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(Ser. VII and XIV. Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Fauna of Western India. Vol. I.

(Nur Part 1 u. 2 sind 1871 Q. 1880, die anderen beiden Theile nach 1880 erschienen. Der vollstän

dige Band trägt die Jahreszahl : 1871—1886.) Ser. XIII. Salt-Ranged Fossils. Vol. I.

(Nur Part 1 u. 2 (p. 14-183) sind 1879 u. 1880 erschienen, die übrigen 5 Theile nach 1880. Der voll

ständige Band trägt die Jahreszahl: 1887.)]
(Ser. XII.) The Fossil Flora of the Gondwana System. Vol. III. (Lower Gondwanas.) By Ottokar
Feist mantel. Calcutta (wie vorher.) MDCCCLXXXI.

XI, 64, 149 S. M. 80 Taf. u. 80 Bl. Tafelerklgn.
1. (1879): The Flora of the Talchir-Karharbari Beds; pp. 1–48, Pls. I–XXVII. -1. (Suppl. 1881.)
The Flora of the Talchir - Karharbari Beds; pp. 49–64; Pis. XXVIII—XXXI. - 2. (1880): The
Flora of the Damuda-Panchet Divisions (first half); pp. 1–77; Pls. IA — XVI A bis. 3. (1881):
The Flora of the Damuda-Panchet Divisions (Conclusion); pp. 78, 149; Pls. XVII A – XLVIIA.

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Auf dem Umschlagtitel der „Palaeontologia Indica“ werden diese Publicationen zur leichteren Übersicht in folgender Weise aufgeführt (hier nur soweit sie bis 1880 erschienen.)

Cretaceous Fauna of Southern India.

(Series I, III, V, VI, VIII.)
Vol. I. 1863-66. Vol. III. 1870–71.
II. 1867-68.

IV, 1872-73.
The Fossil Flora of the Gondwana Systom.

(Series II, XI, XII.)
Vol. I. 1863–79. Vol. III, Part 1 a. 2. 1879–80.
II, 1876–78.
Jurassic Fauna of Kutch.

(Series IX.)

Vol. I, 1873–76.
Indian Pretertiary Vertebrata.

(Series IV.)

Vol. I, Part 1—3. 1865-79.
Indian Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Vortebrata.

(Series X.)

Vol. I. 1874-80.
Tertiary a n d Upper Cretaceous Fauna.

of Western India.

(Sories VII, XIV.)
Vol. I, Part 1-2. 1871--S0.
Salt-Range Fossils.

(Series XII.)

Vol. I, Part 1-2. 1879—80. * Annual Report of the Geological Survey of India, and of the Museum of Geology,

(von Eighth year an mit dem Zusatze:) Calcutta. Fourth year, 1859—60. Twelfth
year 1867. Calcutta. Printed by F. T. Wyman, Supt. Bengal Military Orphan Press,
(von 5th year an :) by A. Dozey, Home Secretary Press; (von 8th year an:) 0. T.
Cutter, Military Orphan Press; (10th year:) Printed at the Military Orphan Press,
(von 11th year an :) Office of Superintendent Government Printing. '1860—68. 8.

Fourth year; 1859-60 : 1860. 13 S, M, 1 Karte.
Fifth year; 1860—61 : 1861. Tit., 16 S. M. 1 Karto.
For the year 1861–62 : 1862. Tit., 9 8. M. 1 Karte.

1862–63 : 1863. Tit., 12 S.
Eighth year; 1863–64 : 1864. Tit., 18 S.
Ninth 1864–65 : 1865. Tit., 18 S.
Tenth 1865–66 : 1866. Tit., 18 S.
Eleventh year; 1866–67: 1867. Tit., 13 S. M. 1 Karte.

Twelfth year; 1867 : 1868. Tit., 14 S. M. 1 Karte.
A Catalogue of Manuscript and Printed Reports, Field Books, Memoirs, Maps,

etc., of the Indian Surveys, deposited in the Map Room of the Indian Office.
Published by order of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for India in Council.
London, 1878. gr. 8. (XXI, 672 p.)
Markham, Clements R., A Memoir on the Indian Surveys. (Second Edition.) Prin-
ted by order of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for India in Council. London,
1878. 8. (XXIX, 481 p.)

