Southern Families at War : Loyalty and Conflict in the Civil War South: Loyalty and Conflict in the Civil War South

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Women's History Catherine Clinton Historian of Southern History, and the American Civil War
Oxford University Press, USA, 17 lug 2000 - 256 pagine
Whether it was planter patriarchs struggling to maintain authority, or Jewish families coerced by Christian evangelicalism, or wives and mothers left behind to care for slaves and children, the Civil War took a terrible toll. From the bustling sidewalks of Richmond to the parched plains of the Texas frontier, from the rich Alabama black belt to the Tennessee woodlands, no corner of the South went unscathed. Through the prism of the southern family, this volume of twelve original essays provides fresh insights into this watershed in American history.

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Southern Families at War Loyalty and Conflict during the Civil War
Looking for Lost Kin Efforts to Reunite Freed Families after Emancipation
For Better or for Worse Black Families and the State in Civil War Virginia
In the Shadow of the Old Constitution Black Civil War Veterans and the Persistence of Slave Marriage Customs
Of Necessity and Public Benefit Southern Families and Their Appeals for Protection
High with Courage and Hope The Middleton Familys Civil War
The White Wings of Eros Courtship and Marriage in Confederate Richmond
Good Angels Confederate Widowhood in Virginia
A Family of Women and Children The Fains of East Tennessee during Wartime
Power Sex and Gender Roles The Transformation of an Alabama Planter Family during the Civil War
Taking Up the Cross Conversion among Black and White Jews in the Civil War South
In the Far Corner of the Confederacy A Question of Conscience for GermanSpeaking Texans
Patriarchy in the World Where There Is No Parting? Power Relations in the Confederate Heaven

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