Select orations of Cicero: with English notes, critical and explanatory, and historical, geographical, and legal indexes

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Harper & Brothers, 1862 - 518 pagine
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Pagina 459 - The Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament : Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion between the Greek and the English Texts ; including a Concordance to the Proper Names, with Indexes, GreekEnglish and English-Greek. New Edition, with a new Index. Royal 8vo. price 42s. The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance...
Pagina 54 - Atqui sic a summis hominibus eruditissimisque accepimus, ceterarum rerum studia et doctrina et praeceptis et arte constare, poe'tam natura ipsa valere et mentis viribus excitari et quasi divino quodam spiritu inflari.
Pagina 150 - The Ides fell on the 15th of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th of the other months. 3. Domesticam tuam difficultatem. " Your domestic difficulties,
Pagina 153 - Romans, a silver eagle, with expanded wings, on the top of a spear, sometimes holding a thunderbolt in its claws, with the figure of a small chapel above it, and occasionally also having the chapel over it, was the main standard of the legion.
Pagina 335 - Max. 8, 15, 9.) Catulus, it seems, according to Plutarch's account, was arguing against the propriety of investing Pompey with the command in the piratical war, on the ground that the people ought to spare him, and not to expose such a man to so many dangers. (Vit. Pomp. c. 25.) — The common text has in eo ip so.
Pagina 191 - The Saturnalia or festival of Saturn, was the most celebrated in the Roman Calendar. It took place in the month of December, beginning on the .7th and lasting for several days. At first it was for one day, afterward for three, (which was the case in Cicero's time,) and by the order of Caligula for five days. During its continuance, all orders were devoted to mirth and feasting, friends sent presents to one another, and the slaves were entertained, and even waited upon by their masters.
Pagina 53 - ... atque virtutem naturam sine doctrina quam sine natura valuisse doctrinam. Atque idem ego contendo, cum ad naturam eximiam atque illustrem accesserit ratio quaedam conformatioque doctrinae, tum illud nescio quid praeclarum ac singulare solere exsistere.
Pagina xxix - Dr. B. The attendants, as soon as the soldiers appeared, prepared themselves for action, being resolved to defend their master's life at the hazard of their own ; but Cicero commanded them to set down the litter in which they were conveying him, and to make no resistance...
Pagina 199 - But if any one lurked at home to elude a prosecution, he was summoned three times, with an interval of ten days between each summons, by the voice of a herald, or by letters, or by the edict of the praetor, and if still he did not appear, the prosecutor was put in possession of his effects.
Pagina xxv - He deplored bis fall in the most desponding and lamentable terms. He complained of false friends, of an ungrateful country, of the utter ruin of all his worldly prospects. His friends were forced to admonish him sometimes to rouse his courage, and remember his former character. Nay, to such an extent was this feeling carried, that Atticus even wrote him word, of a report having reached the Roman capital, that his affliction had disordered his sen«es.

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