Darin p. 207—235: XIV, The Geological Survey of India. *Geological Survey of Japan. Report on the second year's Progress of the Survey

of the Oil Lands of Japan. By Benjamin Smith Lyman. Tokei, published by the Public Works Department, 1878. 8. (Tit., V, 67 S.) *Geological Survey of Japan. Reports of Progress for 1878 and 1879; by Benjamin

Smith Lyman. ibid. 1879. 8. (Tit., XI, 266 S.) *Geological Survey of Hokkaido. Report of Progress of the Yesso Geological

Surveys for 1875, and seven Coal Survey, Reports, by Benjamin Smith Lyman, Chief Geologist and Mining Engineer. Tökei, Published by the Kaitakushi, 1877. 8. (IX, 211 S.)

Darin mit besonderen Titelblättern: Report of Daily Progress of the Ye880 Geological Surveys of 1875, with Comments on other matters. 1876. (p. 1–80.)

1 1 1


R oport on the Makumbets Coal Field, Shidzanai district, Hidaka Province, Ye880; accompanied

by a geological and topographical map of a rough survey. 1876. (p. 81–93.) Roport on the Sankebibai and Naile Coal Survey of 1875; accompanied by a geological and to

pographical map. 1876. (p. 95—107.) A Report on the Bibai Coal Survey of 1874 ; accompanied by a geological and topographical map

of a rough survey. (p. 109—130.) Report on the Nuppaomanai Survey of 1874; accompanied by a geological and topographical map

of the Survey and a topographical map of a line from Kawanai to the Ishcari River. (p. 131 -118.) Report on the Poronai Coal Survey; accompanied by a geological and topographical map of the

coal lands and by a topographical map and a profilo section of a survey for à rail road line to

Horumuibuto. (p. 149–168.) Report on the Ichikishiri Coal Survey of 1873; accompanied by a geological and topographical

map. (p. 169–179.) Report on the Kayanoma Coal Field; accompanied by a goological and topographical map of the

field and by a hydrographic map of the proposed barbor at Shibui. (p. 181—211.)

m. Amerika.

1. Südamerika. *Actas de la Sociedad Paleontológica de Buenos Aires fundada en el año de 1866,

y aprobada for decreto del Superior Gobierno fecha 8 de Agosto corriente. Buenos Aires, Imprento de ‘la Tribuna'. 1866. Fol. (XL S.)

(Vereinigt mit den Anales del Museo público de Buenos Aires — 8. p. 173.) *Geological Survey of British Guiana. Reports of the geological survey, taken

from the Colonist' Newspaper. December, 1869. Demerara , Printed by L. McDer

mott, 1870. 8. (Tit., 1 Bl., 166, IV S.) Reports on the Physical, Descriptive, and Economic Geology of British Guiana. By

Charles B. Brown and J. G. Sawkins. Published by order of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury. London, Printed for the Majesty's Stationery Office, and sold by Longmans, Green & Co. and Edward Stanford, 1875. large 8. (IV, 297 p., with 2 maps.)

14 s 6 d Reports on the Geology of Jamaica; or Part II. of the West Indian Survey. By

James G. Sawkins, with contributions from G. P. Wall, Lucas Barrett, Arthur Lennox and C. B. Brown. And an appendix by Robert Etheridge. (Printed separately.) Published by Order of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury. London, Printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, and sold by Longmans & Co., and Edward Stanford, 1869. (VI, 339 S., m. 7 Taf. u. 1 Karte.)

(Memoirs of the Geological Survey. Colonies 2.) Report of the Geology of Trinidad; or Part I. of the West Indian Survey. By G. P.

Wall, and J. G. Sawkins. (Printed separately.) Published by Order of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury. London, Printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, and sold by Longmans & Co., and Edward Stanford , 1860. 8. (X, 211 S., m. 4 Taf. u. 1 Karte.)

