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beat amidst religious villanies and impostare "Y would not give the ennp of my finger for a man

“ It is a fact, that there are more Atheisis, wlto profes.ed atheism simply because he was dis. and Infidels of all kinds, in Roman l'atholic gated with religions villanies. What Atheist states, where religion is so well priarded, than attempts to show reason for disbelief in a god from in England.".

"* Yes, it is a fact, a wr! the follies and knaverips of religions--except it be the god connectel with any particular religion? known fact, that even in papæl Pome, the What has the hideuns ud anomalous monsters seat and centre of the grand wiperstition, belonging to most religious systems to do with the there are more Atheists, especially amongst gorerning principle, porcer, or being contended for the priestbood, than in any other city in by philo ophers? This latter is what the Atheist loves to battle with."-Orucle, No. 83, p. 272.

Europe. How is this? Simply because the There is an old saying, rather clumsy to be priests, being behind the scenes are better sure, but very expressise, which suks, when acquainted with the villanios ” of super.

your opponent has got hold of the wrong stition than ether men, they are therefore end of the argument. “ give him rope enough disgusted with these vilianies, and conse me will hang himself." Now, I cannot help quently become Atheists in respect to the goud but thivk that this is the case with some of which they bold up to the people, although our modern Atheists. They have commen. they wink at the imposture because it bringe ced a very strong attack-1pon what?

grist to the mill.' It by no means follows, Upon god, to be sure. Well, but god is an however, because they are Atheists to the idea dwelling in the mind of man.

The Jehovah of the Jews, that, therefore, they idlea of god is a moral and not a physical illeu. deny the existence of "the governing prina Suppose the Atheist could prove (which he ciple, power, or being contended for by phia cannot) that there is no such physical exist. lusophers." The idea of god with which, v ence in the universe as the being called ged: are told, the Atheist loçes 10 hattle. what then? Häs he proved his case? no;

Let us try to uuderstand each other; wha! because, as has been said, the idea of god is idea does W. C. and other writers in the a moral and not a physical idea.

Oracle intend to convey to the mind of the No man has been god at any time." reader by the terin Atheist ? Does he desire This is true; not because the jew.Book to designate by that term a man who rejects says so; it is true in itself: no man has had the notion of the existence of a local or a perfect conception of god at any time. national god, called Jupiter, Jehorah, Buda, But all men, at all times, have had some Brahma, A Hah, or any other merely local of

conception of god, however inadequate. All national title? If the man who rejects any men of reflecting minds have conceived the one or all of these gods be an Atheist, ** 'existence of á "governing principle, power,

sball find in all countries Atheists as pleuti ur being;"' who, or which, rules the universe,

ful as blackberries. But if by the term This, according to the Oracle, is the idea Atheist, it is iytended tu designate a mau with which Atheists wish to contend. This who denies the existence of “ the governing latter is what the Atheist loves to battle with. principle, power, or being contended for byl Well, as they have chosen the higher ground, philosophers,'' we shall find, I think, that, det us see how they maintain their position. the Atheists are few and far between. Before I proceed: it is incumbent upon me to

If the Atheist lores tu battle with the idea say, that under the present circumstances of of a governing principle, power, or beinypersecution, it is very disagreeable to me, i or, as it is expressed by Robert Owen, moight, indeed, say painful, to attack the power, or powers which direets the atom and opinions advanced in the Oracle.

controls the aggregate of nature," then lel can depreciate prosecution for mere opinion him keep the philosophic idea of god beform more severely than I do (although I am very his mind's eye, and battle away with it as well aware that opinions lead to action), and long as he will; he will find plenty of honist I am fully convinced that the legal prose opponents, amongst whom i myself protene cution of atheism is nothing more or less to be one; but, if the philosophic idea of 'than persecution ; and further, I ain con.

god is to be continually mixed up with the vinced that the ignorant and bigotted per: Mohamedans, Hiudoos, and other local of

superstitious notious of Jews, Christiaus, secutors of atheisin 'arè (although ignorantiy) the best friends of the doctrine. Atheisin is national notions, until the whole has become a negative doctrive, it is too cold to live so confused and jumbled together that there without persecution.

are no means of knowing distinctly what W. C. who writes so elaborately in defence object or idea the Atheist is attacking, ! of atheis'n, says he would not give the snap must say that I, for one, have no desire to of his finger for a man who professed atheism enter into the rambling sort of controversy simply because he was disgusted with religious that must necessarily arise from such a vague villanies. I am afraid if this class be given and indefinite mode of attack. I am ready up there will be very few lelt. Does not

to defend the idea of a governing principio W. C. know that atheism always flourishes power, or being, which I would call god, la


