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5 There, from the bosom of my God,
Oceans of endless pleasure roll;
There would I fix my last abode,
And drown the sorrows of my soul.


S. M.

Filial Confidence.

1 LORD, I would come to thee, A sinner all defiled;


O, take the stain of guilt away,
And own me as thy child.

2 I cannot live in sin,

And feel a Saviour's love;
Thy blood can make my spirit clean,
And write my name above.

3 Among thy little flock

I need the Shepherd's care;
Pour waters from the smitten Rock,
And pastures green prepare.

4 Blest Shepherd, I am thine;
Still keep me in thy fear;
Now fill my heart with grace divine;
Bring thy salvation near.


C. M.

Seeking All in God.

1 SOURCE of eternal joys divine,
To thee my soul aspires;

O, could I say, "The Lord is mine,"
'Tis all my soul desires.


2 My hope, my trust, my life, my Lord,
Assure me of thy love;

O, speak the kind, transporting word,
And bid my fears remove.

3 Then shall my thankful powers rejoice,
And triumph in my God,

Till heavenly rapture tune my voice
To spread thy praise abroad.


S. M.
Longing for a View of Christ.
1 I LANGUISH for a sight
Of Him who reigns on high,
Jesus, my soul's supreme delight;
For Him alone I sigh.

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2 O that I knew the place

Where I might find my God,
And make the arms of his embrace
My soul's secure abode !

3 Near to his mercy-seat,

Where grace triumphant reigns,
I'd come and worship at his feet,
And tell him all my pains.

4 The arguments I'd use

My troubles shall suggest;
Nor can my blessed Lord refuse
The cause of the distressed.

5 O Saviour, bring me near;

New life, new strength impart;
Cast out at once my slavish fear,
And dwell within my heart.


C. M.

Parting with earthly Joys.

1 MY soul forsakes her vain delight, And bids the world farewell;


3 No longer will I ask its love,

Nor seek its friendship more;
The happiness that I approve

Is not within its power.


On things of sense why fix my sight?
Why on its pleasures dwell?

2 There's nothing round this spacious earth
That suits my soul's desire;
To boundless joy and solid mirth
My nobler thoughts aspire.

4 O for the pinions of a dove,

Tascend the heavenly road:
There shall I share my Saviour's love;
There shall I dwell with God.

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H. M.

Repairing to Christ, the Fountain of Life.

1 HAIL, everlasting Spring!
Celestial Fountain, hail!
Thy streams salvation bring;
The waters never fail ;
For all our woe

Still they endure,
Sind still they dow, A sovereign cure.


2 Blest be his wounded side,
And blest his bleeding heart,
Who all in anguish died,
Such favors to impart ;
His sacred blood From every sin,
Shall make us clean And fit for God.

3 To that dear source of love,

Our souls this day would come;
And thither, from above,

Lord, call the nations home;
That Jew and Greek, On all their tongues,
With rapturous songs | Thy praise may speak.


S. M.

Nearness to the Lord.

1 WHEN sorrows round us roll,
And comforts we have none,
Dear Saviour, say that thou art ours,
And all our griefs are gone.

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2 Is there no friend to cheer
In times of deep distress,
A smile from thee will help to bear,
Or make the burden less.

3 Though in the gloomy vale
Of death, we fear no harm,
Supported by thy powerful grace,
Reclining on thine arm.

4 This is our utmost wish,

O Lord, that thou wouldst be,
Forever, ever near to us,

And keep us near to thee.

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L. M.

Deriving Strength from Christ.
1 LET me but hear my Saviour say,
"Strength shall be equal to thy day," -
Then I rejoice in deep distress,
Upheld by all-sufficient grace.
2 I can do all things, or can bear

All suffering, if my Lord be there;
Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains,
While he my sinking head sustains.

3 I glory in infirmity,

That Christ's own power may rest on me;
When I am weak, then am I strong;
Grace is my shield, and Christ my song.


S. M.
Christ unseen, yet beloved.

1 NOT with our mortal eyes
Have we beheld the Lord;
Yet we rejoice to hear his name,
And love him in his word.


3 And, when we feel thy love,

Diviner joys arise;

On wings of faith we soar above,
To mansions in the skies.


2 On earth we want the sight
Of our Redeemer's face;

Yet, Lord, our inmost thoughts delight
To dwell upon thy grace.


L. M.

Trusting Christ the only Refuge. 1 THOU only Sovereign of my heart, My refuge, my almighty Friend, And can my soul from thee depart,

On whom alone my hopes depend? 2 Whither, ah, whither shall I go,

A wretched wanderer from my Lord?
Can this dark world of sin and woe
One glimpse of happiness afford?


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3 Eternal life thy words impart;

On these my fainting spirit lives ; Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart Than all the round of nature gives.

4 Let earth's alluring joys combine;

While thou art near, in vain they call;
One smile, one blissful smile, of thine,
My gracious Lord, outweighs them all.

5 Low at thy feet my soul would lie;
Here safety dwells, and peace divine;
Still let me live beneath thine eye,
For life, eternal life, is thine.


L. M.
Enjoyment of Christ's Love.

J JESUS, thy boundless love to me

No thought can reach, no tongue declare;
Unite my thankful heart to thee,
And reign without a rival there.


2 Thy love, how cheering is its ray!

All pain before its presence flies;
Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away

Where'er its healing beams arise. 3 0, let thy love my soul inflame,

And to thy service sweetly bind;
Transfuse it through my inmost frame,
And mould me wholly to thy mind.

4 Thy love, in sufferings, be my peace;

Thy love, in weakness, make me strong; And, when the storms of life shall cease, Thy love shall be in heaven my song.


C. M.

Pardon and Sanctification.

1 IN vain we lavish out our lives
To gather empty wind;
The choicest blessings earth can yield
Will starve a hungry mind.


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