British Museum: The Townley Gallery, Volume 2

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Knight, 1836
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Pagina 277 - Agricolae prisci, fortes, parvoque beati, Condita post frumenta, levantes tempore festo Corpus et ipsum animum spe finis dura ferentem, Cum sociis operum, pueris, et conjuge fida, Tellurem porco, Silvanum lacte piabant, Floribus et vino Genium, memorem brevis aevi. Fescennina per hune inventa licentia morem Versibus alternis opprobria rustica fudit...
Pagina 33 - He is said to have been sensual in his private life, but his good qualities as a ruler were such that even 250 years after his death senators greeted a new emperor with the wish that he might be more fortunate than Augustus and better than Trajan.
Pagina 34 - Gallica differunt consuetudine. Interiores plerique frumenta non serunt, sed lacte et carne vivunt pellibusque sunt vestiti. Omnes vero se Britanni vitro inficiunt, quod caeruleum efficit colorem, atque hoc horridiores sunt in pugna aspectu ; capilloque sunt promisso atque omni parte corporis rasa praeter caput et labrum superius.
Pagina 21 - As oft were spread the' alternate shades of night; So long no sustenance the mourner knew, Unless she drunk her tears or suck'd the dew. She turn'd about, but rose not from the ground, Turn'd to the Sun, still as he roll'd his round: On his bright face hung her desiring eyes, Till fix'd to earth she strove in vain to rise. Her looks their paleness in a flower retain'd, But here and there some purple streaks they gain'd; Still the loved object the fond leaves pursue, Still move their root the moving...
Pagina 285 - in Britain lead is found near the surface of the earth in such abundance, that a law is made to limit the quantity which shall be taken.
Pagina 286 - These pigs were undoubtedly for exportation. Professor Ward, in his " Considerations on a Draught of two large pieces of Lead with Roman Inscriptions upon them, found several years since in Yorkshire," printed in the " Philosophical Transactions,
Pagina 32 - Vitellius consumed in mere eating at least six millions of our money, in about seven months. It is not easy to express his vices with dignity, or even decency.
Pagina 311 - ... which makes a day and a night, divided into twenty - four equal parts, we call hours. Now, the Romans divided the day and the night into twenty - four hours. Twelve of thefe, from the rifing of the fun to its fetting, conftituted their day ; and the other twelve, from the fetting of the fun to its rifing, conftituted their night.
Pagina 36 - Liberator baud dubie Germaniae et qui non primordia populi Romani, sicut alii reges ducesque, sed florentissimum imperium lacessierit, proeliis ambiguus, bello non victus...

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