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tality of the baman soul. These, like their proto. | gion and to humanity. The false-hearted types on the pantomimic stage, have played their writer of that notice knew full well that it tricks too long at man's expense, to live in harmony was not for Mrs. Adams's sustenance alone with him in the new state of existence to which he that the sum of 9s. was granted, but for the is fast hastening. They have too long, like their support of herself, her five children, and of symbol in the pantomimic, made sport of their vic

another boy, who, being berest of his parents, tim, they have robbed, insulted, and abused him beyond the point of human endurance. They have Does this “friend of the poor

was taken by Adams under his protection. decoyed him with their heavenly bait into a labyrinth there was any squandering of the people's

think that of error, and have scourged him for obtaining the clue with which to extricate himself from their money in the allowance of twoPENCE per

His toils. They have dogged his every step with perse. day for the support of each of these ? vering malignancy, they have brought into play remarks about the allowance given to others every frightful engine of terror their malice could have nothing to do with the question. If he devise to arrest his course, but despite their every

can produce any case in which the guardians effort man has held steadily on his way, and aided | have not allowed sufficient, let the matter be by the lamp of reason he is beginning to emerge properly inrestigated, but let each case be from the gloomy shades of superstitious ignorance judged on its own merits. It should be reinto the bright meridian day of enlightened scientific membered that what is called full out-door knowledge. He is fast outstripping the persecuting relief is 2s. 6d. a week for each person. The enemy of human progress, he will no longer be de- insinuations against the gentlemen who proluded by the priestly promises of prospective reposed and seconded the grant are too conwards, nor dread the threatening of priestly panish. temptible to be noticed. That scribe should ment, firm in the conviction that human means

recollect that it is only a few weeks since he will work out human redemption he will attend to

had to eat his own words in respect to a. the dictates of human reason to enable him to ac-similar insinuation made against one of them. complish so desirable an end.

There is one thing we rejoice to know. This

is not the effusion of a fanatic, but of an

hireling. The “tender mercies” of a bigot

are cruelty itself, but what are they to be (From the Cheltenham Free Press.)

compared to those of a sycophant, who We should have thought that when the thinks that persecution will be pleasing to "gentlemen ” of the Chronicle had entrapped his patron ? a poor man into selling an illegal pamphlet, and safely housed him for a month in Glou

“We have seen slavery and ignorance cester gaol for that offence, they would have blasting under the guidance of priestly pested satisfied. But we were mistaken in hands, millions upon millions of our race, our anticipations. Such tigers are not so easily satiated. One of that respectable fra- of the earth. We have listened to sighs and

and making melancholy the fairest portions ternity thus vented his spleen last Thursday against those gentlemen who stepped forward

the dropping of tears, to the voice of despair, to rescue from starvation those persons who

aud the agonies of torture and death; we were accustomed to depend upon Adams for wasted to skeletons with the years of their

have entered dungeons, and found captives support:

solitary endurance; we have listened to their A correspondent, singing himself“ J.B." wishes to faint whispers, and have found that they be informed who the guardians were that proposed 98.

uttered the cruelties of priests. We have & week to Adams's wife? We have no method of agcertaining the precise fact, but if our memory be cor

stumbled upon midnight tribunals, and seen rect, we believe the Free Press annonnced that it was

men stretched upon racks, torn piecemeal the act of Mr. Hollis and J. Nash Belcher, Esq. We

with fiery pincers, or plunged into endless decline inserting our correspondent's letter, because darkness by the lancing of their eyes. And no good can result from its publicity. The time of upon asking whose actions were these.we imprisonment was but for one month, we therefore

were answered “The PRIESTS.'"-Howitt, question if these liberal guardians will attempt to continue the payment after Adams's release. If they

SUBSCRIPTIONS. do, " fair play" must be the result. We see no

For the Anti- Persecution Union. reason why these guardians of the publie purse Two Members of National Association 0 1 0 should award 9s. 2 week to persons who deny the Collector, 26 existence of a god, while those who believe there is Trowbridge, per W. Rose en almighty ruler, are doomed to subsist upon a

Wolvert on, per Mr. Johnson paltry 29. 6d., and in some instances upon 18. a

Mr. Mc Neil, Glasgow

Braintree, a few Friends week. Well may our correspondent exclaim, “Oh! Mr. Birch.. shame, ye guardians of the publie purse!”


