brysg ; 2, Howel y Gadair of Cadair Penllyn ; 3, Rhys, ancestor of the Joneses of Llandyrnog, in Dyffryn Clwyd, and Helygin in Tegeing), and John ab Ieuan ab Einion ab Gruffydd ab Rhys of Y Ddol or Llechwedd Ystrad ; 4, Goronwy of Penllyn, of whom presently, and 5, Gruffydd of Trefgoed.

Goronwy of Penllyn, the fourth son of Gruffydd ab Madog of Llanuwch Llyn Tegid, married Isabel, daughter of Gruffydd of Rhuddallt, fourth baron of Glyndyfrdwy, of the English creation, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John L'Estrange of Knockyn Castle (gules, two lions passant argent), and Jane his wife, daughter of John Charleton, Lord Powys, by Maude his wife, daughter of Roger Mortimer, first Earl of March. By this marriage Goronwy had, besides other issue, a son and heir,

Tudor ab Goronwy of Penllyn. He married Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Howel Selyf lord of Nannau, or, a lion rampant, azure, by whom he had besides other issue, a younger son Ieuan, who was one of the sureties for the farmer of the Raglotship of Penllyn at Michaelmas, 4 Henry VI (1426), and a son and heir,

Howel ab Tudor of Penllyn, who was farmer under



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“ He was alive after this year. I think that a numeral, probably

x”, has been broken off at the end of the inscription.” (W. W. E. Wynne.) One of his daughters, named Angharad, married Ithel ab Cynwrig ab Bleddyn Llwyd, son of Ithel Anwyl, who lived at Ewlo Castle, and who was one of the captains of Tegeing), to keep the English from invading them. His grandson, Cynwrig ab Bleddyn, died in Harlech Castle, aiding its brave defender, David ab Ieuan ab Einion, Constable of the Castle. (Harl. MS. 1969.)

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the Prince of Wales, of the Mill of Pen Aran in Penllyn at Michaelmas, 1 Henry IV, 1399, and held on lease the extent lands of the Crown in the comot of Penllyn, Michaelmas, 4 Henry VI (1426). He married Tibot, relict of Ieuan Fychan of Moeliwrch, who held on lease the Raglotship of Aber Tanad in Mechain Isgoed, at Michaelmas, i Henry IV (1400). (See Archæologia Cambrensis, July 1873, p. 253, and January 1876, p. 28), and daughter of Einion ab Gruffydd ab Llewelyn of Cors y Gedol, ermine, a saltier gules, a crescent or, for difference, by whom he had an elder son, Maredydd, of whom presently, David Lloyd, Gwerfyl ux Gruffydd ab Bleddyn of the Tower near Mold (see Archæologia Cambrensis, January 1875, p. 38), and Mallt ux. Maredydd ab Owain ab Ieuan ab Gruffydd ab Llewelyn.

Maredydd ab Howel, the eldest son, was of Bala. He was one of the jury on an inquest held in that town 31 Henry VI (1453). He married Gwenhwyfar Fechan, daughter of Ieuan ab Tudor ab Goronwy ab Howel y Gadair of Cadair Benllyn, ab Gruffydd ab Madog ab Iorwerth ab Rhirid Flaidd, by whom he had a son and heir,

David ab Maredydd of Bala, in the parish of Llanfihangel, in Migneint. He married three times ; by his first wife Gwenllian, daughter of William ab Gruffydd ab Robert, he had issue a son and heir, Howel Lloyd, of whom presently. He married secondly, Margaret, daughter of David ab Ieuan ab Einion, the brave constable and defender of Harlech Castle ; and thirdly he married Annesta, daughter of Rhys ab Maredydd ab. Tudor ab Howel ab Cynwrig Fychan of Y Foelas, in

| Tibot married first Howel, ab Ieuan ab Iorwerth of Glasgoed, in Cynllaith.

2 The parish of Llanfihangel yn Migneint, in Penllyn, contained the townships of Maestran, Strevelyn, and Cyffty, Gwern Evel, Bedwarien, Llanycil, and Bala, Llangower, and Dwygraig. Bala is a market town, having in the end thereof a great mound, whereon sometime stood a castle, which, in 1202, Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, fortified. R. Vaughan of Dolgellau. (See Archeologia Cambrensis, July 1850, p. 204.)

Yspytty Ieuan, who was entrusted by Henry VII with the Standard of England at the battle of Bosworth, after the former standard bearer, Sir William Brandon, had been slain. By this lady David had issue four sons1, Rhydderch of Llanycil ; 2, Hugh ; 3, Sir John, collated to the rectory of Llanycil in 1537;4, David Lloyd ; and three daughters-1, Elen ux. William Lloyd of Rhiwaedog, in Penllyn ; 2, Lowri ux. Richard Lloyd of Plas yn Dol Edeyrn, in Edeyrnion, and 3, Margaret ux. Gruffydd ab Ieuan ab David.