(Memoirs of the Geological Survey. (Colonies 1.)

II. British America. *Geological Survey of Canada; (1879—80: Geological and Natural History

Survey of Canada. Sir William Logan, (von 1870 an :) Alfred R. C. Selwyn, Director. Report of Progress from its commencement to 1863; for 1863 — for 1879/80. Montreal, Dawson Bros. : London, Paris, a. New York: Baillière ; (for 1863—69:} Ottawa, G. E. Derbarats; (von da an :) Dawson, Bros. : Montreal; B. Westermann & Co. : New York; Sampson, Low, Son and Marston: London; F. A. Brockhaus: Leipsic. Ballière: Paris; (for 1870–71 mit dem Zusatze:) Ottawa, Printed by I. B. Taylor; (von 1871–72 an nur:] Montreal, Dawson Brothers; (von 1874–75 an:] Published by authority of Parliament; (und von 1877—78 an wieder mit dem Zusatze:] Montreal, Dawson Brothers. 1863—1881. 8. („Up to 1860 tho Geological Reports were printed as Appendices to the Journals of the Legislative

Assombly, in English and French“.)
Geology of Canada. Report of Progress from its commencement to 1863 ; illustrated by 498 woodcuts in

the text, and accompanied by an atlas of maps and sections. Officiers of the Survey: Sir William
E. Logan, Alexander Murray, T. Storry Hunt, E. Billings. 1863. (XXVIII, 983 p.) Dontreal, 1863. Atlas.
ibid. 1865. 8. (IV, 428, Mit 13 Karten u.Profilen.) Price of the Report: cloth $5.-; Atlas : cloth $ 2,50
(„Includes the more important facts published in all the proceeding Reports“.
ist für 1842 u. 1843 und erschien 1845.)

Die französische Ausgabe hat folg. Tit. : Commission géologique du Canada. Rapport de Progròs depuis son commencement jusqu'à 1863 ;

- Der I. Bericht

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illustré de 498 gravures dans le texte, et accompagné d'un atlas de cartes et de sections. Membres do la commission géologique : Sir William E. Logan, Alexander Murray, T. Street Hunt, E. Billings. Traduit de l'anglais par ordre du gouvernement sous la direction de la commission géologique par P. J. Daroy. Montreal, Dawson frères. Londres, Paris, et New York: Baillière. 1864. (XXVII, 1043 S.)

Atlas de cartes et de coupes, avec introduction et appendice. ibid. 1865. 8. (V1, 15 S. Mit 13 Taf.
resp. Karten.)
Report of Progress, 1863–66 : 1866. (VIII, 321 p.)

Out of print.
Dasselbe französisch unter folg. Tit.:
Esploration géologique du Canada. Rapport des opérations, (Report of Progross) de 1863 à 1866. Tra-

duit de l'anglais par Emm. Blain de St. Aubin. Imprimé par ordre de Son Excellenco de Gouverneur-
Général. Ottawa, Typographie de G. E. Derbarats, 1866. (VIII, 332 S.)
Report of Progress, 1866–69. Summary of Geological Investigations by Sir W. E. Logan. Dated

1st May, 1869. Ottawa, 1869. (9 p.)
Report of Progress, 1869–70. Summary of Geological Investigations by Alfred R. C. Selwyn. Dated

2d May, 1870. Ottawa, 1870. (14 p.)
Report of Progress from 1866 to 1869 : 1870. (VI, 475 S. Mit 7 Karten u. 1 Tabelle.)

Dasselbe französisch unter folg. Tit:
Rapport géologique. Rapport des opérations de 1866 à 1869, accompagnés de cartes géologiques et to-

pographiques. Traduit de l'anglais par ordre de S. E. le Gouverneur-Général en conseil, sous la di-
rection de la commission géologique par M. E. P. Dorion, M. T. G. Coursolles, M. J. F. Gingras & M.
E. B. de St. Aubin, traducteurs français. De la Chambres dos Communes du Canada. 1871. 8. (VI S.,

1 Bl., 530 S. Mit 7 Karten u. 1 Tabelle.)
Report of Progress for 1869–70 : 1970. (14 S.)

1870–71 : 1872. (V S., 1 Bl., 351 S.)
1871–72 : 1872. (VIII S., p. 9-154. Mit 3 Taf.)
1872–73 : 1873. (X S., 1 Bl., 300 S., 1 Tabelle. M. 6 Taf. resp. Karton.)
1873–74 : 1874. (XII S., 1 Bl., 268 S. Mit 4 Taf, resp. Karton.)