Collector Well may christianity blush for the deeds


M. RYALL, Sec. dope in her dame, when professors of her

Miss Roulfe, London, per card

0 2 6 holy faith exhibit a spirit so opposed to reli. Birmingham,

E. NICHOLLS, Sec, 351


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interspersed, in which the most dogged öbe A SMALL periodical of this title is monthly jections urged against vegetable, as opposed issued, and certainly few papers extant can

to animal eating, arise from persons who boast of healthier tones of thought. It is im- cannot but think it strange that an infipossible to rise from its perusal without pros- nitely wise creator should permit his creapect of the accession of physical, and certain tures so universally to feed more or less ou acquisition of moral strength. its pages are desh, if it were unnecessary to health." One quite refreshing. Seen through the glasses clever genius conteuds thit vegetable eating of the Healthien, 'apples appear temptingly

would make us run counter to the very blooming as when they hung in Eden's fabled first command in scripture, and as it were gardens; water, pure as the sea gem, and of fly in the face of god himself.” As illuck a more dclicious gout than the oft sung nectar would have it, the editor has a scripture and of the gods.

god of his own to support, and so can never The work is devoted to the advocacy of meet these objections of the goddists; and simplicity in diet, not from selfish but philo. it is only by evasion, or a species of intelsophical considerations, until the conclusion lectual cajolery quite unworthy the cause is forced upon the reader, that if the food and disgraceful to the general sounduess of recommended be but'half as nutritious as its the reasoning employed, that the Pytha. theory seems reasonable, henceforth none gorean supports his position. When the other should be eaten.

objector cries “ we must not run counter to The cardinal idea dwelt upon, is the in the first command in scripture and fly in valuable one of self-reform; which strongly god's face,” instead of finding all relerences recommends itself to the readers of the to scriptures and gods boldly set aside, and Oracle : for they who aim at pouring cleans. the question debated on its true grounds, ing streams through the augean stables of health and utility, the reply is,

“ whoever religio:!, would wisely, if not already done, dares to disobey god or his commands, most eat a few refreshing sluices in the direction expect to experience the paiusul consequenof home. He would be a bold man who ces, which are as sure as the commission of should essay to correct the vices of the age,

the disobedient act." This answer, if ho. but any one may take the vext bold step to nestly made, confirms the objectious it was it, viz., that of refusing in his conduct to intended to refute. But tlie editor's god is imitaté them. He may be an enthusiast good or love, or some other conception; who expects to reform mankind, but he fails and this dissembling being unremarked by in his first and most important duty who the opponent, there follows a contemptible neglects to reform himselt. Great men are triumph of religious legerdemain. All this often the slaves of little vices. As that is utterly unworthy of the noble subject discharity which is worth anything must begin cussed, and it is gratifying to find such subat home, so must that reform which is to be terfuges nowhere employed except where repotent and permanent. It is unfortunately ligion is iu the way. Disingenuousness bea well-founded reproach that political reform- longs only to the gods. G. J. H. ers appear better managers of the state than of their own households. I have little Dialogue between a Chartist Prisoner and the Chaplama

of the Prison. faith in that love of all mankind which en

Chaplain-What is your name? Prisoner-A.B. ables its possessor to neglect that portion Chaplain-How old are you? Prisoner-Thirty-one. having the strongest and holiest claims upon Chaplain-What is your religion?

Prisoner--None! I know it to be an abominable him, Private corruption is no argument and disgusting imposition upon the credulity of inan. against public reformation, but an insupera- kind: Chuplain-Get away! get away! I'll not ble obstacle in the way of its perfection. hear another word. Individual accelerates general amendment. said he had been and asked the governor's leave for

Next day the chaplain called on the prisoner and And as of all policy, that is most sound the prisoner to stay away from chapel. which secures the greatest immediate benefit Prisoner-Very well! I have heard plenty of without endangering the chances of future your doctrines.

Exit Chaplain. good; so is self-reform, of all others, the

A Few Friends at the Hall of Science, Worcester, most valuable, since it is immediately bene.

per Mr. Allen, for the assistance of Southwell. ficial to the individual, and forms the only Holyoake, &c., 9s. secure foundation of permanent public im- Printed and Published by Thomas PATERSON, provement. Considerations of this useful No. 8, Holywell-street, Strand, London, to whom kind are discussed in the pages of the

all Communications should be addressed.- Agent Healthian, and supported on THE WHOLE

for Sheflield, George Julian Harney, Bookseller, with sound and healthy reasoning worthy of

11, Hartshead; Bristol, J. Chappell, Sewa po.

