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W. Pickering, 1877

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Pagina 276 - Statua Atti capite velato, quo in loco res acta est, in comitio in gradibus ipsis ad laevam curiae fuit; cotem quoque eodem loco sitam fuiss÷ memorant, ut esset ad posteros miraculi eius monumentum.
Pagina 43 - Their churches have almost as many parsons and sharers as there are principal men in the parish. The sons, after the decease of their fathers, succeed to the ecclesiastical benefices, not by election, but by hereditary right possessing and polluting the sanctuary of God. And if a prelate should by chance presume to appoint or institute any other person, the people would certainly revenge the injury upon the institutor and the instituted.
Pagina 197 - Fadog from 1133 to 1 Nevyn is a small town situate on the Irish Sea. Here Edward I, in 1284, held his triumph on the conquest of Wales; and, perhaps to conciliate the affections of his new subjects, in imitation of the hero Arthur, held a Round Table, and celebrated it with dance and tournament. The concourse was prodigious, for not only the chief nobility of England, but numbers from foreign parts, graced the stival with their presence.
Pagina 42 - Glywi, Iddneu, Gwrgi, Gefti. Whoever will keep it, may God keep him ! and whoever will separate it from the Church of Llandaff, may he be accursed ! Its boundary is from the influx of the brook Bisimich, along the Bis upwards to its source, to the road ; from the road to Yr Ardd towards the west, to the ridge of the cliff; from the declivity as far as Rhyd yr Onnen in Nant Broueni, along it to Nant ffos pluum, along it upwards to Ystrat-hafren, from its source to the summit ; along the summit to...
Pagina 238 - ... isles ; and five others, named Dufnal, Siferth, Huwal (Howel?), Jacob, and Juchil." From the lolo MSS. we gather that Edgar did attempt to persuade at least one Welsh chieftain to help to row him on the Dee. This potentate was Gwaethvoed, Lord of Cibyr and Ceredigion.* In reply to Edgar's summons, he said "he could not row a barge ; and if he could, that he would not do so, except to save a person's life, whether king or vassal.
Pagina 42 - ... region of Ergyng, gave, in exchange for a heavenly kingdom, to God, and to St. Dubricius, and his congregation, and his church of the southern portion of the island of Britain, and in the hand of Bishop Ufelwy, and to all his successors in the place, for ever, a field, that is an uncia2 of land, with all its liberty, and all commonage in field and in woods, in water and in pastures...
Pagina 299 - Hilary was burnt down, the fire having been occasioned by the corroded state of the pipes near the stove. In the course of the following year, on digging up the foundation, a slab of granite, about 7 ft. long and 2 ft. broad, was found, with an inscription on the under side. It had been used as a foundation stone in the north wall of the chancel. The letters have been obliterated in many places by weathering : it is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to restore the inscription with certainty.
Pagina 282 - Yet, after all this pains in getting, it is only valuable on account of one virtue it hath, that if it be only brought to sick persons, it quickly drives away those called demons, which are no other than the spirits of the wicked, that enter into men that are alive and kill them, unless they can obtain some help against them.
Pagina 238 - Huntingdon* says he was there in 970. Florence of Worcester, Matthew of Westminster, and William of Malmesbury, say there were eight tributary kings at Chester ; but the Saxon Chronicle and Henry of Huntingdon give six as the number. In the Brut y Tywysogion (Chronicle of the Princes) we read that in the year 971 " Edgar, King of the Saxons, collected a very great fleet at Caerleon upon Usk.
Pagina 200 - ... of leuan, and that afterwards he married Gwenllian, daughter of leuan ab Howel ab Maredydd ab Howel ab Madog ab Cadwgan ab Elystan Glodrudd, Prince of Fferlis. By one or other of these three ladies Gruffydd had issue — 1, leuan of Llan Uwch Llyn and Cevn Trevlaith, in the parish of Llanstumdwy, in Eivionydd. He " lived in great credit and esteeme in the days of King Edward III, who allowed him an annual stipend for guarding and conducting of ye justice of North Wales with a companie of archers,...

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