Injection Molding: Technology and Fundamentals

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Musa Rasim Kamal, Avraam I. Isayev, Shih-Jung Liu
Hanser, 1 gen 2009 - 926 pagine
This book surveys the state of the science and technology of the injection molding process. It represents a comprehensive, balanced mix of practical and theoretical aspects for a wide range of injection molding applications. The authors of the 21 chapters are experts and leaders in their respective areas of specialization in the injection molding field. While it is not possible to cover all aspects of such a dynamic growing field, the reader will find sufficient information and background to become acquainted, at various levels of depth, with key components of the science and technology of injection molding.

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Introduction and General Background
Injection Molding Machines Tools and Processes
The Plasticating System for Injection Molding Machines

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