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J. Duffy, 1861 - 295 pagine

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Pagina 205 - And sweet sings the stream of Glenara, Glancing down through the woods like an arrow; But a sound far more sweet Glads my heart when we meet In the green summer woods of Glenara, — Thy voice by the wave of Glenara.
Pagina 241 - While soft winds shook the barley. While sad I kissed away her tears My fond arms round her flinging, The foeman's shot burst on our ears, From out the wildwood ringing; The bullet pierced my true love's side, In life's young spring so early, And on my breast in blood she died, When soft winds shook the barley.
Pagina 292 - We are the boys of Wexford, Who fought with heart and hand, To burst in twain the galling chain, And free our native land ! 1 The fragments of an old song.
Pagina 96 - Xo sound of life was coming From glen or tree or brake, Save the bittern's hollow booming Up from the reedy lake ; The golden light of sunset Was swallowed in the deep, And the night came down with a sullen frown, On Houra's craggy steep. And Houra's hills are soundless: HIM hark, that trumpet blast!
Pagina 292 - And when we left our cabins, boys, We left with right good will, To see our friends and neighbours That were at Vinegar Hill ! A young man from our ranks, A cannon he let go ; He slapt it into Lord Mountjoy — A tyrant he laid low ! We...
Pagina 78 - O'er dying horses, And blood and corses, O'Sullivan, Our general, thundered, And we were not slack To slay at his back Till the flight began. O, how we scattered The foemen then, — Slaughtered and scattered, And chased and shattered, By shore and glen ! To the...
Pagina 275 - Went over the hills and far away." " Over the hills and far away " — That is the tune I heard one day.
Pagina 78 - On th' other bank : Yet we stood steady, And each good blade, Ere the morn did fade, At their life-blood drank. " Hurrah ! for Freedom ! " Came from our van, " Hurrah ! for Freedom ! Our swords — we 'll feed 'em As best we can — With vengeance we'll feed 'em!
Pagina 97 - Breathing vengeance deadly, Under the forest tree, To the wizard man who cast the ban On the minstrels bold and free! They gave no word of warning, Round still they came, and on, Door, wall, and rampart scorning, — They knew not he was gone! Gone fast and far that even, All secret as the wind, His treasures all in that castle tall, And his infant son behind...
Pagina 215 - Tis my prayer in the morning, my dream at night, To sit thus again by my heart's dear delight, With her blue eyes of gladness, her hair like the sun, And her sweet loving kisses, 'neath the Drinan Donn, SHULE AROON.

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