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C. M.


Expostulation with Sinners.

1 SINNER, the voice of God regard;
His mercy speaks to-day;

He calls you, by his sovereign word,
From sin's destructive way.

2 Like the rough sea, that cannot rest,
You live devoid of peace;

A thousand stings within your breast
Deprive your soul of ease.

3 Why will you in the crooked ways
Of sin and folly go?

In pain you travel all your days,
reap immortal woe.


4 But he who turns to God shall live,
Through his abounding grace;
His mercy will the guilt forgive
Of those who seek his face.

5 Bow to the sceptre of his word,
Renouncing every sin;

Submit to him, your sovereign Lord,
And learn his will divine.

6 His love exceeds your highest thoughts;
He pardons like a God;

He will forgive your numerous faults
Through our Redeemer's blood.




Sinners entreated.

1 SINNERS, turn; why will ye die?
God, your Maker, asks you why;
God, who did your being give,
Made you with himself to live.

2 Sinners, turn; why will ye die?
God, your Saviour, asks you why:
Will ye not in him believe?
He has died that ye might live.

3 Will ye let him die in vain ?
Crucify your Lord again?

Why, unpardoned sinners, why
Will ye slight his grace, and die?

4 Sinners, turn; why will ye die?
God, the Spirit, asks you why
Often with you has he strove,
Wooed you to embrace his love.

5 Will ye not
grace receive?
Will ye still refuse to live?
O, ye dying sinners, why,
Why will ye forever die?


8s, 7s & 4.


Glad Tidings.

1 SINNERS, will you scorn the message
Sent in mercy from above?
Every sentence, O, how tender!
Every line is full of love:
Listen to it;

Every line is full of love.

2 Hear the heralds of the gospel
News from Zion's King proclaim :
"Pardon to each rebel sinner;
Free forgiveness in his name:"
How important!

"Free forgiveness in his name."

3 Tempted souls, they bring you succor;
Fearful hearts, they quell your fears;

And, with news of consolation,
Chase away the falling tears;

Tender heralds !

Chase away the falling tears.

4 Who hath our report believed?
Who received the joyful word?
Who embraced the news of pardon
Offered to you by the Lord?
Can you slight it?

Offered to you by the Lord.

50 ye angels, hovering round us,
Waiting spirits, speed your way;
Haste ye to the court of heaven;
Tidings bear without delay:
Rebel sinners


Glad the message will obey.

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1 O, SINNER, why so thoughtless grown? Why in such dreadful haste to die? Daring to leap to worlds unknown! Heedless against thy God to fly!

2 Wilt thou despise eternal fate,

Urged on by sin's delusive dreams?
Madly attempt th' infernal gate,
And force thy passage to the flames?
3 Stay, sinner, on the gospel plains,
And hear the Lord of life unfold
The glories of his dying pains,—
Forever telling, yet untold.


L. M.


Sinners invited to immediate Repentance. 1 WHILE life prolongs its precious light, Mercy is found, and peace is given; But soon, ah, soon, approaching night Shall blot out every hope of heaven. 2 While God invites, how blest the day! How sweet the gospel's charming sound! Come, sinners, haste, O, haste away, While yet a pardoning God is found.

3 Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing, Shall death command you to the grave, Before his bar your spirits bring,

And none be found to hear or save.

4 In that lone land of deep despair,
No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise,
No God regard your bitter prayer,
No Saviour call you to the skies.

5 Now God invites; how blest the day!
How sweet the gospel's charming sound!
Come, sinners, haste, O, haste away,
While yet a pardoning God is found.

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1 "REPENT!" the voice celestial cries;
No longer dare delay:

The soul that scorns the mandate dies,
And meets a fiery day.

2 No more the sovereign eye of God
O'erlooks the crimes of men;

His heralds now are sent abroad
To warn the world of sin.

3 O sinners, in his presence bow,
And all your guilt confess;
Accept the offered Saviour now,
Nor trifle with his grace.

4 Soon will the awful trumpet sound,
And call you to his bar;

His mercy knows th' appointed bound,
And yields to justice there.

5 Amazing love, that yet will call,
And yet prolong our days!

Our hearts, subdued by goodness, fall,
weep, and love, and praise.


6s & 4s.

The Saviour calls.

1 TO-DAY the Saviour calls:

Ye wanderers, come;

O ye benighted souls,
Why longer roam?

2 To-day the Saviour calls:
O, hear him now;

Within these sacred walls
To Jesus bow.



3 To-day the Saviour calls:
For refuge fly;

The storm of justice falls,
And death is nigh.

4 The Spirit calls to-day:
Yield to his power:
O, grieve him not away;
"Tis mercy's hour.

12s & 11s.


"The Harvest is past, the Summer is ended."

1 HARK, sinner, while God from on high doth entreat thee, And warnings with accents of mercy doth blend; Give ear to his voice, lest in judgment he meet thee; "The harvest is passing, the summer will end."

2 How oft of thy danger and guilt he hath told thee! How oft still the message of mercy doth send! Haste, haste, while he waits in his arms to enfold thee; “The harvest is passing, the summer will end.” ́ 3 Despised, rejected, at length he may leave thee: What anguish and horror thy bosom will rend! Then haste thee, O sinner, while he will receive thee; "The harvest is passing, the summer will end.” 4 Ere long, and Jehovah will come in his power; Our God will arise, with his foes to contend: Haste, haste thee, O sinner; prepare for that hour; "The harvest is passing, the summer will end." 5 The Saviour will call thee in judgment before him: O, bow to his sceptre, and make him thy Friend; Now yield him thy heart, and make haste to adore him; Thy harvest is passing, thy summer will end."


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The Sinner at the Judgment.

1 WHEN thy mortal life is fled,


When the death-shades o'er thee spread,
When is finished thy career,

Sinner, where wilt thou appear?

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