1874-75 : 1876. (XIV S., 1 Bl., 319 S., 1 Tab. Mit 8 Taf. resp. Karten.)
(Von diesem Jahrgange an ist ein Vortitel vorhanden mit den Worten: Reports of exploration and

Report of Progress for 1875—76 : 1877. (XXIV S., 2 Bl., 432 S. Mit 17 Taf. u. 3 Karten.)

1876–77 : 1878. (VIII S., 1 Bl., 531 S. Mit 12 Taf., 5 Karten u. 2 Tabellen.)

1877–78 : 1879. (XX S., 1 Bl., 19 S. u. folg. je bes. pag. Abschnitte : A : 15 S.;
Ý : Ti... 1 B., 17's.; c: Tit, 1 B1, 37 S.; CC : Tit., B1, 37 ; D: t 1 B12, 13 S; DD : Tit.
1 Bl., 31 S.; E: Tit., 1 Bl., 6 S.; EE : Tit., 1 Bl., 36 S.; É : 32 S.; G: Tit., 1 B1., 50 S.; H: Tit.,

1 Bl., 14 S. Mit 16 Taf. u. 4 Karten.)
Report of Progress for 1878–79 : 1880. (X S., 1 Bl., 6 S. u. (A): 13 S.; B : Tit., 1 Bl., 239 S.; C: Tit.,

1 Bl., 12 S.; D:IV, 26 S.; H: Tit., 1 Bl., 25 S. Mit 20 Taf. u. 5 Karten.)
Report of Progress for 1879—80: 1881. (XVI S., 2 Bl., 9 S.; A : 55 S.; B : Tit., 1 Bl., 177 S; C: Tit.,

1 Bl., 113 S.; D: Tit., 1 Bl., 47 S.; F: Tit., 1 Bl., 125 S.; G : Tit., 1 Bl., 15 S.; H : Tit., 1 Bl., 21 S. Mit 19 Taf. a. 3 Karten.)

Weitere einschlägige Publicationen des Geological Survey of Canada, mit dem Kopfe : Geological

Survey of Canada. Sir W. E. Logan, Director sind:
*Figures and Descriptions of Canadian Organic Remains. Decades I-IV. Montreal,

Printed by John Lovell; (Decade II:] Montreal, Dawson Brothers; London, New
York and Paris, Baillière. 1858–65. 8.

Decade I. 1859. VI S. u. p. 7–47. Mit 10 Taf. a. 10 Bl. Tafelerklgn.
Decade II : Graptolites of the Quebec Group. By James Hall. 1865. (Tit., IV S., p. 5–151, 1 Bl.,

Mit 23 Taf. (A, B, I-XXI u. 23 Bl. Tafelerklgn.)
Decade III, 1858. VII S., p. 9–102. Mit 12 Taf. (1–X, Xbis, XI) u. 12 Bl. Tafelerklgn.

Decade IV. 1859. VI S. D. p. 7–72. Mit 10 Taf. u. 10 Bl. Tafelorklgo.
Catalogue of the Silurian Fossils of the island of Anticosti, with descriptions of
some new genera and species. By E. Billings. Montreal. 1866. (93 p.)

