The Industries of Scotland: Their Rise, Progress, and Present Condition

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A. and C. Black, 1869 - 535 pagine

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Pagina 258 - ... be little difficulty in producing and repeating them. Full of these ideas, I immediately employed a carpenter and smith to carry them into effect. As soon as the machine was finished, I got a weaver to put in the warp, which was of such materials as sail cloth is usually made of. To my great delight, a piece of cloth, such as it was, was the produce.
Pagina 257 - This brought on a conversation on the subject, in which the Manchester gentlemen unanimously agreed that the thing was impracticable ; and, in defence of their opinion, they adduced arguments which I certainly was incompetent to answer, or even to comprehend, being totally ignorant of the subject, having never at that time seen a person weave. I controverted, however, the impracticability of the thing by remarking, that there had lately been exhibited in London an automaton figure which played at...
Pagina 340 - Familiar Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Perspective, printed in 1770; and it will be observed that no name is given to the substance described : " Since this work was printed off, I have seen a substance excellently adapted to the purpose of wiping from paper the marks of a black-lead pencil.
Pagina 134 - No, let a charming Chintz, and Brussels lace "Wrap my cold limbs, and shade my lifeless face: " One would not, sure, be frightful when one's dead — " And— Betty— give this Cheek a little Red».
Pagina 250 - Irish in great quantity, and, weaving it, return the same again into Ireland to sell. Neither doth their industry rest here, for they buy cotton wool in London, that comes first from Cyprus and Smyrna, and at home...
Pagina 73 - It is far from my wish to promulgate to the world that the ridiculous expectations, or rather professions, of the enthusiastic speculist will be realised, and that we shall see engines travelling at the rate of twelve, sixteen, eighteen, or twenty miles an hour. Nothing could do more harm towards their general adoption and improvement than the promulgation of such nonsense.
Pagina 475 - Mercurius Caledonius ; comprising the Affairs now in Agitation in Scotland, with a Survey of Foreign Intelligence. The editor was Thomas Sydserf, or Saint Serf, son of a former bishop of Galloway, who was soon after promoted to the see of Orkney. Principal Baillie alludes to this ' diurnaler ' in bitter terms — ' a very rascal, a profane atheistical papist, as some count him...
Pagina 302 - The true art and way for making English paper for writing, printing, and other uses, both as good and as serviceable in all respects, and especially as white as any French or Dutch paper.
Pagina 414 - They drink pure wines, not with sugar as the English, yet at feasts they put comfits in the wine, after the French manner, but they had not our vintner's fraud to mix their wines.
Pagina 253 - It was no uncommon thing for a weaver to walk three or four miles in a morning, and call on five or six spinners, before he could collect weft to serve him for the remainder of the day ; and when he wished to weave a piece in a shorter time than usual, a new ribbon, or gown, was necessary to quicken the exertions of the spinner.

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