The Light of Asia

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Pagina 225 - and shoot; And drugged with poisonous drink the soul departs, And fierce with thirst to drink Karma returns; Sense-struck again the sodden self begins, And new deceits it earns. The Third is Sorrow's Ceasing. This is peace To conquer love of self and lust of life, To tear deep-rooted passion from the breast, To still the inward strife;
Pagina 99 - thine arms, sweet Queen! Harder to put aside than all the rest! Yet thee, too, I shall save, saving this earth; And that which stirs within thy tender womb, My child, the hidden blossom of our loves, Whom if I wait to bless my mind will fail. Wife! child! father! and people! ye must share
Pagina 99 - Beats with each throb of all the hearts that ache, Known and unknown, these that are mine and those Which shall be mine, a thousand million more Saved by this sacrifice I offer now. Oh, summoning stars! I come! Oh, mournful earth I For thee and thine I lay aside my youth, My throne, my joys, my golden days,
Pagina 221 - No need hath such to live as ye name life; That which began in him when he began Is finished: he hath wrought the purpose through Of what did make him Man. Never shall yearnings torture him, nor sins Stain him, nor ache of earthly joys and woes Invade his safe eternal peace ; - nor deaths And lives recur. He goes Unto
Pagina 190 - Evil swells the debts to pay, Good delivers and acquits; Shun evil, follow good; hold sway Over thyself. This is the Way.” Whom, when they ended, speaking so of him, With gifts, and thanks which made the jewels dull, The Princess recompensed. “But by what road Wendeth my Lord?” she asked: the merchants said,
Pagina 52 - Prince, thy rest to find; Leave love for love of lovers, for woe's sake Quit state for sorrow, and deliverance make. So sigh we, passing o'er the silver strings, To thee who know'st not yet of earthly things; So say we; mocking, as we ‘ass away, These lovely shadows wherewith thou
Pagina 215 - I, Buddh, who wept with all my brothers' tears, Whose heart was broken by a whole world's woe, Laugh and am glad, for there is Liberty! Ho I ye who suffer I know Ye suffer from yourselves. None else compels,
Pagina 76 - He shall not wake for cold albeit he lies Naked to all the airs — for soon they set The red flame to the corners four, which crept, And licked, and flickered, finding out his flesh And feeding on it with swift hissing tongues, And crackle of parched skin, and snap of
Pagina 35 - bow, Which the King's son has strung and goes to shoot;” Then fitting fair a shaft, he drew and loosed, And the keen arrow clove the sky, and drave Right through that farthest drum, nor stayed its flight, But skimmed the plain beyond, past reach of eye. Then Devadatta challenged with the sword, And clove a
Pagina 30 - Lo! as hid seed shoots after rainless years, So good and evil, pains and pleasures, hates And loves, and all dead deeds, come forth again Bearing bright leaves or dark, sweet fruit or sour. Thus I was he and she Yasôdhara; And while the wheel of birth and death turns round, •That which hath been must be between us two.

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