British Theatre, Volume 15

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J. Bell, 1792

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Pagina 78 - I have a husband for you, a man that knows how to improve your fortune ; one that trades to the four corners of the globe.
Pagina 69 - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
Pagina 25 - I abhorr'd the fatigue which must have attended it. I could never yet bring myself to join with either party.
Pagina 46 - tout again. Sack. Heaven protect me ! Where is he ? Per. Why here, just where I was. Sack. Where, where, in the name of virtue ? Ah, poor Mr. Periwinkle ! — Egad, look to't, you had best, sir; and let him be seen again, or I shall have you burnt for a wizard. Col.
Pagina 79 - All that thou hast said tendeth only to debauch youth, and fill their heads with the pride and luxury of this world. The merchant is a very great friend to Satan, and sendeth as many to his dominions as the pope. Per. Right; I say, knowledge makes the man.
Pagina 14 - Know her! Ay, poor Nancy; I have carried her to school many a frosty morning. Alas ! if she's the woman, I pity you, colonel; her father, my old master, was the most whimsical, out-of-the-way temper'd man I ever heard of, as you will judge by his last will and testament.
Pagina 27 - Who, Nancy Lovely? I am a piece of a guardian to that lady : you must know, her father, I thank him, joined me with three of the most preposterous old fellows — that, upon...
Pagina 64 - I shall never be able to look up again. Free. I am very much concerned that I was the occasion, and wish I could be an instrument of retrieving your misfortune ; for my own, I value it not.
Pagina 64 - Heaven, one tender look from those piercing eyes, one touch of this soft hand — . — [Going to take her hand. Jac. Hold, sir, no nearer. • Ran. Would more than repay whole years of pain. Jac. Hear me; but keep your distance, or I raise the family.
Pagina 88 - I remember the face of this fellow at Bath — Ay, this is he that pick'd my Lady Raffle's pocket in the Grove Don't you remember that the mob pump'd you, friend! This is the most notorious rogue — S.

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