The History of Rome, Volume 5

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S. F. Bradford, 1823

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Pagina 296 - But those who had forcibly committed personal defilements or murders, or were stained with the guilt of false evidence, counterfeit seals, forged wills, or other frauds, all these they punished with death. A greater number were executed than thrown into prison ; indeed, the multitude of men and women who suffered in both ways, was very considerable.
Pagina 285 - ... a priest of secret and nocturnal rites. These mysterious rites were, at first, imparted to a few, but afterwards communicated to great numbers, both men and women. To their religious performances were added the pleasures of wine and feasting, to allure a greater number of proselytes. When wine, lascivious discourse, night, and the intercourse of the sexes had extinguished every sentiment of modesty, then debaucheries of every kind began to be practised, as every person found at hand that sort...
Pagina 271 - Gracchus ; that the contract was accordingly executed, in due form, in the presence of this assembly ; and that Scipio, on his return home, told his wife ^Emilia, that he had concluded a match for her younger daughter : that she, feeling her female pride hurt, expressed some resentment, on not having been consulted in the disposal of their common child ; and added, that, even were he giving her to Tiberius Gracchus, her mother ought not...
Pagina 406 - To use moderation in prosperity, and not to confide too much in the calm of present circumstances, is the part of a man of prudence who deserved success. MODERATION.
Pagina 288 - ... receptacle of all kinds of debaucheries; that it was well known, that, for two years past, no one older than twenty had been initiated there. When any person was introduced, he was delivered as a victim to the priests, who led him away to a place resounding with shouts, the...
Pagina 297 - They voted that Minius Cerrinius, the Campanian, should be sent to Ardea, to be kept in custody there ; and that a caution should be given to the magistrates of that city to guard him with more than ordinary care, so as to prevent not only his escaping, but his laying violent hands on himself.
Pagina 297 - and ordering that, fi in case any person should believe some such kind of worship incumbent on him, and necessary ; and that he could not, without offence to religion, and incurring guilt, omit it, he should represent this to the city praetor, and the praetor should lay the business before the senate. If permission were granted by the senate, when not less than one hundred members were present, then he might perform those rites, provided that no more than five persons should be present at the sacrifice,...
Pagina 186 - This year als0, on the next day before the nones of June, a cross was seen in the moon, on a Wednesday, at the dawn; and afterwards, during the same year, on the third day before the calends of September, a wonderful circle was displayed about the sun. AD 807. This year was the sun eclipsed, precisely at eleven in the morning, on the seventeenth day before the calends of August. AD 812. This year died the Emperor Charlemagne, after a reign of five and forty winters; and Archbishop Wulfred...
Pagina 331 - Cato, against those whom he either expelled the senate, or degraded from the equestrian rank, but by far the most so is that against Lucius Quintius. Had he spoken, in the character of prosecutor, previous to the censure, and not in that of censor after it, not even his brother Titus, if he were his colleague, could have suffered Quintius to remain in the senate. Among other charges, he objected to him, that he had, by hopes of extraordinary presents, prevailed on Philip, a...
Pagina 341 - Besides, he had ex6 c perienced the fickle temper of Prusias, and had, for some time, dreaded the arrival of Flamininus, as an event fatal to him. Encircled by enemies on every side, in order to have always some path open for flight, he had made seven passages from his house, of which some were concealed, lest they might be invested by a guard. But the imperious government of kings suffers nothing to remain secret which they choose to discover.

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