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Angharad who married Cynwrig ab Rotpert ab Iorwerth ab Rhirid ab Madog ab Ednowain Bendew of Llys Coed y Mynydd, in the parish of Bodvari in Tegeingl, argent, à chevron inter three boars' heads, couped sable tusked or, and langued gules; and Susan who married Ieuan ab Llewelyn ab David ab David ab Gruffydd ab Owain Brogyntyn.

Llewelyn of Bradenheath, the second son of Madog Lloyd of Bryn Cunallt, married Mary, daughter and coheiress of William Yonge of Croxton, in the parish of Hanmer in Maelor Saesneg, by whom he had issue three sons, Rhys, ancestor of the Lloyds of Leaton Knolls ; 1 John of Yr Hendref, ancestor of the Maurices of Clocaenog in the commot of Coleigion and cantref of Dyffryn Clwyd ; and Iorwerth, ancestor of John Jones of Parc Eyton, whose only daughter and heiress, Martha, married Edward Maurice of Cae Mor ab Maurice living 1709, ab Edward of Cae Mor ab Maurice of Havod Gynfor, in the parish of Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog, ab John ab Howel ab Adda Gwyn ab Ieuaf ab David of Glyn Fechan and Cae Mor, ab Adda ab Howel of Llys Trevor, second son of Ieuaf ab Adda ab Awr of Trevor.

Gruffydd ab Madoc Lloyd of Bryncunallt married Maude, daughter and coheiress of William Yonge of Croxton, in the parish of Hanmer, by whom he had, besides other issue, a son and heir.

Rhys ab Gruffydd of Bryn Cunallt. He married twice. By his second wife, Gwerfyl Llwyd, daughter of Iorwerth ab Owain Foel, he had a son named Mare


| John Arthur Lloyd of Leaton Knolls, ab Francis Lloyd ab Edward Lloyd ab Edward Lloyd ab Edward Lloyd of Leaton Knolls, ab Francis Lloyd of Crosmere, ab Randle Lloyd of Crosmere, co. Salop, living 1604, second son of Robert ab John ab Richard of Bangor, ab Rhys ab David ab Rhys ab Llewelyn ab Madog Lloyd of Bryn Cupalit.

2 John Jones of Parc Eyton, ab John ab David ab Edward of Cil Cychwyn in Glyn Traian in Nanheudwy, ab Ieuan of Llwyn Mawr, ab David ab Maredydd ab Iorwerth ab Llewelyn ab Madog Lloyd of Bryn Cuuallt. The above named John Jones married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Wyun of Garth in Cegidfa.

dydd, who married Angharad, daughter of Maredydd ab Robert of Cristionydd ; by his first wife Gwenllian, daughter of Gruffydd ab Iorwerth ab Howel ab Cynwrig of Rhiwfabon, he had issue five sons : 1, Gruffydd of Bryn Cunallt, who married......daughter of Howel ab Llewelyn ab Adda of Llys Trevor, ab Howel ab Ieuaf ab Adda ab Awr, by whom he had issue two sons, Madog of Bryn Cunallt, who married Margaret, daughter of Einion ab Gruffydd ab Rhys, third son of Gruffydd ab Madog of Llan Uwch Llyn Tegid, ab Iorwerth ab Madog ab Rhirid Flaidd, Lord of Penllyn, by whom he had two sons, John Lloyd of Bryn Cunallt, and Llewelyn, whose line ended in coheiresses. John Lloyd, the eldest son, married Catherine, daughter and coheiress of John Wynn of Llanddin in Nanheudwy, second son of John ab Iorwerth or Edward Hen of Plas Newydd, in the parish of Chirk, by whom he had one son, Thomas of Bryn Cunallt, a doctor of physic, who married Margaret, daughter of Roger ab Hugh ab David ab Jeuan, by whom he had, besides two daughters, Jane and Maud, two sons, John and William. The eldest son John had Bryn Cunallt, and had issue a son and heir, John Wynn of Bryn Cunallt, who married Catherine, daughter of Richard ab Rhydderch ab David of Myfyrian, by whom he had two daughters coheirs, one of whom married Wynn of Tower, and the other married Richard Lloyd of Whittington, and died s.p. These two ladies and their husbands sold Bryn Cunallt to Sir Edward Trevor. 2, Iorwerth, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Grosvenour, Esq., by whom he had a son and heir, John, who married Ermine, daughter of Sir Rowland Grosvenour, knight, and Christian his wife, daughter of ... Stanley, by whom he had a son, Richard of Morton in Rhiwfabon, who married Margaret, daughter of Rhys ab Howel ab Rhys ab Llewelyn ab David ab Ieuan Wyddel, by whom he was father of Maredydd of Rhiwfabon, who married Margaret, daughter of Maurice ab Ieuan ab Maredydd ab Madog Dew of Garesllyn, by whom he had issue,

David, Lewys, Ieuan, Alice, Margaret, and Agnes. 3, Ieuan, of whom presently. 4, David of Morton, in Rhiwfabon, who married Mallt, daughter of Ieuan ab Howel of Picill ab David ab Goronwy ab Iorwerth ab Howel ab Moreiddig ab Sanddef Hardd, lord of Burton and Llai, by whom he had a son, Morgan of Morton, in Rhiwfabon, living in 1467, whose son and heir, Thomas, settled in the parish of Gresford; and 5, Madog.

