The Science of Measurement: A Historical Survey

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Dover Publications, 1988 - 736 pagine
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"Klein is both a skilled reporter and a wide-ranging humanistic scholar. The book is popular and learned, witty and serious, literary and mathematical — always solid and entertaining." — Los Angeles Times.
Although the topic of measurement might seem to lend itself to a dry-as-dust treatment, this book is just the opposite: an engrossing, easy-to-read study that treats a multifaceted topic with wit, imagination, and wide-ranging scholarship.Metrology, the science of measurement, usually concerns itself with length, weight, volume, temperature, and time, but in this comprehensive work the topic also encompasses nuclear radiation, thermal power, light, pressure, sound, and many other areas.
Representing nearly ten years of research effort, The Science of Measurement is considered a definitive book on the concepts and units by which we measure everything in our universe. Nontechnical in its approach, it is not only completely accessible to the general reader but as entertaining and fun to read as it is informative and comprehensive.
" . . . not concerned only with problems of measuring the limits of space or the size of the proton. It is filled with interesting digressions. Not a book for daydreaming, but a book for the curious. Klein's survey of the units and concepts by which we measure everything in the universe helps us understand that universe much better." — Boston Herald Advertiser

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