AgArBr (Ar–AgBr), ... N3 (NNN)

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Guy Guelachvili
Springer Science & Business Media, 28 mar 2008 - 325 pagine
With the advent of modern instruments and theories over the last decades, a considerable amount of spectroscopic information has been collected. The infrared, in particular, has seen extraordinary activity. Using Fourier transform interferometers and infrared lasers, accurate data have been measured, often with extreme sensitivity. These data have been analyzed, and accurate molecular parameters have been determined. Volume II/20, "Molecular Constants mostly from Infrared Spectroscopy", is a Landolt-B÷rnstein publication series bringing together these results. It is made up of several subvolumes (A, B, C, D) with comprehensive compilation of critically evaluated molecular constants of diatomic (A), linear triatomic (B), other triatomic (C) and other polyatomic (D) molecules.

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