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Conducted by the Rev. A. J. CHURCH, M.A., Head Master

of the Royal Grammar School, Henley-on-Thames.

It is proposed to publish a series of very cheap School Books, each containing from fifty to one hundred pages, in strong cloth binding which will be sold at prices varying from Sixpence to One Shilling.

Small books, sold at a low price, which will serve for a term, or a half-year, and be read from beginning to end, will, it is thought, be found to effect an economy in what is often a heavy expense.

The following books of the series are ready :1. OVID. Select passages; with Notes and Introductions by the

Rev. A. J. CHURCH, M.A., Head Master of the Grammar

School, Henley-on-Thames. 16mo, cloth, 6d. 2. HORACE. Select Odes; with Notes and Introductions by the Rev.

W. J. BRODRIBB, M.A., Rector of Wootton Rivers, and late

Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 36mo, cloth, 8d. 3. CÆSAR. Selections from the Commentaries, including the Bri

tish Expeditions. With Notes by the Rev. F. B. BUTLER,

Assistant Master in Haileybury College. 16mo, cloth, 6d. 4. MILTON. Comus, Lycidas, L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, and select

Sonnets. With Notes and Introductions by the Rev. H. R.
Huckin, M.A., one of the Masters in Merchant Taylors' School.

16mo, cloth, 8d. 5. VIRGIL. Æneid, Book VI. With Notes by the Rev. A. J.

CHURCH, M.A. 16mo, cloth, 8d. 6. COWPER. The Task, Books I. and IV. With Notes by J. W.

HALES, M.A., late Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. 9. LIVY. Select Passages from the First Decade. With Notes by

como, cloth, 8d. GOLDSMITH. The Traveller, Deserted Village, and Retaliation.

by the Rev. A. R. VARDY, M.A., Fellow of

Cambridge. 16mo, cloth, 8d.
as Christi College, Oxford. 16mo, cloth, 6d.

the Rev. J. H. MERRIOTT, B.A., Assistant Master in Wel

lington College. 16mo, cloth, 8d. 10. OVID'S METAMORPHOSES. Select Passages. With Notes

by the Rev. North PINDER, M.A., late Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford. 16mo, cloth, 8d.

IN PREPARATION. 11. MILTON. Samson Agonistes. With Notes by the Rev. A. J.

CHURCH, M.A. 16mo, cloth. 12. A FIRST LATIN GRAMMAR. By the Rev. T. WHITE,

LL.D., Head Master of the Grammar School, King's Lynn.

16mo, cloth. 13. A LATIN EXERCISE BOOK. By the Rev. A. J. CHURCH,

M.A. 16mo, cloth. 14. LATIN CONSTRUING BOOK. Easy Passages from Various

Authors. With Notes by the Rev. H. M. STEPHENSON, M.A.,

Vice-President of Liverpool College. 16mo, cloth. 15. ALGEBRA. As far as Quadratic Equations. By R. PROWDE

SMITH, M.A. 16mo, cloth.


The SATURDAY REVIEW says:-"To produce Latin and English selections from the classics of both tongues, so well and exquisitely printed, so strongly bound, so sensibly annotated, involves a very considerable expense, and we should be sorry to attempt a calculation of the number of copies that must be sold before the scheme can pay.

We cannot too warmly hail this series. If all the school. masters in England would adopt it, they would have fewer occasions to

nplain of boys not having read their notes, and fewer grumblings on the part of patresfamilias at the heavy items of the book bill.”

The Pall Mall GAZETTE says :-"We readily contribute our testimony to the value of the whole work. Such books were much needed. They are edited with great carefulness and ability.”





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