25 c *Palaeozoic Fossils. Vol. I. Containing descriptions and figures of new or little

known species of organic remains from the Silurian Rocks. 1861–1865. By E. Bil-
lings. Montreal, Dawson brothers. London, New York, and Paris, Baillière.
1865. gr. 8. (Tit., 1 Bl., 426 S.)
(Die 1. Portion, p. 1—24, erschien Nov. 1861. – Die 2., p. 25–56, im Januar 1862. - Die 3., p. 57–168,

im Juni 1862; die 1., p. 169—34-1, im Februar 1865; der Rest im October 1865.)
1. On some now or little-known spocies of Lower Silurian Fossils from the Potsdam Group (Primordial

Zone.) By E. Billing s. p. 1–18.
2. On some new species of Fossils from the Calciferous Chazy, Black River, and Trenton Formation.

p. 19–56. 3. On some now species of Fossils from the Quebec Group. p. 57—96. 4. New species of Fossils from different parts of the Lower, Middle and Upper Silorian Rocks of Ca

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nada. p. 96—185. 5. New species of Fossils from the limestones of the Qnebec Group from Point Lévis, and other loca

lities in Canada East. p. 185–206. 6. New species of Fossils from the Quebec Group in the northern part of Newfoundland. p. 207–300. 7. New species of Fossils from the Quebec Group in Eastern Canada, with some others previously de

scribed, and some from other formations. p. 301-338. 8. Now species of Fossils from the Calciferous Formations with Remarks on some others previously

described. p. 339-361. 9. New species of Fossils from the Quebec Group in the northern part of Newfoundland, with a fow

from the Potsdam Group. (Continued from p. 300.) p. 361–377. 10. Fossils from various Formations in the Silurian and Devonian Systems, p. 377-395. 11. Species from the Quebec Group, published in 1860. p. 395—415. List of the organic romains of the Lewis Formation. p. 416-418. Pablikationen mit dem Kopfe: Geological Survey of Canada. Alfred R. C. Selwyn, F. R. S.,

Director sind:


50 C

*Palaeozoic Fossils. Vol. II, Part I. By E. Billings. Montreal, Dawson brothers. August, 1874. (Tit., 1 Bl., 144 S. M. 10 Taf. [Pl.I-IX u. IIIa) u. 10 Bl. Tafelerklgn.)

1. Description of Fossils from the Silurian and Devonian Rocks of Gaspé. p. 1–61.
2. Descriptions of new species from the Primordial Rocks of Newfoundland. p. 64–78.
3. On the genus Stricklandia. p. 78–89.
4. Note on the structure of the Crinoidea, Cystidea and Blastoidea. p. 90—128.

5. Descriptions of Fossils from the Upper Silurian Rocks of Arisaig, Nova Scotia. p. 129–141. *Mesozoic Fossils. Vol.1. Part I. On some Invertebrates from the Coal-bearing Rocks

of the Queen Charlotte Islands, collected by Mr. James Richardson in 1872. By J. F. Whiteaves. Montreal. 1876. Large 8. (92 p., with 10 lithogr. plates and a map.)

50 c Same. Vol. I. Part II. On the Fossils of the Cretaceous Rocks of Vancouver and adjacent Islands in the Strait of Georgia. By J. F. Whiteaves. Montreal.

1879. Large (p. 93—190, with 10 lith. pl.) The Fossil Plants of the Devonian and Upper Silurian Formations of Canada; by

J. W. Dawson, Montreal, 1871. 8. (92 p., with 20 plates.) Report on the Fossil Plants of the Lower Carboniferous and Millstone-Grit For

mations of Canada; by J. W. Dawson, Montreal, 1873. 8. (47 p., with 11 płates.) Esquisse géologique du Canada, suivie d'un Catalogue descriptif de la collection de

cartes et coupes géologiques, livres imprimés, roches, fossiles et minéraux économiques envoyées à l'exposition universelle de 1867. Par T. Sterry Hunt. Paris. 1867. (72 p.)

50 c Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of the Economic Minerals of Canada , and

of its Crystalline Rocks. Sent to the London International Exhibition of 1862. Montreal, 1862. large-8. (83 p.) Canada. A Geographical, Agricultural, and Mineralogical Sketch. By T. Sterry

Hunt. Quebec, 1865. 12. (33 p.) Notes on the Gold of Eastern Canada, being a Reprint of portions of various Re

ports of the Geological Survey of Canada from 1848 to 1863. Montreal, 1864. 8. (40 p.) Report on the Canadian Gold Fields, and the best means of their development.

