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at that time being two or three feet above the ground. A spot near the present plantation of Cefn Mawr had at the same time been pointed out as a sanctuary for criminals charged with lesser offences, who were free from arrest so long as they remained within its limits.

This parish abounds with springs of excellent water, one of which called Ffynnon Sarah is in great repute for its efficacy in the cure of cancers.

Those dreadful diseases, stone and gravel, are totally unknown to those inhabitants who are natives, and some who have removed hither from other situations have been completely cured.2


Harl. MSS. 1969-2299.

Jenkyn ab Ieuan of Derwen Anial, ab Madog ab Llolo of Plas y
Llolo in Derwen, ab Llewelyn ab Madog ab Llewelyn of Aelhai-
arn and Derwen Anial, ab Ithel ab Heilin ab Eunydd. See

Archæologia Cambrensis, July 1876, pp. 180-1


3 |

Ieuan of=Mali, d. of Madog, ancestor of Tudor. He had two sons,
Derwen Ithel ab David ab Owain ab 1, Llewelyn, grandfather of
Anial Tudor ab Ednyfed ab Owain John ab William ab Llew-

Ieuan ab ab Madog ab Jen- elyn ab Tudor of Derwen ;
Ithel kyn ab Ieuan of and 2, Rhys, who was grand-
Goch Derwen Anial father of Lewys ab Gruffydd

of Derwen, ab Rhys ab Tudor

ab Jenkyn of Derwen John of Derwen Anial=

1 John of Derwen=Catherine, d. of John ab Robert ab Ieuan ab Einion Anial

Llwyd Gwenllian, ux. Lewys ab Rhys Wynn of Derwen Anial. 1 History of the Diocese of St. A sapn, by the Rev. D.R. Thomas, M.A. Cf, Arch. C'amo., 1864, p. 331. 2 Carlisle's Topographical Dict.




The parish of Llanelidan contains the townships of Llanelidan, Nantclwyd, Bryncyme, Trewyr, Bodlowydd, and Garth Neuadd. Piers Roberts in his Diary (Tyn y Rhyl MS.) has a note that “On the road from Ruthin to Corwen are Erw'r Benglog and Rhyd y Crogwr, in the township of Llanelidan. A bishop of Bangor gave the township to one Iorwerth ab Cadwgan free, but the tenants to be vassals; and they disobeying, he beheaded one on the plough-bear in Erw'r Benglog, and hanged another in Rhyd y Crogwr, whilst a third fled for sanctuary”. A deed in the Rhûg MS. at Peniarth records the purchase of Banhadlawn Undiawn by the monks of Ystrad-Marchell from the sons of Iorwerth ab Cadwgan and his coheredes in Llanelidan. The parish of Llanelidan contains 5109 acres.

There is a circular hill in this parish called Caer Ddineu, about half a mile perhaps in circumference, which lies in the townships of Trewyr and Bodlowydd, but there are no remains of earth-works to be seen there at the present time. Some few

Some few years ago there was a large number of Roman coins and some few rings found accidentally in a dingle near this place. In the parish of Llanfair Dyffryn Choyd, on the summit of a rock called Craig yr Adwy, a great part of which is in this parish, there are the remains of some ancient entrenchments extending in the form of a crescent, and terminating at each extremity in an abrupt precipice ; the area of this camp is about seven acres. .

Belyn, fourth son of Madog=Alson, d. and heiress of Llewelyn ab

ab Llolo of Plas y Llolo Rhirid Ddu ab Gwyn ab Howel



3/41 5 Llewelyn= Ieuan of Llanelidan, David Iorwerth, ancestor of Sir David of Llan-1 ancestor of Thomas Madog Jones, priest in Mold, ab elidan ab Robert ab Gruf

John ab Rhys Wynn ab David fydd ab Ieuan ah

ab Iorwerth ab Belyn. Sir David Belyn of Llanelidan married Margaret, d. of Gruffydd ab

John ab Gruffydd of Aber Chwiler


Harri of Llan-Lowri, d. of Ithel ab Ieuan
ab Dio

Piers Angharad, d. of Hugh ab John ab Rhys

11 Roger Myddleton of Gwaunynog

Thomas Margaret, d. and heiress of Gruffydd ab Harri of Piers of Llys Dinhynydd, in the parish of Cilcain, in Pen- Tegeingl, ab Ieuan ab Rhys ab Ieuan ab Ithel ab bedw Ithel y Gwr Teg, ab David ab Ithel, parson of Llaneurgain, ab Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam, lord of Mostyn, ab Meredydd ab Uchdryd, lord of Cyfeiliog. Azure, a lion passant argent, for Ithel Gam.

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(Cae Cyriog MS.; Harl. MS. 1969.)

