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" With Chinese recognition given to it, Srivijaya's own capacities brought it to the forefront of Southeast Asian maritime power. Much of what is written about Srivijaya can only be supposition, but it is supposition based on evidence that leaves little... "
Southeast Asia: An Introductory History - Pagina 32
di Milton E. Osborne - 2004 - 349 pagine
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Exploring Southeast Asia: A Traveller's History of the Region

Milton E. Osborne - 2002 - 272 pagine
...Southeast Asian maritime power. Strategically placed on the Malacca Straits, Srivijaya was able to control all significant trade on the seas in the western section...that region of the Archipelago and southern China. Srivijaya's capital was probably located in more than one place over its long existence, . - -r A low-relief...
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