Howel Lloyd of Bala, the eldest son, married Mallt, daughter of Howel Fychan ab Howel ab Gruffydd of Llwydiarth, in Powys Wenwynwyn, by whom he had four sons-1, Thomas Lloyd Gethin, of whom presently; 2, Piers Lloyd, of whom presently ; 3, Howel Lloyd, and 4, Robert Lloyd, and five daughters—1,

Gwen, ux. Robert ab Thomas of Bala ; 2, Lowri, ux. Edward ab John Wynn of Dol Derwen, in Llandderfel, ab Ieuan ab Maredydd ab Tudor ab Goronwy ab Howel y Gadair ; 3, Elen, ux. Thomas ab Reignallt of Glan Tanad, ab Gruffydd ab Howel ab Iorwerth Goch of Mochnant; 4, Elizabeth ux. John Gruffydd of Llandderfel, and 5, Jane ux. Rhydderch ab Richard ab John ab David.

Piers Lloyd, the second son of Howel Lloyd, married Catherine, daughter and heiress of Gruffydd ab Thomas ab Howel ab Ieuaf Llwyd' ab David Fychan, by whom he was father of

1 Iorwerth Goch of Mochnant was the son of Ieuan Foel Frych, ab Iorwerth Fychan ab Iorwerth Foel of Mynydd Mawr, ab Madog Fychan ab Madog ab Urien of Maen Gwynedd, ab Eginir ab Lles ab Idnerth Benfras, lord of Maesbrwg. He was the ancestor of the Lloyds of Maen Gwynedd, in Mochnant, the Wynns of Aber Cynllaith, and the Bromfields of Bryn y Wiwair, in Rhiwfabon.

у 2 Ieuaf Llwyd ab David Fychan married Nesta, relict of Llewelyn ab Cynwrig ab Osbern of Cors y Gedol, and daughter of and coheiress of Gruffydd ab Adda of Dol Goch, in the parish of Towyn, and of Ynys y Maen Gwyn, a taxer of the fifteenth in 1293. 4. Raglot (governor) of the coinot of Ystym Aner 3 and 7, Edward III. Gruffydd's tomb is still to be seen in Towyn Church. He was the son of Adda ab Gruffydd ab Madog ab Cadifor ab Cenillin ab Gwaeth foed, lord of Ceredigion, or, a lion rampant, regardant, sable.

Oliver · Lloyd of Mochnant, who married Mary, daughter and heiress of Thomas Lloyd of Glanhavon, in Llanrhaiadr in Mochnant, sable, three horses' heads erased argent, by whom he had a son and heir,

Thomas Lloyd of Glanhavon, and jure uxoris of Trevor Hall, in Nanheudwy, and Valle Crucis Abbey, in Ial, High Sherift for co. Montgomery in 1749. He married Mary, daughter and sole heiress, by Margaret, his wife, eldest daughter of John Eyton of Trimley, Esq. (see Archæologia Cambrensis, January 1875, p. 52) of Robert Trevor of Trevor Hall and Valle Crucis Abbey, Esq., by whom he had issue two daughters co

eiresses-1, Mary, ux. Edward Lloyd, son and heir, by... his wife, daughter of ..Pennant of Bagillt, in Tegeing], Esq. of Edward Lloyd of Pentref Hobyn, Esq. (Archæologia Cambrensis, July 1875, p. 233); and 2, Margaret, who married first Edward Lloyd, son and heir of Edward Lloyd of Plas Madog, in Rhiwfabon, who died s.p. in 1734, aged eighteen, and secondly she married Arthur Mears of Pennar, co. Pembroke, who also died without issue, and the estates of Trevor Hall, Valle Crucis Abbey, and Glanhavon passed through the eldest daughter Mary, into the family of the Lloyds of Pentref Hobyn.

1 Robert Trevor died January 1, 1693. He was the fourth son (by Mary, his wife, daughter of John Eyton of Leeswood, Esq.) of John Trevor of Trevor Hall and Valle Crucis Abbey ; a captain in the royal army, who died at Wrexham, and was buried in the church there in 1684. Captain Trevor was the eldest son (by Margaret, his wife, daughter of Thomas Wynn of Dyffryn Aled, Esq.) of Matthew Trevor of Llys Trevor, now called Trevor Hall, and Valle Crucis Abbey, who died November 9, 1683, aged forty-five, and was buried in Llangollen Church. He was the eldest son of John Trevor of Llys Trevor, who was the first of this family who became possessed of the abbey. John Trevor was the eldest son of David Wynn of Llys Trevor, who died in 1620, ab Matthew Wynn ab David ab Edward of Llys Trevor, ab Howel ab Llewelyn ab Adda ab Howel, second son of Ieuaf ab Adda ab Awr, ab Ieuafab Cuhelyn, lord of Trevor, third son of Tudor ab Rhys-Sais, lord of Chirk, Nanheudwy, Whittington, and Maelor Saesneg. (See Archæologia Cambrensis, January 1874, p. 36.) The arms of the Trevors of Trevor are those of Tudor Trevor in a border, gules for Adda ab Awr of Trevor.

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