No man

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calise that name is as good as any other, Dot believe this, if they drive thought upon its con but I have no desire to take up the cause

tents. Oh yes, the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,

Lot, Onan, David, Solomon, and a host of others, of the strange character described in the

are "all pura, all sincere!' what dolts Intidel bible under the name of Jehovah. I leave must be not tó bave discovered the purity of these that task to those who worship him. There things before dow! “Nothing too much, nothing

- forsooth! and everrone who mderstands are plenty of them, both Jews and Christians, the subject snitting that tire translation is diskw wild as Mohamedans. I should be willing figured by blunders fro:n brzinuing to end, and to enter into a friendly controversy with any

whilst a new edition of the bible in advertised as cunAtheist who loves to battle with the idea of taining !!co trenesu ni emendutins, yes, two thousand

einendations. This is what ROBERT TAYLOR " the governing principle, power or being would call the god-help-me-plight of divine revelarontended for by philosophers," and who tion. Locke was a Unitarian, and according to the will keep strictly to that idea without mixing jection of the trivity; how then can the orthodox

inorent im hell for his reit up with extraneous ideas derived from quote him as an authority in religiuus matiers? the other sources; but if all the extravagant no

idea is absurd. tions of supersuitionists, ancient and modern, his language should ran thus! I am of opinion that

I entirely dissent from the option of Sir W. Jones, foreign and domestic, are to be jumbled the coluinė, independent of its doubtful origin, contogether and mixed with the philosophic tains less sublimity, less pure morality, and more dea of a governing principle called god, then unimportant luistory, and fewer struins of eloquence, I would beg to decline entering upon the whatever langunge it may have been written. Well

than can be found in any book of the same size in question, inasınuch, as from the vature of the might Dr. Watt's write that the major part of the case, the controversy must end in iz inere

Christian world can scarce give any reason why they

believe the bible to b. the word of god, except that wrungle, leadiug to no profitable result.

they always did believe it, and had been taught so T. S. MACKINTOSH. froin their infancy; well might the poet exclaim : • Priestly.

Many a one owes to his country his religion,

And'in annther would as strongly grow, CHRISTIAN IGNORANCE OF THE Had but his nurse or mother taught hini yo. CONTENTS OF THE BIBLE.

The priest continues what the nurse began,

And thas the child imposes on the man. To the Editor of the Oracle of Reason.

The three authors above quoted are in the right and (Contluded.)

will be so till human beings dare to think for them. It is time for Christians to abandon the “ witch selves. burier" as an authority in matters of religion, if they

Now, Mr. Editor, if such men as Bacon, Selden, wish their system to be respected in the nineteenth Milton, Hale, Boyle, Locke, and Jones could beligie century. Certainly no one with a grain of sense will the Christian religion on such slender grounds ! hace confidence in Sir Matthew Hale's stateinent, have shown they did, what must be the case with That there is no book like the bible for wisdom, the vast majority of that 180,000,000 who are said to learning, and use. This statement is positively believe in the Christian system? The fact is, they adhurd; what portion of modern kuowledge has been

know little more of the reul origin, history, and evidrawn from the bible? None, absolntely none; on

dences of christianity, than the African savages; the other hand, it has been the greatest obstacle to

they know little more of their own system than young the diffusion of knowledge, and is so at the prezent children; and not half so much as Infidels generally moment; in the hands of the priests it has ever been do, and yet they have the etfrontery to talk of the the means of keeping the people

in a state of igno- ignorance of the Intidel portion of society of the con. rance. They well know that ay the einpire of know:

tents of the bible. Intidels reject the Jew.Book beledge extends the empire of faith will decline, and cause they have thought on its contents ; the Christtherefore oppose the diffusion of the one to preserve

ians believe in it with an unthinking belief It is imthe existence of the other.

possible for any one to read the old book with a The fifth anthor quoted is that of Boyle ; his state philosophic inind, and not discover its gross detects, ment as to the value of the bible may pass for what both in principle and detail, and yet it is tanght as it is worth ; none but a mind religiously insane could containing a system capable of removing all our have uttered or penned such a sentence, and those evils in the present, and protecting 118 again-tothers who have qnoted it in the tract conld be but little in the future ; those who oppose it are considered better, for if they knew anything about the matter the worst enemies of society, as individuals worthy they must know that it is absurdly false.

