Marino Faliero: A Tragedy

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Chatto & Windus, 1885 - 151 pagine
Written on the rectos of 161 leaves and complete as printed in the first edition (except for the verse dedication to Aurelio Saffi). Swinburne has paginated each act separately; a later hand has paginated the play throughout in blue crayon. With the dedication "To my dearest friend Walter Theodore Watts, April 5th, 1885 (my 48th birthday) A.C. Swinburne" on p. 1. The complete manuscript is followed by 6 p. of earlier unused drafts. The first of draft sheets contains (on the recto) notes of the author for the composition of the tragedy, and is headed, "Begun Saturday Dec. 13th 1884. Finished Tuesday March 17th 1885". Page 47 (at the end of Act II) bears the date "Dec. 21, 84."

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