Memoirs of Prince Rupert, and the Cavaliers: Including Their Private Correspondence, Now First Published from the Original Manuscripts, Volume 2

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Pagina 402 - Given under my hand and seal at this day of ' AD Form of Warrant of Committal.
Pagina 457 - The LORD God of gods, the LORD God of gods, he knoweth, and Israel he shall know ; if it be in rebellion, or if in transgression against the LORD, (save us not this day...
Pagina 41 - ... thee; for he knows the charms That call fame on such gentle acts as these, And he can spread thy name o'er lands and seas, Whatever clime the sun's bright circle warms. Lift not thy spear against the Muses...
Pagina 480 - And to be short, all that ever the people of Rome might do either in centuriatis comitiis or tributis, the same may be done by the parliament of England which representeth and hath the power of the whole realm, both the head and body.
Pagina 486 - I know to be the cause and fomenters of these humours, to be about my wife any longer ; which I must do, if it were but for one action they made my wife do, which is, to make her go to Tyburn in devotion to pray; which action can have no greater invective made against it, than the relation.
Pagina 438 - York be relieved, and you beat the rebels army of both kingdoms, which are before it; then (but otherwise not) I may make a shift (upon the defensive) to spin out time until you come to assist me. Wherefore I command and conjure you, by the duty and affection which I know you bear me, that all new enterprises laid aside, you immediately march, according to your first intention, with all your force to the relief of York.
Pagina 19 - And he has bound a snow-white plume Upon his gallant crest. He looked upon his people, And a tear was in his eye ; He looked upon the traitors, And his glance was stern and high. Right graciously he smiled on us, As rolled from wing to wing, Down all our line, a deafening shout,
Pagina 479 - The most high and absolute power of the realm of England consisteth in the parliament...
Pagina 294 - ... there was some hope he might have been a prisoner ; though his nearest friends, who knew his temper, received small comfort from that imagination. Thus fell that incomparable young man, in the four and thirtieth year of his age, having so much despatched the...
Pagina 208 - It is a tradition, that he was seen first moving in the direction of his father,in-law's (Simeon's) house at Pyrton. There he had in youth married the first wife of his love, and thither he would have gone to die. But Rupert's cavalry were covering the plain between. Turning his horse, therefore, he rode back across the grounds of Hazeley in his way to Thame.

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