of any amount of slander and persecution in this The respectable

anthority of Locke is next on the world, and in the world which is always to come lixt, who informs us that, it has god for its anchor, dammation everlasting. If Christians could proce Falvation for its end," &c. The law has said in the the truth of their system by argnment, they would case of SOUTHWELL that we must not consider it not resort to the devil to help them out of the dilemthe “ outponrings of some devil ;" it is fortunate for ma; they ought to know that suygesting motives to the gospel that the law has said so, or truth might the will can never carry conviction to the under tall a different tale. Had Locke said it had damna- standing; that the fear of hell niay succeed in crushtion for its end, he would have been much nearer the ing the activity of timid minds, but never

make thein truth, for the doctrine of dainnation for the majority efficient defenders of their system. There is one of the human race, is one of the leading features of great consolation for those who oppose Christian systein.

If the bible is "truth without any mix theology - that its progress in this country has ture of error," it is somewhat strange that its doc. ceased; nay more, that it is in a declining state, trines have had to strngyle with science for so many Christians themselves being the judges. Let us then,

years; and it is somewhat strange too that one and all, continue our exertions, and our efforts Christians have not yet decided what is truth among will be crowned with succe13; truth is mighty and themselves; after several hundred years of contro- will prevail. Yours, in the cause,

J. C.F. merry, they have not yet decided 'what the bible teaches. The understanding of the anthor of the

NOW READY. on the human understanding," innst have A Plain Answer to the Query, Ought there to be a heen in a very sorry state when he could say of the Lar against Blasphemy?' By C. SOUTHWELL, NOW Jew.Book it is all pure, all sincere, nothing too in Bristol Guol. Price Threepence. - This work much, nothing wanting. Christians themselyes can. I should be universally read.




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ANTI.PERSECUTION UNION. the disproof of the affirmative in a clear light, I

quote it :-"There is or is not a being in the moon 8, Holyre l-street, Strand. formed of cheese, who sometimes doth carry his head THE SUBSCRIPTIONS now proceed with much under his arm, and at another with it doth play at greater vigonr, but have not sufficed to meet the foot-ball. Mr. Goddite do you believe in the existence recent heavy expenses; a very slight contribution of such a being merely because I have said that he from each of the friends of the canse, with a little in- exists; and do you, according to the rules of logic, creased exertion from our active supporters will se.

feel bonnd to prove there is no such being : do you cure an amonnt adequate to the occasion. It will intend taking the first opportanity of a trip to the be recollected that assistance, in order to be effectual, moon, and placing yourself still further under ite Must be permanent, or continued as long as the oc- intluence, to prove the negation? If you do, you are casion shall subsist, or the unjust laws shall continue the most wonderful logician, I ever heard of, and to operate. We must be fortified against future as quite, I grant you, beyond my comprehension; and saults, by preconcerted measures, not remain un


you do not mean to attempt the proof of this thes prepared till the moment of attack. With this view gation, what effrontery you must have to request me the periodical snbscriptions were determined on; the to prove the negation to an affirmative of yours. You collectors organised , and the books, &c. arranged can revel amid yonr syllogisms and sophisms, but accordingly.

pure induction, the only idol an Atheist logician Bias, The LONDON COLLECTOR$ may now have copies is neither with yon nor of you."

Wic. of the address of the Union for distribution.

T. P. in type, shall appear in our next. Those Collectors who are willing to employ them. selves actively in other circles than those of their

SUBSCRIPTIONS. immediate friends, may, by applying, at the oflice, For the Defence of Messrs. Southwell, Holyoake, &c, receive the addresses of New Subscribers. If they write, let them send name, address, and district in London, Alexander Campbell

t0 which they collect, or which best suits their conve- Collected at Whitechapel, per Mr. Harrison i 18 nience.

Brighton, Mr. M*Cullagh..

8 6 Those DESTROUS of ASSISTING by periodical sub- A Few Friends, per S.S.

1 6 scriptions, to whom application has not been made, At Rotunda will please to transmit name (or initial) and address Collector, No. 26 to the secretary:. They can be called on annually,


0 60 quarterly, inonthly, or weekly, as most convenient,


0 12 % and for any sum as small as a penny a week.


5 71 COUNTRY COLLECTORS are requested to remit


4 S immediately all sums by post office order, amount


0 13 6 ing to 10g. or upwards.


