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The Warning.


1 THE awful message came;
The Lord of spirits said,

"I know thou hast a living name,
But thou art dead.

Thy dying gifts revive,

And strengthen what remain;
Repent, remember, watch, and strive
To live again.

2 "But if thou wilt not hear
This warning of my grace,
Nor bow, with penitential fear,
Before my face,

Lo! as a thief I come,—

The hour thou canst not tell, -
To drive thee from thy peaceful home
In flames to dwell.

3 "The undefiled shall see

My promise fixed and sure;
And he who conquers walk with me
In garments pure:
Recorded by my love,

His name I will declare
Before my Father's throne above,
And angels there."


C. M.

Difficulty and Dependence.

1 STRAIT is the way, the door is strait,
That leads to joys on high:
"Tis but a few that find the gate,
While crowds mistake and die.


2 Beloved self must be denied,

The mind and will renewed,
Passion suppressed, and patience tried,
And vain desires subdued.

3 Lord, can a feeble, helpless worm Fulfil a task so hard?

Thy grace must all the work perform,
And give the free reward.


S. M.

Grateful Acknowledgment.

1 MY Maker and my King,
To thee my all I owe;
Thy sovereign bounty is the spring
Whence all my blessings flow.

2 The creature of thy hand,
On thee alone I live;
My God, thy benefits demand
More praise than I can give.
3 Lord, what can I impart,

When all is thine before?
Thy love demands a thankful heart, —
The gift, alas! how poor!


4 Shall I withhold thy due?
And shall my passions rove?
Lord, form this wretched heart anew,
And fill it with thy love.

5 O, let thy grace inspire

My soul with strength divine;
Let all my powers to thee aspire,
And all my days be thine.


C. M.

Pardoning Love.

1 HOW oft, alas! this wretched heart
Has wandered from the Lord!
How oft my roving thoughts depart,
Forgetful of his word!


2 Yet sovereign mercy calls, "Return;"
Dear Lord, and may I come?
My vile ingratitude I mourn;
O, take the wanderer home.

3 And canst thou, wilt thou, yet forgive,
And bid my crimes remove?
And shall a pardoned rebel live
To speak thy wondrous love?

O, keep me at thy sacred feet,

And let me rove no more.

4 Thy pardoning love, so free, so sweet,
Blest Saviour, I adore;


C. M.

Walking with God.

1 O FOR a closer walk with God!
A calm and heavenly frame!
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb!

2 Where is the blessedness I knew
When first I saw the Lord?
Where is the soul-refreshing view
Of Jesus and his word?


3 What peaceful hours I then enjoyed!
How sweet their memory still!
But now I find an aching void
The world can never fill.

4 Return, O holy Dove, return,
Sweet messenger of rest;
I hate the sins that made thee mourn,
And drove thee from my breast.

5 The dearest idol I have known,
Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from thy throne,
And worship only thee.

6 So shall my walk be close with God,
Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road
That leads me to the Lamb.


C. M.

Prayer for quickening Grace.
1 MY soul lies cleaving to the dust;
Lord, give me life divine;
From vain desires, and every lust,
Turn off these eyes of mine.

2 I need the influence of thy grace
To speed me in thy way,
Lest I should loiter in my race,
Or turn my feet astray.


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3 Are not thy mercies sovereign still,
And thou a faithful God?

Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal
To run the heavenly road?

4 Does not my heart thy precepts love,
And long to see thy face?
And yet how slow my spirits move
Without enlivening grace!

5 Then shall I love thy gospel more,
And ne'er forget thy word,
When I have felt its quickening power
To draw me near the Lord.


C. M.


1 WHEN all thy mercies, O my God,
My rising soul surveys,
Transported with the view, I'm lost
In wonder, love, and praise.

2 Unnumbered comforts on my soul Thy tender care bestowed, Before my infant heart conceived

From whom those comforts flowed.


3 When in the slippery paths of youth With heedless steps I ran,

Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe,
And led me up to man.

4 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart,
That tastes those gifts with joy.

5 Through every period of my life,
Thy goodness I'll pursue;
And after death, in distant worlds,
The glorious theme renew.

6 Through all eternity, to thee
A grateful song Ï'll raise:
But, O, eternity's too short
To utter all thy praise.


S. M.

Union and Peace.

1 BLEST are the sons of peace,
Whose hearts and hopes are one,
Whose kind designs to serve and please
Through all their actions run.


2 Blest is the pious house

Where zeal and friendship meet;
Their songs of praise, their mingled vows,
Make their communion sweet.

3 From those celestial springs

Such streams of pleasure flow,
As no increase of riches brings,
Nor honors can bestow.


4 Thus, when on Aaron's head
They poured the rich perfume,
The oil through all his raiment spread,
And fragrance filled the room.

5 Thus, on the heavenly hills,
The saints are blest above,
Where joy, like morning dew, distils,
And all the air is love.



Joined to God's People.

1 PEOPLE of the living God,
I have sought the world around,
Paths of sin and sorrow trod,

Peace and comfort nowhere found.



2 Now to you my spirit turns, -
Turns, a fugitive unblest;
Brethren, where your altar burns,
O, receive me into rest.

3 Lonely I no longer roam,

Like the cloud, the wind, the wave;
Where you dwell shall be my home,
Where you die shall be my grave.


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