Quebec, 1865. 8. (126 p., with 2 maps.) Reports of Mr. A. Michel and Dr. T. Sterry II unt, on the Gold Region of Canada.

Transmitted by Sir W. E. Logan to the Hon. Commissioners of Crown Lands, Fe

bruary 14th, 1866. Montreal, 1866. 8. (72 p.) Reports on the Gold Region of the County of Hastings; by T. Sterry Hunt and A.

Michel. Transmitted by Dr. Hunt to the Hon. Commissioner of Crown Lands, Jan

nuary 29th, 1867. Montreal, 1867. 8. (11 p.) Laurentian Limestones of North America. Reprinted with additions from the Geo

logical Survey for 1863—66. By T. Sterry Hunt. 1871. 8. (54 p.) Petroleum. Its geological relations considered with especial reference to its occur

rence in Gaspé, with a geological map by R. Bell of a portion of Gaspé. By T.

Sterry Hunt. Quebec, 1865. 8. (19 p., with a map.) Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of the Economic Minerals of Canada, and

Notes on a Stratigraphical Collection of Rocks. Montreal, 1876. 8. (152 p.) Exposition universelle de 1878, à Paris. Catalogue des Minéraux, Roches et Fos

siles du Canada, avec notes descriptives et explicatives; par B. J. Harrington. Londres, 1878. 8. (134 p.) List of publications of the Geological Survey of Canada. Museum and Library:

76, St. Gabriel Street, Montreal. Alfred R. C. Selwyn, Director. Dawson Bro

thers, Publishers, Montreal, 1873. 8. (7 p.) Same. ibid. 1879. 8. (22 p.) A Preliminary Report on the Geology of New Brunswick, together with a Special

Report on the Distribution of the „Quebec Group“ in the Province; by Henry Youle

Hind. Fredericton, 1865. 8. (293 S.) Observations on the Geology of Southern New Brunswick, made principally during

the Summer of 1864, by Professor L. W. Bailey, George F. Matthew, and C. F. Hartt; made and arranged, with a Geological Nap, by L. W. Bailey. Fredericton,

1865. 8. (293 p.) Report on the Geological Structure and Mineral Resources of Prince Edward Island;

by J. W. Dawson and B. J. Harrington. Montreal, 1871. 8. (52 p., with map,

section, and 3 plates.) The Woods and Minerals of New Brunswick, being a Descriptive Catalogue of the

Trees, Shrubs, Rocks, and Minerals of the Province available for Economic Purposes. (Prepared for Centennial Exhibition, 1876.) By L. W. Bailey and Edward Jack. Fredericton, 1876. 18. (51 p.)

(Von 1867 an sind die Surveys von New Brunswick eingeschlossen in Geological Survey of Canada.)

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*Geological Survey of New Foundland. Alexander Murray, Director; James P. Howley, Assistant. London, Edward Stanford, 1881. gr. 8. (Weil die ersten Reports out of print“ sind, hat Murray alles, was von dem Geological Survey bis

dohin publicirt ist, in einem Bando noclimals herausgegeben unter obigem Titel. Die Berichte be

ginnen 1864 und sind jedes Jahr erschienen.)
Report for 1864, upon the Geology of the Eastern Coast of the Great Northern Peninsula, and portions

of Hall's Bay, Notre Dame Bay, and White Bay.
1865; being a Narrative of Exploration from the Eastern to the Western Shores of the Is-
land, by the Valley of the Indian Brook Halls Bay; and thence by the Grand Pond and Tri.
butaries to St. George's Bay.
1866. Surveys of the Codroy and Humber Rivers. Notes on the Carboniferous Rocks of
St. George's Bay and Central Country.
1867. Report of Tilt Cove and the neighbouring Country, on North Shore of Notre Dame
Bay; with a Description of the Union Mine, etc.
1869. Distribution of the Formations in the Peninsula of Avalon, with Sections; and ac-
count of the economic substances, etc.; also a measured section of the carboniferous rocks
on the Western Coast, between the Great and Little Codroy Rivers.
1869,- Copper Lodes of Bonavista Bay, Survey of Terra Nova River. Mr. James P. Howley
appointed Assistant Geologist. His Report on Coast of Trinity, Placentia, and St. Mary's
Pay, etc. Excursion up Bay East River.
1870. - Survey of Bay East River. Mr. Howley's Examination of sundry parts of the Coast.
1875. - Survey of the Upper Waters of the Exploits River. Mineral and other Resources in
Notre Dame Bay, etc.
1879. – Boring Operations near the Grand Pond. Survey of the West Branch of the Humber