Rhirid Myddleton ab Robert Myddleton, lord of Middleton, ab
Rhirid ab David ab David Y Bothan Flaidd ab Madog ab
Rhirid Flaidd, lord of Penllyn


Thomas Myddleton
of Garth Gynan

David Myddleton Hen, Receiver Elen, d. of Sir John Don, Knt., ab Jenkyn
General for North Wales for
Don of Utkinton in Cheshire

Edward IV

Howel of=

Lewys of Llanelidan

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John Lewys

of Llanelidan

David, Alder-

Jane, d. of Robert Fletcher of
Denbigh, by Anne, d. of Roger
Hurleston of Chester

Ffoulke Myddleton,

ancestor of the Myddletons of Plas Cadwgan, Chirk Castle, and Llan


Margaret, d.
Thos. Smith,
Alderman of


man and Mayor of Chester

Jane, ux. Anne, ux. Richard 1,Maurice Matthews Gethin of

Y Voelas;

of the Green in Henllan Heaton of Denbigh; 3, Piers Holland

2, Harri


Thomas Lowri,d.and heiress David Jane, ux. Agnes, ux. Elizabeth,
Myddle- of Thomas ab David Lewys ab Edward

ux. John ton of ab Ilowel ab Gruf

Rhys of Maurice of Rogers of Garth fydd of Gwyddelwern Abergeleu Rhuddin Denbigh Gynan

1 Humphrey=Elen, d.of Robert Turbridge John Thomas Piers Anne, ux Myddleton ab John ab William Tur

Thomas of Garth bridge of Llanrhudd in Dogveilin. Wynn ab John of Gynan Argent, a bridge embattled gules,

Tref Eyarth a tower at the bridge end of the second

Jane, ux. John ab Robert Dorothy, ux. John Elizabeth, ux.
ab Rhys ab Howel Goch; Griffiths of Brith- Harry ab
2, Henry Jones of Caer dir, ab Jenkin Robert ab

Harry ab David of Pentref

ys Llech

Mary=John Lloyd, second son of Elen=William ab Robert of Whitting-
John Lloyd of Llys Vassi

ton in Llanrhaiadr in Mochnant.
According to Lewys Dwnn, vol. ii, the children of
Humphrey Myddleton and Elen, his wife, were :-
1, Thomas ; 2, John; 3, William ; 4, Edward ; and
two daughters : 1, Anne; and 2,

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Harl, MS. 9865.
David ab Madog ab Rhirid ab Howel ab Llywarch ab Rhirid ab=

Owain ab Edwyn ab Goronwy, Prince of Tegeingl

1 Caer Fallwch lies at the foot of a hill called Moel y Gaer in Llaneurgain, on the summit of which is a camp called Caer Allwch.

David Dinllais ... d. of Bleddyn Llwyd ab | Bleddyn Fychan of Hafod Unos

Llewelyn of Plas Einion

Gruffydd Catherine, d. of Ieuaf ab Hwfa ab Madog yr Athro of Plas Madog in Bodylltyn, in the manor of Rhiwabon, ab Hwfa ab Iorwerth ab Gruffydd ab Ieuaf ab Niniaf ab Cynwrig ab Rhiwalon. Her mother was Agnes, daughter of Gruffydd ab Cynwrig ab Ieuaf ab Caswallawn ab Hwfa ab Ithel Felyn, lord of Ial and Ystrad Alun

Ieuan yr Athro Hen=

Roger of

David Ddu, ancestor of John
Pyers ab Rhys of Clocaenog

Einion of Plas Einion Myfanwy, d. of Gruffydd y Glyn, ab Howel of | Powys T Ieuan Wynn of Plas


Gwerfyl, d. of Belyn ab Cadwgan Deckaf, of Llwyn Egryn,
ab Iorwerth ab Cadwgan ab Iorwerth ab Cadwgan Ddu ab
Cadwgan Goch ab Y Gwion ab Hwfa ab Ithel Felyn, lord of

Agnes Wen, d. of Simon Thelwall, of Plas y Ward,
and Janet his wife, daughter of Edward Langford.
See Arch. Camb., July 1876, p. 181

Agnes, d. of Robert ab Gruffydd of Pentref Cuhelyn,
ab Adda ab Howel ab Ieuaf ab Adda ah Awr of Llys
Trevor in Nanheudwy. See Rhagad, Arch. Camb.,
Oct. 1876, p. 267

Thomas Catherine, d. of Thomas John William
of Plas Fychan Salusbury, fourth

son of Pyers Salusbury of Bachymbyd and
of Rûg, in right of his wife Margaret Wen,
daughter and sole heir of Ieuan ab Howel,
lord of Rûg


Iolyn of Llantysilio


Janet, ux. Rhys ab Edward ab John ab Twna of Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd

About the year 1410, the valiant Hywel Gwynedd of Llys Edwin, who sided with Owain Glyndwr against Henry IV, was surprised by his enemies from the town of Flint, and beheaded within this enclosure. John ab Richard ab John ab Richard ab Thomas of Caer Fallwch, son of Edward ab Ithel ab Goronwy Foel ab Goronwy Fychan ab Goronwy ab Pyll ab Cynan ab Llywarch Holbwrch, lord of Rhos and Rhufoniog. Vert, a stag trippant argent, attired and unguled or.

John ab Pyers ab Rhys Wynn ab William ab Thomas ab Gruffydd ab John ab Gruffydd ab Ieuan ab David Ddu. Lewys Dwnn, vol. ii, p. 344.



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