Narrow Wine-street; Macclesfield, Mr. Roche, invigoration's self. Nor are the instances of Hall of Science; Barnsley, Mr. Thos. Lingard, failure uolustruetive, as the following will

New-street; Coventry, J. Morris, 35, Union-plane, show.

Butts; Preston, Jas. Drummond, 112, Fria: gale: Here and there in the work dialogues are

And Sold by all Liberal Booksellers.

Saturday, October 8, 1812, 352




Or, Philosophy Vindicated.




No. 43.]

Originally Edited by CHARLES SOUTHWELL, sentenced, on January 15, 1842,

to Twelve Months' Imprisonment in Bristol Gaol, and to pay a fine of £100, (Price ld.
for Blasphemy contained in No. 4.
Second Editor, G. J. HOLYOAKE, sentenced, on August 15, 1842, to Sir Months'

Imprisonment in Gloucester Gaol, for Blasphemy, at Cheltenham.


people be trained scientifically, the whole pile

of mummery falls to the ground. All religions have authorised innumerable “I would, in conclusion (said Judge Tincrimes. The Jews, intoxicated with the dal), further suggest that the effectual, and promises of their god, arrogated the right of only effectual, method of counteracting the exterminating whole nations. Relying on attempts of wicked and designing men to unthe oracles of their god, the Romans, like dermine the principles of the lower classes true robbers, conquered and ravaged the and to render them discontented with the es. world. The Arabians, encouraged by their tablished institutions of the country, is the divine prophet, carried fire and sword among diffusion of sound religious knowledge (in the Christians and the Idolators. The Christ- which there can be no excess !) amongst those ians, under pretext of extending their holy classes who are the most exposed to their atreligion, have often delnged both hemispheres tempts, and the educating their children in with blood.

the fear of god, so that all may be taught that True religion, as the author of “Good obedience to the law of the land and to the Sense” observes, is indeed the curse of man. government of the country is due, not as a kind. The struggles to snppress the rising matter of compulsion, but of principle and spirit of progression in this religious country

conscience." at the present moment, evidence the fact that The beartless, impudent villains, their its influence is always on the side of tyranny. saviour taught there should be no tempora)

distinctions. Why does not the god whom Who does not see in the arrests now taking they say sanctions the institutions of the place the reliance of our tyrant oppressors on country,” make the “lower” classes con. the debased intellect of the mass ? That tented in that station in which it has pleased they consider themselves accountable to a god bimself to call them?” Why does he not slone for the villanous attacks now making close their eyes to the injustice, tyranny, and on the liberties of man? Would the most vice of his chosen few, the “higher" classes despicable of mankind be allowed to trample par excellence in all that is disgusting and in. in the dust the aspirations of liberty, if rehuman - the miscreants after his own heart sponsible to the nation instead of the wod-filled with his own holy spirit? Why does prieste delight to paint? Kines and priests he not prevent the pangs of hunger wbich are aware it is easier to deal with gods than themselves, their innocent children, and unDen, they know full well that heaven is happy partaers feel? No! their agonizing more indulgent to their crimes than a people cries are more sweet to his ears than the muwho could see through their trickeries. Were sic of the spheres, than the fulsome adulations the fanatical notions of a world beyond the of the winged seraphims and trunkless cheruglouds dispelled from the minds of men, they bims, when they twang their jęwsharps, would in the justness of their anger appeal and chant "holy, holy, holy lord, god of from the imaginary divine rights of idle va- sabaoth !” What are the ministers of the gabonds, to the natural rights of man. Were i a Dation so enlightened, could they look with their especial charge so easy a prey to the

poor man's church” doing, that they leave any other feelings save those of contempt machinations of i wicked and designing upon the late farce of a “thanksgiving" to a

men?” Read the Newgate calendar! Ingod for sending monopolists, bishops, and other stead of feeding their master's flock, they rob vampyres a "plentyfull harrest. When

and murder them! Instead of watch-dogs will men open their eyes ?

to guard them, they are wolves to worry them The address to the jury by Judge Tindal at - and pot content with goading them to madthe opening of the special commission at ness and to the commission of deeds of vioStafford, clearly shows that the whole com. lence alien to their natural dispositions, tbey plicated machinery of government hangs upon follow to "he!death,” and gloat over the the bigotry of the multitude, but should the consequences to their victims of their own

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diabolical conduct ! * Instead of practising stifle them by the threatened severity of the virtue and honesty, they are committing New Administration, will be so wicked as to adultery, whoring, and swindling! Theirs a justify your resistance even to death, and to life god of love, of truth, of morality! The liars! for life!"- Carlile. He is a concentration of abominations".