River, etc.
Special Report upon the Discovery of Gold near Brigue, Conception Bay, dated October 8th, 1880.

Für die im Voranstehenden fehlenden Jahresberichte folgen die Originalberichte: * Report on the Geology, (von 1867 an :) upon the Geology of Newfoundland, (von

1873 an:) Report of Progress upon the Geological Survey of Newfoundland, for
1865 — for the year 1878. By Alexander Murray, Montreal, (von 1873 au steht
auf dem Titel als Kopf: Geological Survey of Newfoundland. Alexander Murray,
Director (von 1875 an mit dem Zusatze: James P. Howley , Assistant.]) St. John's,
N. F. Courier' Print, (for 1873 :) Printed by order of the Honorable Legislative
Council. Montreal, Dawson Brothers, (for 1874 :) St. John's, Newfoundland, Robert
Winter, Printer; (for 1876 a. 1877:) Ordered by the Honorable House of Assembly
to be printed. St. John's, Newfoundland, Robert Winter Printer; (for 1878 statt
des letzteren :) 'Morning Chronicle' Print. 1872–1879. 8.
For 1865. With a Prefatory Report and an Appendix by Sir W. E. Logan. 1865. (46 S.m. 1 Karte.)

the year 1867 : 1868. 34 S.
1869 : 1868. 69 S.
the year 1869 : 1870. 35 S.

1870 : 1870. 51S. 1 Zettel: Errata.
1871 : 1872. 46 S. u. 1 Zettel: Errata.
1872 : 1873. 34 S.
1873 : 1873. 47 S., 1 Bl. Errata. M. 1 Karte.
(Eine andere Ausgabe ohne Karte: printod at St. John's 1873. 96 S. Eine dritte Aus-

gabe: St. John's, 1874. 78 S. m. Karte.)
1874 : 1875. 74 S. 14/2 BI, M. 2 Karten.
1875 : 1976. 22 S. (Eine andere Ausgabe: St. Jolin's, 1875. 17 S.)

(Eine andere Ausgabe : St. John's, 1975. 68 S.)
1876 : 1877. 63 S., 1 Zettel: Errata.
1877 : 1878. 13 S., 1 Zettel: Errata.

1878 : 1879. 56 S.
Report of Geological Exploration in Port-a Port and St. Georges Bays by Ja-

mes P. Howley. Addressed to Alexander Murray, Director of the Geological Survey. St. John's, N. F. 1874. in: Rep. of Progress Geol. Survey of New

foundland for 1874. (1875.) p. 27–74. Report on Geological Survey of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. By David Honeyman. Halifax, 1864. Fol. 17 S.)

(Legislative Document.) Report on Minerals collected by D. Honeyman. [By H. H o w.] Halifax, 1865. Fol. (4 p.)

(Legislative Document.) The Gold - Region of Nova Scotia. Report of T. Sterry Hunt, addressed to Sir W.

E. Logan. Ottawa, 1868. large-8. (48 p.) The Mineralogy of Nova Scotia, a Report to the Provincial Government; by

Henry How. Halifax, 1869. 8. (VI, 217 p.) Report on the Waverly Gold District; with Geological Maps and Sections; by

Henry Youle Hind. Halifax, 1869. 8. (62 p., with map.) Report on the Sherbrooke Gold District, together with a Paper on the Gneisses of

Nova Scotia, and an Abstract of a Paper on Gold Mining in Nova Scotia; by Henry Youle Hind. Halifax, 1870. 8. (79, with 4 maps.)

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