Historicism and Fascism in Modern Italy

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University of Toronto Press, 1 gen 2007 - 370 pagine

During the early decades of the twentieth century, Italy produced distinctive innovations in both the intellectual and political realms. On the one hand, Benedetto Croce (1866-1952) and Giovanni Gentile (1875-1944) spearheaded a radical rethinking of historicism and philosophical idealism that significantly reoriented Italian culture. On the other hand, the period witnessed the first rumblings of fascism. Assuming opposite sides, Gentile became the semi-official philosopher of fascism while Croce argued for a renewed liberalism based on 'absolute' historicism.

In Historicism and Fascism in Modern Italy, David D. Roberts uses the ideological conflict between Croce and Gentile as a basis for a wider discussion of the interplay between politics and ideas in Italy during the early-twentieth century. Roberts examines the connection between fascism and the modern Italian intellectual tradition, arguing that the relationship not only deepens our understanding of fascism and liberalism but also illuminates ongoing dangers and possibilities in the wider Western world. This set of twelve essays by one of the leading scholars in the field represents an authoritative view of the modern Italian intellectual tradition, its relationship with fascism, and its enduring implications for history, politics, and culture in Italy and beyond.

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Historicism Fascism and the Wider Significance of the Modern Italian Experience
An Indirect Italian Angle on a Few Big Historical Questions
Franchinis Disillusionment Rereading the Intervista su Croce from Abroad
The Revolt against Croce in PostSecond World War Italian Culture
Croce in America Influence Misunderstanding and Neglect with a supplement on the fortunes of Giovanni Gentile in the United States and Canada
Historicism Liberalism Fascism Rethinking the CroceGentile Schism
Maggis Croce Sassos Gentile and the Riddles of TwentiethCentury Italian Intellectual History
How Not to Think about Fascism and Ideology Intellectual Antecedents and Historical Meaning
Croce Crocean Historicism and Contemporary History after Fascism
Crocean Historicism and PostTotalitarian Thought
What Is Living and What Is Dead? Ginzburgs Microhistory Croces Historicism and the Search for a Postmodern Historiography
The Stakes of Misreading Hayden White Carlo Ginzburg and the Crocean Legacy
Postmodernism and History An Unfinished Agenda

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David D. Roberts is Albert Berry Saye Professor of History at the University of Georgia.

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