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2 Earth and her thousand voices give
Their thousand notes of praise;
And all, that by his mercy live,
To God their offering raise.

3 The streams, all beautiful and bright,
Reflect the morning sky;

And there, with music in his flight,
The wild bird soars on high.

4 Thus, like the morning, calm and clear,
That saw the Saviour rise,
The spring of heaven's eternal year
Shall dawn on earth and skies.

5 No winter there, no shades of night,
Obscure those mansions blest,
Where, in the happy fields of light,
The weary are at rest.


C. M.


1 AT length the wished-for spring has come: How altered is the scene!

The trees and shrubs are dressed in bloom,
The earth arrayed in green.

2 O, let my inmost soul confess,
With grateful joy and love,

The bounteous hand that deigns to bless
The garden, field, and grove.


3 Inspired to praise, my heart would join
Glad nature's cheerful song;
While love and gratitude combine
To tune my joyful tongue.

4 My faith exults, that yet the spring
Of righteousness and praise
Our gracious God will surely bring,
And in all nations raise.


7s & 6s.


1 THE leaves, around me falling,
Are preaching of decay;
The hollow winds are calling,
"Come, pilgrim, come away: "
The day, in night declining,

Says I must, too, decline;
The year its bloom resigning,
Its lot foreshadows mine.


2 The light my path surrounding,
The loves to which I cling,
The hopes within me bounding,

The joys that round me wing,
All, all, like stars at even,

Just gleam and shoot away,
Pass on before to heaven,
And chide at my delay.

3 The friends gone there before me
Are calling from on high,
And happy angels o'er me

Tempt sweetly to the sky:
"Why wait," they say, "and wither,
'Mid scenes of death and sin?
O, rise to glory, hither,
And find true life begin."


4 I hear the invitation,

And fain would rise and come,
A sinner, to salvation,
An exile, to his home;
But while I here must linger,
Thus, thus, let all 1
Point on, with faithful finger,
To heaven, O Lord, and wee.


8s & 7s.


1 SEE the leaves around us falling,
Dry and withered, to the ground,
Thus to thoughtless mortals calling,
In a sad and solemn sound, -


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2 "Youth, on length of days presuming,
Who the paths of pleasure tread,
View us, late in beauty blooming,
Numbered now among the dead.

3 "What though yet no losses grieve you,
Gay with health and many a grace;
Let not cloudless skies deceive you;
Summer gives to autumn place."

4 On the tree of life eternal

Let our highest hopes be stayed:
This alone, forever vernal,

Bears a leaf that shall not fade.


C. M.


1 STERN Winter throws his icy chains,
Encircling nature round;

How bleak, how comfortless the plains,
Late with gay verdure crowned!

2 The sun withholds his vital beams,
And light and warmth depart;
And drooping, lifeless nature seems
An emblem of my heart.

3 Return, O blissful sun, and bring
Thy soul-reviving ray:

This mental winter shall be spring,
This darkness cheerful day.

4 O happy state! divine abode,
Where spring eternal reigns,
And perfect day, the smile of God,
Fills all the heavenly plains.



5 Great Source of light, thy beams display, My drooping joys restore,

And guide me to the seats of day,

Where winter frowns no more.


C. M.


1 THE hoary frost, the fleecy snow,
Descend, and clothe the ground;
The liquid streams forbear to flow,
In icy fetters bound.


2 When, from his dreadful stores on high,
God pours the sounding hail,

The man that does his power defy
Shall find his courage fail.

3 God sends his word, and melts the snow;
The fields no longer mourn;

He calls the warmer gales to blow,
And bids the spring return.

4 The changing wind, the flying cloud,
Obey his mighty word;

With songs and honors sounding loud,
Praise ye the sovereign Lord.



L. M.

The Flight of Time.

1 GOD of eternity, from thee

Did infant Time his being draw; Moments, and days, and months, and years, Revolve by thine unvaried law.

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2 Silent and slow they glide away;
Steady and strong the current flows,
Lost in eternity's wide sea-

The boundless gulf from whence it rose.

3 With it the thoughtless sons of men
Upon the rapid streams are borne
Swift on to their eternal home,

Whence not one soul can e'er return.

4 Yet, while the shore, on either side,
Presents a gaudy, flattering show,
We gaze, in fond amazement lost,
Nor think to what a world we go.

5 Great Source of wisdom, teach my heart To know the price of every hour, That time may bear me on to joys Beyond its measure and its power.


C. M.
Reflections at the End of the Year.

1 AND now, my soul, another year
Of thy short life is past;
I cannot long continue here,
And this may be my last.

2 Much of my hasty life is gone, Nor will return again;

And swift my passing moments run,
The few that yet remain.

3 Awake, my soul; with utmost care
Thy true condition learn:
What are thy hopes? how sure? how fair?
What is thy great concern?

4 Behold, another year begins;
Set out afresh for heaven;
Seek pardon for thy former sins,
In Christ so freely given.

5 Devoutly yield thyself to God,
And on his grace depend;
With zeal pursue the heavenly road,
Nor doubt a happy end.



L. M.
Close of the Year.

1 OUR Helper, God, we bless his name,
Whose love forever is the same;
The tokens of whose gracious care
Begin, and crown, and close, the year.


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