Developing Corporate Social Responsibility: A European Perspective

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The rapidly increasing attention devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has resulted in the term 'CSR' being applied to myriad dissimilar phenomena. The authors therefore aim to dispel this confusion by presenting a multi-faceted view of socially responsible corporate behavior and related themes. They provide a conceptualization of CSR that emphasizes the role of the adoption and implementation of specific CSR strategies and their impact on corporate social and economic performance. An overview of the CSR literature is presented, and the managerial tools required for creating and sustaining social, economic and competitive value are explored. Case studies and extensive empirical evidence are used as a basis for the analyses of the benchmarking of European and international standards and initiatives, and a new CSR performance evaluation and reporting framework is proposed. Driven by the strong belief that CSR is at the forefront in the competitive strengthening of the entire EU system, this book represents an attempt to guide readers through the CSR principles currently in progress at the European level. It will therefore be invaluable to both academics and practitioners wishing to deepen their knowledge in the field of CSR, and to those interested in the practical application of strategic approaches to CSR.

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Francesco Perrini, Stefano Pogutz, Università Bocconi, Italy and Antonio Tencati, Università Bocconi and Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy

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