Down, then, with kings, priests, and lords! the embodyment of pollution, of cruelty, and

T. P. of vice! Fit“ ministers" of such a master!

Truly has Tindal observed that they dread MORE STRIPES FORGOD-MONGERY, the “undermining of the principles of the BIBLEISM, AND BIGOTRY, lower classes," when that takes place their AND A SPECIAL PARAGRAPH FOR FRIENDS. system of plunder is ended—their days of wanton rioting in the spoils of the widow and I PROCEED with the castigation of those nothe orphan will cease.

After such contemp

torious offenders—the BIBLE, the BIGOT, and tible jargon, employed by such a person for the GOD, and will add—A FEW WORDS FOR the purpose of crushing the advocates of an OUR FRIENDS. A public whipping weekly oppressed people, it is obviously the duty of or thereabouts, will do great service, afford every one to instruct his neighbour in the laws a “wholesome example," and " check the of nature-teaching that physics and not commission of crime.” The old Jew-book metaphysics must henceforth be his study, itself says “spare the rod and spoil the child." that on this earth alone man must seek his It shall swallow its own physic. true happiness—and that so long as a body

The bigot is impervious to reasoning or of men are set apart for governing, so long remonstrance. Draw a parallel, institute a will they make absurd laws, unsuited to man's comparison, deduce a conclusion, furnish an nature. Blind leaders of the blind-quag- illustration pot drawn from or supported by mires that engulph the victims of their delů. his favorite god-book, and his dull eye emits sion - clogs to the progressors-abandoned a vacant stare or is ligt ted up with fierce maand profligate squanderers of a nation's lignity. I write not to enlighten but to wealth, who say that a god made the world scourge them. I write daggers for the sake to be the sport of the basest of mankind. Fe- of SouthWELL, HOLYOAKE, and the brave rocious as their god, they prey on the vitals victims to religious persecution. This they of those they have duped, and are screened

can feel, and in giving them a taste of inconby the religion of Christ, who lays it down as venience, and showing how clever they are a principle that we must renounce all defence in multiplying satire, denunciation, and blasof ourselves! The more we consider the de- phemy, they may obtain a great moral lesson, testable nature of religion, the more convinced which if thrown away opou them will infloare we that its sole object is the gratifying ence the larger mob of lookers on, hesitators, the depraved passions of wretches who are a

and semi-sceptics. On these latter my argudisgrace to the human form, and consider the ments will have their effect, as those of the advice once given to the agricultural labour various contributors to the Oracle have al. ers of this country very applicable to all at ready. It is most gratifying, parenthetically present.

to observe, that our little penny publication “Yours is a state of warfare, and your is become a powerful engine, and is absolutely ground of quarrel the want of the necessaries creating a public opinion of its own. This of life in the midst of abundance. You see

the position which I occupy enables me to hoards of food, and you are starving. You know more fully than most others. Notwithsee a government rioting in every sort of lux. standing that Mr. CARLILE's atheistical ury and wasteful expenditure, and you, ever

agitation is over, notwithstanding that this ready to labour, cannot find one of the com

most eminently useful man now considers forts of life. Neither your silence nor your in his peculiar way and with bis peculiar in

that his province is to theise and christianise patience has obtained for you the least respectful attention from the government. terpretations ; despite of all this, I say, a The more

you have grown, the growing atheistic public opinion is gaining more you have been oppressed and despised, ground. The god-potion of every sort must the more you have been trampled on; and it be examined, criticised, analysed, dis. is only now that you begin to display your sected, and exposed in its uselessness, of, physical as well as moral strength, that your and detestation shall banish the cheat for

fensiveness, or hideousness, till public scom cruel tyrants treat with you and offer terms of pacification. Your demands have been, so

ever. Oh, what a trinity of curses is com. far, moderate and just, and any attempt to prised in the three words-god, bible, and

bigot! This trinity, like the old trinity-in. * The Rev. Benjamin Vale and Mrs. Mary Ann unity, must be crucified. As Voltaire is reVale, whose house had been destroyed during the ported to have said, shall we say, and so shall late disturbances, occnpied (says a London paper) we act. a prominent position in front of the court at the Staf.

Our motto too shall be ecrasez ford Special Commission, during the trial of the an: l'infame, crush the wretch. fortunate creatures charged with the offence.