018 An urgent request is made to the Collectors and


0 1 91 all friends of the cause, to remit, without delay all


0 the funds they can command. Nou is the time when

( 2 6 assistance is most needed. The poor friends of


0 2 6 liberty have come forward with alacrity to the ex


3 1 tent of their means. The Committee, and indeed


0 2 6 the most active working friends have greatly drained


4.2 their purses. The comfortable advocates of free dig.


011 cussion, those who approve of us from their easy Theta

0 2 6 chairs, are expected to put themselves about" to Mr. Tobin

0 1 0 the extent of a few remittances. It is too bad for the Miss Rolfe

0 10 bold and free both to fight and pay.

R. Jeffreys, Miss Wade

0 1 0 London, M. RYALL, Gen. Sec. From an Admirer of the Moral Writings of H. C. Jennings, Chelsea

2 6 NOTICE.- The Collectors are requested to attend at London.

M. RYALL, Sec. the Rotunda Coffee - room, Blackfriars - road, on Sunday evening next, the 21st inst., after the Lecture, Per Mr. Farn

0 2 0 to pay in what sums they may have collected. The John Harrison, per card

0 30 Secretary and one of the Committee will be in attend- Birmingham. E. NICHOLLS, Proo, Se.

ance from 8 till 10 o'clock. Those who cannot conveniently attend on Sunday, the Science," read Macclesfield.

ERRATUM.-In No. 32, for “ Rochdale Hall of 21st, will take notice the same parties will be in at. tendance at the same time and place on the following Sunday, the 28th inst.

Now Publishing, in Numbers, at ld. each,


YAHOO! kindness, his wishes shall be complied with. He is With numerous ADDITIONS by the Author, also informed that the additions to his work have been placed in the hands of the publisher, who will pay every attention to them. Would there be any

HOLYOAKE'S TRIAL. objection to the “Squib” being published at the

On Saturday, Sept. 3, in conjunction with the end of the “ Yahoo ? ut THETA.-The last few months have witnessed itself, will be published the First Number of G. J.

Oracle, but so as to be separated and bonnd up by changes of so much importance in the society complained of, and the eyes of the blind therein having PHEMY. Specially Reported. Price ld.

HOLYOAKE'S TRIAL, at Gloucester, for BLASbeen opened to the fallibility of parties hitherto considered otherwise, that to attack it as formerly when its disease was at its height, would savour more of Printed and Published by G. J. HOLYOAKE, No. 8, malice than love, which latter has hitherto been the Holywell-street, Strand, London, ind Sold by all ruling principle with us. I have reasons for believ- Liberal Booksellers. Agent for Bristol, J.Chappel, ing that the heads of the body give us every credit News Agent, Narrow Wine-streot; Macclestield, for our efforts--we never expected to convince the Mr. Roche, Hall of Science; Barnsley, Mr. Thos. multitude, that must be the work of after ages; we Lingard, New-street; Preston, Jas. Drunimond, shall plough, our children will reap.. “ Theta," in 112, Friar-gate. the following extract, having placed the question of

Saturday, August 20, 1842.

0 0

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Or, Philosophy Vindicates.



Originally Edited by CHARLES SOUTHWELL, sentenced, on January 15, 1812,

to Treelde Months' Imprisonment in Bristol Gaol, and to pay a fine of £100, DBLE. No. No. 36.] Now Eliteden &.9.HOLYOAKE, sentencel, on August 13, 1842

, to Sir Months [Price 20. Imprisonment in Gloucester Guo!, for Blasphemy, at Cheltenham.




God is always, and the son is always; the same time the father, the same time the

The son co-exists with god unbegot" What inspiration glows in every line ; Ahy 'gat Iky! isn't that divine ?

tenly, being ever begotten, being unbegottenly Then Iky begat Jacob ; Jacob Joe;'

begotten, And Joe begat-read scripture and you'll know."'--Yahoo.

For which piece of practical infor

mation, the lord in his mercy be Such is a fair summary of no incon- praised. siderable portion of that sacred fustian, Please to remember that Arius was which because called divine, inspired, guilty of blasphemy for denying this, &c. is gulpbed down by the unthink- as likely enough I am for doubting it

. ing and priestridden multitude as the Is the book loved for its morality ? most sublime and wonderful truth Its moral teaching? Its salutary adthat eye can see, ear hear, or mind vice to the young

? I venture to say, conceive.

and hope the attorney-general will A doctor has been defined as a man not dispute it with me, that “Jolly who writes prescriptions until the Nose" was a saint to Solomon, and patient either dies or is cured by na- “Nix my dolly pals fake away,” a ture. So of the bible, it supplies rules moral composition compared with his of thought and conduct until reason songs. sinks, utterly sinks under its influence I can understand why bishops call or rises in rebellion against it. this holy; can comprehend why law