Ieuan, third son of Rhys ab Gruffydd ab Madog Lloyd of Bryn Cunallt=

Twna ab Ieuan of Tref=... d. of Gruffydd ab Llewelyn ab Cynwrig
of Garth Gynan

Gruffydd ab Twna Janet, d. of John ab David ab Maredydd of Bach y Graig in Tref Meirchion

[blocks in formation]

1 | Thomas Wynn of Tref Eyarth

3 |

Rhys ab=Gwen, d. John Wynn
Gruffydd of Caer Ddinog

4 | Elizabeth, ux. Henri Merton

John Richard

Dorothy, d. of
William ab
Gruffydd ab
Richard John Elen, ux. John ab Jane Janet
Pyers ab Rhys Wynn


5 | Gwenhwyfar, ux. David ab

John ab

Dows, ux. John Wynn ab Robert of Mynachdy

=2nd, Grace, relict of John Griffith of
Aberchwilar, and youngest daughter of
Edward Thelwall of Plas y Ward, ab
Simon ab Richard Thelwall

21 31 41 5,6

Lowri Margaret



Llewelyn of Bradenheath, Mary, d. and coheiress of William Yonge of second son of Madog Lloyd Croxton in the parish of Hanmer of Bryn Cunallt


Ieuan of Yr Hendref=Margaret, d. of John Trevor ab Richard Trevor of of Trefalun

John of Yr Jane, d. of John Eyton of Wat- Rhys, ancestor of the Lloyds Hendref stay in Rhiwfabon

of Leaton Knolls

John divided the estate-Mabel, d. of John Lloyd of Maerdu in Gwyddelof Yr Hendref, by deed, wern. Elizabeth, d. of John Pugh of Plas Čerrig, among his younger sons in Llanymyneich, according to others


Elen, d. of Ieuan ab Rhys of Rug, by Jane, d. of Gruffydd Eyton'

Thomas Mary, d. of Gruffydd ab Owain of Main in Meifod, by Jane, d. and heir of John ab Thomas ab Rhys ab Guttyn ab Gruffydd ab Ieuan Gethin ab Madog Cyffin

Maurice Margaret, d. and heir of Robert Lloyd of Clocaenog, ab David Lloyd ab Robert ab Ieuan ab David ab Madog ab Ieuan ab Ithel ab Tudor Lloyd ab Llewelyn ab Thomas ab Robert, alias Hob y Dili,' of Caer y Drudion. Gules, a lion rampant argent. The mother of Margaret was Blaine, daughter of Edward Tudor of Persithidd in Merionethshire. The mother of Robert Lloyd was Magdalene, daughter of Hugh ab Bedo Llwyd of Glasgoed Faenol, co. Flint

1 Robert, alias Hob y Dili, of Caer y Drudion, was the son of Tudor ab Einion ab Cynwrig ab Llywarch ab Heilin Gloff ab Tegid Farfog ab Tangno, alias Cadwgan ab Ystrwyth ab Marchwystl ab Marchweithan of Llys Llywarch, Lord of Is Aled, and chief of one of the noble tribes. Marchweithian borc gules, a lion rampant argent. His lands were: "Carwed Fynydd, Din Cadfael, Prees,

John Maurice=Joyce, d. of Thomas Hughes of Gwrdy, by Maude, d. and of Clocaenog heir of John Griffith of Hendref Forfudd, son of John ab

Robert ab Howel ab Iorwerth ab Twna ab Ieuan of Llanbedr, ab David Fychan, parson of Llangwm, ab David ab

Iorwerth ab Cowryd ab Cadvan. In the township of Maes Tyddin, in the parish of Clocaenog, is a large tumulus, on the summit of which was an upright stone with this inscription, AMILIN TOVISATOC, Camden's Britannia. This stone has since been removed to Pool Park. On a bank about three quarters of a mile from the village, there is a place called Llys y Vrynin, and there are some ruins of old buildings there.

Add. MS. 9864.


CANTREF OF DYFFRYN CLWYD. The parish of Derwen Anial contains the two townships of Dyfanedd and Ysceifiog. In the parish church is a handsome screen and rood loft of the fifteenth cen

a tury. In the churchyard is a cross nine and a half feet high, with canopied niches, filled with various figures, carved in alto relievo. The pedestal on which it stands is a cube, the sides of which are two feet six inches, to which there is an ascent of (now) two steps, making the height of the whole thirteen feet six inches, the work belongs apparently to the thirteenth century.

“At Cefn Fynydd in this parish there appears to have been a capella with right of sanctuary. A witness living in 1863 remembered the ruins of the church having been pointed out to him by his father, the walls Berain, Llyweni, Gwytherin, and many other townships in Is Aled.”

- Cambrian Register. He was the ancestor of the Wynns of Y Foelas, of Plas Newydd in Yspytty Ieuan, and of Hafod y Maidd in Cerrig y Drudion; the Pryses of Gilar, Tydden, Rhiwlas, Faenol, Fedw Deg, and Cyrniogau; Vaughans of Pant Glas; Parrys of Tywysog ; Davies of Llaethwryd in Cerrig y Drudion ; Lloyds of Cwm ; Williams of Llanstyndwy; Foulkes of Llys Llywarch ; and Tudor ab Robert Fychan of Berain in Llan Nefydd, the father of the celebrated Catherine of Berain, the heiress of that place.

| For a more recent account of this stone, seo Arch. Camb., 1855, p. 115, and 1874, pp. 17, 233.--Editor.

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