Instead of applying it to the half-acknow.


ledged, half-denied, and continually disputed heightened in the knowledge of the noble miserable victim and victimiser -- Jesus, we bands who are ready to advance in the same will apply it to the old parent profligate, god path. himself, or rather the god notion.

And no

A high and noble office for us who are free god-notion lies more open to the shafts of ri- is to succour and protect those who are imdicule, the battery of denunciation, or the as. mured for truth's sake. While we have apsaults of reason than the beautifully inspired proved and admired they have energetically goes of the Jew-books, old and new, A acted. The least we can do is to hold out a strong and striking instance of the pernicious belping hand. And truly fraternal aid have and degrading influence of the Jew-book is we received, and generously have numbers the miserable mental vassalage in which its come forward whose scanty earnings have votaries are held. By no other than a re- been iniquitously abridged by state and church ligious discipline could an intelligent being, spoliation, social and commercial rapine, and conversant with the elements of numbers, be their own public and private beneficence. Mr. persuaded that three can be one and one three. Carlile's kind and earnest appeal is worthy of In physics, to broach such a proposition the noble soul that so intrepidly withstood the would be to call forth ridicule and contempt, holy alliance, and triple-power, the foul-power, in theology it wakes praise and admiration. rogue-power, and robber-power. Yet kindly Tell a shop customer that one loaf and one and sympathetic as it was, I am glad to be cheese are three loaves and three cheeses, and able to say, and authoritatively too, that nuvisions of Bedlam will flit across his brain. merous contributions have been received and Tell a church customer that there is a god the much assistance has been rendered. The father, and a god the son, and a god the holy amount, though not adequate to the requirekhost, and yet that these three are but one, ments, may be deemed considerable, if we aud he will pay you for the information. So consider whence it has been principally great is the difference between physics and derived. The stigman should be fixed, with theology. The bible slavery is the prolific some admirable exceptions, on those whose parent of all other slavery. He who is slave purses are as plethoric as their donations have lo his bible is readily fitted for the similar been scanty. The mammon-worshippers, degradation of intellectual and moral bondage like all other god worshippers, have had their society. A pitiable spectacle truly is he “hearts hardened” by their idol. The auri who, under the influence of written or oral sacra firmes (how apt the synonime, sacred and mposition, creeds, or pretences suffers him- cursed), the accursed lust of gold of the Roelf to be severed in sympathy and brother- mans, is no less the baulk in our iron comfood from his fellowmen. Execrable are mercial days of all human sympathies and hey who convert the feeling of dislike into tenderness. Whenever goddism comes in at he act of persecution. A truly contemptible the door, humanity flies out at the window. bject is he, who surrounded by all the trap. Whether it be a bible-god or a counting-houseings and appliances of authority, mentally god, the results take a similar direction. rouches before the superior moral power and Blood and plunder for the Jew-god; faourage of the very man who is dragged to mine and peculation for the mammon-god. is tribunal. This we have seen from the It is a great omission in the Jew-Christian me of Eldon downward. But how shall we list of god-almighties, “angels and lucifers,' td words to express the base delinquency, to leave out the chiefest of all the idolatries le foul turpitude of those educated hypocrites - the mammon idolatry. Be it our task to ho fully aware of the hollow trickeries of supply the vacancy. All or none, we say. le god proclaimers of all kinds, from the If they try to force their gods upon us we will ews to the Mormonites, basely follow in the help to a few more. We will be fruitful and ake of popular delusion, and instead of multiply and replenish the earth. To the emming the torrent of religious rancour as- holy Jehovah, the holy Christ, the holy ghost, s in yelling on the bigots to the work of in and the holy virgin, we will add the holy rceration or blood ? Continually do we mammon, a much more respectable and reid men on the bench, at the bar, and per- spected god in reality in our days than any mming high political, commercial, or pro- of the other lot. The lords of the earth and asional functions süllying their honor and the fat things of the earth with the mammon. orally dehasing themselves by truckling to power will crush down the sons of labour, the e vile prejndices that prevail around them. rightful inheritors of the soil, till idolatry de few public men that stand out as ex- ceases. Down then with the god, and the ipl ea of the ‘moral courage so eminently cross, and the altar. Man shall not till then orning the objects of our special protection, walk erect and stately in the might and grace

miserably few. The great and noble and dignity and beauty of moral and intelirk of getting the example and leading the lectual and physical pertection. Our work is

has been performed by the self-devoted now being ably and bravely accomplished. nductors of this publication. They are the Another yet remains to take the field. An e liberators and our satisfaction is intensely ally is wanted. The Republican is yet to be

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