Minnesota Reports, Volum 148

Review Publishing Company, 1922
Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Minnesota.

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Pàgina 254 - Where there is a contract for the sale of unascertained or future goods by description and goods of that description and in a deliverable state are unconditionally appropriated to the contract, either by the seller with the assent of the buyer or by the buyer with the assent of the seller, the property in the goods thereupon passes to the buyer. Such assent may be expressed or implied and may be given either before or after the appropriation is made.
Pàgina 291 - By an act imminently dangerous to others, and evincing a depraved mind, regardless of human life...
Pàgina 446 - ... the difference between the contract price and the market value at the time and place of delivery.
Pàgina 482 - For that reason we are of the opinion that the motion for a new trial should have been sustained, and therefore the judgment will be reversed and the cause remanded for further proceedings.
Pàgina 187 - Upon approaching a pedestrian who is upon the traveled part of any highway and not upon a sidewalk, and upon approaching an intersecting highway or a curve or a corner in a highway where the operator's view is obstructed, every person operating a motor vehicle shall slow down and give a timely signal with his bell, horn or other device for signaling.
Pàgina 146 - State constitutes due process of law within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment being properly presented to this court for decision, we must exercise an independent judgment upon it.
Pàgina 279 - In all other cases of permanent partial disability not above enumerated the compensation shall be sixty-six and two-thirds per centum of the difference between the wage of the workman at the time of the injury and the wage he is able to earn in his partially disabled condition, subject to the maximum of fifteen ($15.00) dollars per week.
Pàgina 335 - We are of the opinion that, when a judgment has become final by the expiration of the time within which an appeal may be taken...
Pàgina 292 - Such homicide is manslaughter in the first degree, when committed without a design to effect death[, either]: 1. By a person engaged in committing, or attempting to commit, a misdemeanor, affecting the person or property, either of the person killed, or of another; or, 2. In the heat of passion, but in a cruel and unusual manner, or by means of a dangerous weapon.
Pàgina 314 - A moving locomotive with cars attached is without the provision of the act only when it is not a train; as where the operation is that of switching, classifying and assembling cars within railroad yards for the purpose of making 1 That case was decided by this court, April 21, 1919.

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