If without common-place hyperbole yers affect a sacred reverence for its one circumstance may be called more contents; and why Socialists someextravagant than another in these times talk of the true christianity it godly times, it is that all sorts of men contains; but why such a man as join in enlogising this book as a pa- W.J. Fox, who reasons so peerlessly ragon of, truly, “god knows what," on human sentiments and character, for unless he does no one else can tell. who profoundly analyses the springs

Is it from policy, to hold the vulgar of the loftiest morality, and stands in priestly chains? Is it from ex- alone the “Socrates of his age,” how pediency, to curry favor with respect-such a man can call the bible a “gloables? Is it from cant, to cover guilt ? rious book," I never could compre('an it be from the intrinsic excellence hend. Such ways to me, like the alof this ever-blessed Jew-Book ? Take mighty's, are past finding out. the following, as a small minute frac- But has not the time arrived when tional, doubly diluted, diminished, re- the matter touching this said book fined, and distilled specimen of the may be duly investigated, and its intellectual and invaluable facts evolv- heavenly beauties fairly revelled in ? ed from it by that sagacious genius The ancient Gnostics were, history the Bishop of Alexandria :

records, as free in their strictures on the bible as the modern Infidels. I quitted on the ground of Wooler and believe we are much inferior to the Hone. To the judge and jury I do Gnostics in our comments on the ko- not impute any other vice than that ran of the Christians.

of their religion. In that their vice The bible is said to be incorpora- was strong. They were precisely ted into our common-law—the law such men as the evangelist described can be discussed, ergo, the bible can. exclaiming to the saviour,

" He hath Mr. SOUTHWELL called the bible a spoken blasphemy! he' is worthy of revoltingly odious Jew production-death-away with him, crucify him!" the idol of all sorts of blockheads, the In Holyoake I saw the saviour before glory of knaves, the disgust of wise the judgment seat of Pilate the Archer: men, and some other things equally Bartram, the witness, was Judas Iscajust and equally true. Priests cried riot; Erskine, the judge, Pilate, more out this is all mere assertion, and next bigoted, less reasoning, and less hutook care to lodge him in gaol to mane than the Roman governor; the prevent him adducing the proof. jury, with the wigged counsellor at

I hope to remedy this necessiry their head, were the Jews, infuriately deficiency, and proceed with an in- crying in ignorance of the truth and quiry into the grounds on which Mr. virtue of the saviour, Away with such S. asserted what we have seen. In a pestilent fellow, crucify him! the mean time, for the consolation of I am proud of calling Holyoake my the godly, for whom I own a daily friend, and of ranking among his increasing affection, I admit that the friends. His imprisonment for six bible is “a lamp to our feet and a months will be his honour, and the light to our paths,” but as Cowper queen's disgrace. Willingly would says

I have his imprisonment, to carry out 'Tis such a light as putrefaction breeds

the good he has done. Agitate I will In fly-blown flesh, whereon the magot feeds; this neighbourhood for some time to Shines in the dark, but ushered into day, come, and proclaim and prove HolyThe stench remains, the lustre dies away. oake the Christian and his persect

G. J. H.

tors the Infidels. This is my gain in

knowledge of the principles of trath TRIAL FOR BLASPHEMY.

as laid down in the bible. I have To the Editor of the Oracle of Reason.

discovered in the understanding Gloucester, Aug. 16, 1842. of those truths that such men as SIR.-I was present in the court, yes- Holyoake and myself have been the terday, to witness what I shall de- Christians, and our persecutors vile scribe as the mock trial of GEORGE Infidels of the most vicious and worst Jacob HOLYOAKE. He was heard description of character — idolators to the full in his truly Christian de- without reason; Atheists without the fence; both judge and jury would, true god; politicians without righteif they could, have suppressed every ous principle; professing moralists word of it. They listened with evi- without morals ! dent pain to the beautiful strain and I every day feel that I have made flow of his noble and ennobling sen- myself a tower of strength against timents, through nine hours. It was the enemy of man in adopting this a proud day in the record of my life. course. I sacrifice no principles of I heard WOOLER and Hone defend my past life; I


them out only themselves successfully, in 1817; with the truer nomenclature of my but I would prefer to be declared ignorant enemies ; I giving a reason guilty with Holyoake to being ac- for so doing in history and the ety

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