Shigeru Ban

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Phaidon Press, 1 mar 2006 - 240 pagine

Shigeru Ban (b.1957), based in Japan, is a rising star among world-class architects.

This book features 32 of Ban's most exemplary projects of the past 10 years, divided into 5 sections based on the primary materials or construction principle used- Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Prefabrication, and Skin. Each project is documented with color photographs, plans, drawings, and a brief, straightforward project description. In addition, the book contains four sections of 'experimental data,' or technical information, printed in red and black on gray tinted paper. These sections gather diagrams, tables, sketches, and explanatory text to document the numerous tests that Ban's office has made over the years to study the strength, performance, and structural potential of his materials. A foreword by the distinguished German architect Frei Otto, with whom Ban has collaborated for several years, introduces the book. Also included is an essay by Shigeru Ban about his work with Otto on the Japan Pavilion.

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