Gale's Cabinet of Knowledge; Or, Miscellaneous Recreations: Containing Moral and Philosophical Essays, Propositions, Natural and Metaphysical Maxims, and Observations on Select Subjects of General Utility: with a Series of Easy, Entertaining, and Interesting Mechanical, Magnetical, and Magical Experiments; Including the Most Celebrated Card Deceptions; Together with about Seven Hundred Serious, Comic, and Humorous Queries, Paradoxes, &c. with Pertinent and Ingenious Answers; Comprizing the Essence of the Lady's, Gentleman's, and Carnan's Diaries: Ozanam and Hooper's Recreations; Martin's Philosophical Magazines, &c. Illustrated with Copperplate Engravings. To which are Added, a Great Number of Originals. Likewise an Appendix; Containing Various Propositions Tending to Prove Light and Heat Two Distinct Beings; with Some Curious Definitions in Optics

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Cuthell and Martin, 1808 - 363 pagine

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