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(e) I know a hawk from a handsaw. the enginer


Hoist with his own petar.

(g) Goodness, growing to a plurisy.

3. Arrange in order the causes that destroyed the balance of Lear's mind.

4. From Bacon's Essays, what idea do we gain of the politicians of his time? Do you think they compare favourably with politicians of other times?

5. Give the substance of one of the following essays: -Of Nobility. Of Riches. Of Faction.

6. What is your estimate of Milton's Minor Poems? 7. What is the meaning of the name "Areopagitica"? 8. Explain the following from the Areopagitica:(a) That ethereal or fift essence. (b) The Cynick impudence. (c) Whether the author

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press or to the spunge.

(d) A fugitive and cloister'd vertue.
(e) his ayrie Burgomasters.

9. What are the arguments for and against the sincerity of Dryden's conversion?

10. Quote a few lines from the "Essay on Man," and show from them the beauty of Pope's language. Is this accompanied by meagreness of thought?

11. What is the importance of the publication of

“Pamela ” ?

12. “Oh, I could thrash his old jacket till I made his

pension jingle in his pocket.” What made Cowper so angry with Johnson's Life of Milton ?



The Board of Examiners. 1. Write the substance of Matthew Arnold's essay on

Gray. 2. (a) Into what parts is In Memoriam divided ?

Give a short sketch of each. (6) Is the cycle entitled The Idylls of the King

allegorical ? Give reasons for your answer.

3. Who was Paracelsus? Give some account of the

parts into 'which Browning's Paracelsus is divided.

4. What is Carlyle's solution of Paganism?

5. Write a short note on each of the following quota

tions from Heroes and Hero-worship: (a)

. Have a care, there is the Eager coming. (6) It is Igdrasil, the tree of Existence. (c) Hegira, as they name it.

(d) The three kingdoms, Inferno, Purgatorio,

Paradiso. (e) The monk Tetzel.

(f) Boswell's admiration was well bestowed. 6. Explain the following passages from Tennyson:(a) And last the master-bowman, he

Would cleave the mark.- In Memoriam. (6) I felt the thews of Anakim,

The pulses of a Titan's heart.—In Memoriam. (c) The red fool-fury of the Seine.--In Memoriam. (d) There likewise I beheld Excalibur.-The

Coming of Arthur. (e) But Vivien, into Camelot stealing, lodged

Low in the city.—Merlin and Vivien. (5) And down the long beam stole the Holy

Grail. The Holy Grail.


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7. Explain the following passages from Browning :(a) He guides me and the bird. In his good

time 1Paracelsus. (6)

Jove strikes the Titans down,
Not when they set about their mountain-

piling.–Paracelsus. (0) Would it might tarry like his, the beautiful

building of mine.-Abt Vogler. (d) Thou, heaven's consummate cup, what need’st

thou with earth's wheel ? -Rabbi Ben

Ezra. (e) He, whole in body and soul, outstrips

Man, found with either in default.—Dis

aliter visum.

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8. Comment on, and, where necessary, (d) complete

the following quotations from Matthew Arnold :(a) That famous document of the early poetry of

his nation, the Chanson de Roland. (6) The fantastic Johnny Keats invented by Lord

Byron and the reviewers. (c) Mr. Tennyson's decisive appearance dates from

1842. (d) Byron has not a great artist's profound and

patient skill in combining an action or in

developing a character, but.... (e) A beautiful and ineffectual angel, beating in

the void his luminous wings in vain. (f) It is somewhat late to speak of Amiel.

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9. “Of all the poets misnamed Lake Poets, William

Wordsworth was the greatest.... The poet of
Nature in this special way, Wordsworth is even
more the Poet of Man,”-STOPFORD BROOKE,
Discuss these statements.

10. Name the author of each of the following works,

and write a short notice of one writer from each

group: (a) Guy Mannering, Vanity Fair, The Mill on

the Floss. (6) Chastelard, The Earthly Paradise, The Light

of Asia. (c) Evangeline, The Vision of Sir Launfal, The

Raven. (d) Tales from Shakspeare, Modern Painters,

Literature and Dogma.



The Board of Examiners. 1. Write an essay on one of the following subjects:(a) “In Books lies the soul of the whole of Past

Time.”—CARLYLE. (6) “Keats marks the exhaustion of the impulse which began with Burns and Cowper.'

-STOPFORD BROOKE. (c) “ It seems to me that the only just estimate of

Tennyson's position is that which declares him to be, by eminence, the representative poet of the recent [Victorian] era.”




The Board of Examiners. 1. Translate the following passages from the Chanson

de Roland :-
(a) Sour pálies blans siedent cil chevalier,

As tables jueent por els esbaneier,
Ed as eschès li plus sage e li vieil,
Ed escremissent cil bacheler legier.
Dessoz un pin, delez un aiglentier,
Un faldestuel i out fait tot d'or mier.


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