Disability Discourse

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Mairian Corker, Sally French
Open University Press, 1999 - 226 pagine
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Why has 'the discursive turn' been sidelined in the development of a social theory of disability, and what has been the result of this? How might a social theory of disability which fully incorporates the multidimensional and multifunctional role of language be described? What would such a theory contribute to a more inclusive understanding of 'discourse' and 'culture'? Drawing upon personal narratives, rhetoric, material discourse, discourse analysis, cultural representation, ethnography and contextual studies, international contributors seek to emphasize the multidimensional and multifunctional nature of disability language in an attempt to further inform our understanding of disability and to locate disability more firmly within contemporary mainstream social and cultural theory.

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Director Deafsearch

Johh Swain is Reader in Disability Studies and Principal Lecturer in Research, in the Faculty of Health, Social Work and Education at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Sally French is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at King Alfred's College of Higher Education, London.
Colin Cameron is a freelance disability equality trainer and consultant, providing training and teaching for organizations in south east Scotland, including Lothian Centre for Integrated Living, the City of Edinburgh Social Work Department and the University of Edinburgh.

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