Remapping Ethiopia: Socialism & After

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Wendy James, Donald L. Donham, Eisei Kurimoto, Alessandro Triulzi
J. Currey, 2002 - 306 pagine
From 1974 to its overthrow in 1991, a state socialist government ruled Ethiopia. This interdisciplinary collection of 15 papers examines a range of issues from during that period and during the aftermath of the government's overthrow. The main purpose of the collection seems to be an effort to begin the process of understanding Ethiopia's social, political, and economic realities through field-based studies, as such studies were near impossible during the regime's rule and in the immediate after math of its overthrow. Issues of memory and identity, control of space through garrison towns, political visibility, religious and ethnic relations, and gender politics are discussed. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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